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Astros Better Than Their Future Odds Suggest

Jays Better Than Expected, But AL East Too Tough

The Blue Jays aren’t expected to do much in one of the top heaviest divisions in all of baseball. However, does that mean this will truly be a year where the Jays can’t compete for a record close to, or just above .500?

Tips And Picks For Home Run, Cy Young, and MVP Awards

We are just 10 days from the start of the MLB season and while there is a big break in between the first game of the season and Opening Day, we still need to handicap the season-end awards to find some value. BetOnline has odds all the big three MLB awards and there is value in all three lines.

Rangers Rebuilding In 2019

The Texas Rangers are starting off what could be a long rebuild as they work their way back to contention in the American League. With some of the longest World Series odds of any team, will the Rangers surprise anyone this season?

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Kansas City Royals' Rebuild Will Continue In 2019