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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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MLB Odds for 2024 Season

Following their victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks in last year's World Series, the Texas Rangers have become a team that everyone is trying to beat for the MLB title, according to the odds of various books.

After experiencing disappointment in their quest for a championship last year, the Los Angeles Dodgers have taken decisive action during the offseason, landing megastar Shohei Ohtani. As a result, are the Dodgers now a more attractive option in terms of betting odds?

How to use SBR's MLB Odds

This page allows you to compare the MLB odds at all of the top sportsbooks in order to find the most attractive payoff. Read on to learn more about betting odds, how to choose a great MLB sportsbook, and the different wagering options available to you.

If you are also interested in betting on other major leagues, visit our NFL OddsNFL Picks and NBA Odds sites now. For all other betting odds please check out our Betting Odds page.

Best Sportsbooks for Baseball

 Check out our latest guide on best MLB betting sites for top-rated baseball sportsbooks.  

The vast majority of online sportsbooks offer MLB odds. However, you should only set up an account at safe, secure, trustworthy sites that have a long history as fast payout sportsbooks. There are a number of shady operators that will try to scam you, so stick to the sites listed on our best online sportsbooks page, such as Caesars and DraftKings. Also make sure you get the best sportsbook promos to maximize your profits.

MLB Moneyline Betting

This is a straightforward bet on which team will win a particular game. The sportsbooks will calculate the probability of each team securing victory, and assign odds accordingly. One team is usually installed as the favorite and the other is the underdog team.

Let’s say the Dodgers are playing the White Sox in LA. You might see -150 on the Dodgers winning the game, and +130 on the White Sox. If you see a minus symbol, it tells you the amount you need to wager to generate a $100 profit. You would have to lay down $150 on the Dodgers at -150 to win $100.

A plus sign tells you the amount you stand to win from a $100 bet. If you bet $100 on the White Sox at odds of +130, you would earn a $130 profit if they won the game. In this instance, a $20 bet on the Dodgers at -150 would earn you $13.33, whereas a $20 bet on the White Sox at +130 would earn you $26. That tells you the Dodgers are the favorites, and the White Sox are the underdogs.

MLB Run Line

This is an interesting baseball spread betting option. It gives the supposedly stronger team a -1.5 run handicap in order to skew the odds. Sticking with the above example, the Dodgers would be given the -1.5 run handicap. If you bet on them to cover the run line, they would have to win the game by 2 or more runs. If they only won by a single run, your bet would crash and burn. However, you would expect a price of +110. A $20 wager would therefore net you $22 as opposed to $13.33, making it more lucrative.

The alternative would be to bet on the White Sox +1.5. If the White Sox either won the game or lost by a single run, your bet would pay out. However, you would expect to receive odds of -130 instead of +130. You would therefore receive a smaller payout, but it gives you a greater chance of success. A run line bet is essentially a baseball point spread. If you hear fans talking about MLB spreads, they are generally referring to the run line.

MLB Totals

This is a popular form of baseball gambling. You do not have to specify which team will win a particular game. Instead you must decide if there will be lots of runs, or if it will be a low-scoring clash. The sportsbooks will set a total runs line and you must predict whether the cumulative runs scored by both teams will go over that number, or stay under it. You will generally find a price of -110 on over and -110 on under in this MLB line. Then simply make your MLB predictions and enjoy the game.

MLB Parlays

A parlay bet allows you to roll a number of different selections into one wager in order to generate a larger potential payout. You might think the Padres, the White Sox and the Twins will all win on a particular evening. Instead of dividing your bankroll into three and betting on each team individually, you can put them together for a parlay.

All three must win in order for your bet to pay out, but if they all secure victory you will be in line for a large payout, larger than if you had placed three individual bets. You can combine moneyline, run line and totals bets for parlays.

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It tells you that you will need to place a $110 bet in order to make a $10 profit. You will often see -110 on over and -110 on under in the baseball lines on totals. It means you win a $9.10 profit from a $10 bet on either outcome. That allows the sportsbook to make a margin on both sides of the MLB betting lines. Some offer -105 instead of -110. They are known as reduced juice MLB lines.

That refers to the run line. It gives the supposedly weaker team a +1.5 run head start in a game. If you decide to back that team to cover the run line, it must either win the game or only lose by a single run in order for your bet to pay out.

Check the MLB daily line and find something that appeals to you. Make sure you do plenty of research before placing a bet, factoring in the head-to-head records between the teams, injury concerns, motivation levels, home advantage, fatigue and so on. You might also like to check out some experts’ MLB picks. Then choose a team to win on the moneyline or the run line, or opt for a totals bet, a prop bet or a parlay. Choose your stake and place a bet. If your prediction is successful, you will generate a profit and your account will be credited. Try not to simply bet on your favorite team to win. A Mets baseball fan might decide to back his team each week, but you need to bet with your head rather than your heart.

This is a common question for anyone that wants baseball odds explained. It refers to the run line, which gives the favorite a 1.5 run handicap. If you bet on that team to cover the line, it must win by 2 or more runs. The Las Vegas MLB lines are always eagerly anticipated, as Las Vegas MLB odds often set the trends for other sportsbooks.

This is a simple wager on the team that will win a particular game. Oddsmakers set a price for each team based on head-to-head records, the caliber of the roster and how well they are playing. You then choose which team you think will win and bet on it to cover the moneyline.

This means you will earn $200 in profit for every $100 you wager if that prediction turns out to be correct. Your stake is also returned if your bet wins, so you would be handed back $300.

The runline is a handicap spread that gives the weaker team a 1.5 run head start in order to skew the odds.

The run line is a form of spread bet. However, baseball is a much lower scoring game than football or basketball, so  you will not find a large point spread, with odds of -110 on either outcome.

If it starts with a plus symbol, it tells you how much you will win from a $100 stake. If the line starts with a minus, it informs you of the amount you need to wager to earn a $100 profit. You might see decimal or fractional lines, but you can easily convert them into an American format with an odds calculator.  

Sportsbooks calculate the probability of a team winning a game, covering a run line, winning the World Series and so on, and then devise betting odds. The books factor in a margin for themselves. These lines will change based on how popular a team is with the betting public. You will also find MLB live betting sites, which allow you to bet on the action in play, with the lines constantly shifting. You often see Vegas odds MLB quoted in the press, as MLB Vegas odds have been popular for years, but many more states have now legalized sports wagering.