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Monday, April 8, 2024

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NCAA Basketball Odds

Welcome to our popular hub for college basketball betting odds. This section allows you to find the best NCAA Basketball lines by comparing the prices at different sportsbooks. You can also use the line history tool to see how popular each pick is among the betting public. Read on for information on how to identify a trustworthy sportsbook and the different NCAA Basketball betting line options available.

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Best Sportsbooks for College Basketball

Most of the online sportsbooks offer betting on college basketball. They will try to win your business by offering enticing sign-up bonuses and other promotions, but you must remain diligent and wary when selecting a sportsbook. Many of them are scam sites that will rip you off. We have reviewed more than 1,000 of the best sports betting sites, so we can point you in the direction of legitimate, trustworthy sites offering college basketball betting lines. Check out our list of best sportsbooks and choose a site with a great rating, such as FanDuel, DraftKings, and Caesars. These sites have competitive odds on college basketball, great software and best sportsbook promos - such as a bet365 bonus code, DraftKings promo code or FanDuel promo code.

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College Basketball Moneyline Betting

This is a simple wager on which team will win the game. Sportsbooks weigh up the relative strengths of each team before assigning NCAAB odds on each of them. If Duke is due to play North Carolina State, you might see a moneyline price of -300 on Duke and +250 on North Carolina. A minus sign tells you how much you need to wager in order to make a $100 profit.

In this instance, you would need to bet $300 on Duke to make a $100 profit. A $10 bet on Duke would earn you $3.33 if successful, whereas a $10 bet on North Carolina would earn you $25. That tells you the sportsbooks think Duke has a much better chance to win the game, so it is the clear favorite in the college basketball odds, while North Carolina is the underdog for the game.

College Basketball Spreads

The point spread is the most common way to bet on college basketball. The sportsbooks will give the supposedly stronger team a handicap in order to make things even. You might see Duke installed as the 8.5-point favorite in the March Madness lines for that hypothetical game against North Carolina. You would then be able to bet either on Duke -8.5 or N.C. State +8.5 in point spread. You would generally expect to find odds of -110 on either team to cover the spread, unless you find a reduced juice book that takes lower vigorish and offers -105 lines on each team.

If you bet on Duke to cover the spread, it would need to win by 9 or more points. However, you would be likely to find odds of -110 as opposed to -300, so your potential profit would be much higher. If you bet on N.C. State to cover that spread, it could either win the game or lose by no more than 8 points and your bet would pay off. However, you would be likely to find odds of -110 as opposed to +250, so your payout would be smaller.

You can also find a number of alternative point spread options at some of the best betting sites. If the official line was 8.5 points, a betting site might offer you the opportunity to bet on an alternative point spread line of 7.5, 6.5, 9.5 or 10.5. If you thought Duke would win convincingly, you could bet on Duke -10.5 to get better odds. If you thought N.C. State might struggle to cover an 8.5-point spread, but that it would get close, you could bet on N.C. State +9.5 and accept slightly less attractive odds. You could alternatively get better odds by going for N.C. State +6.5 to cover the spread. This point spread flexibility is only available at a few sportsbooks, but it can be really helpful. Other books allow you to buy or sell points or half-points to skew the spread in different directions, and that is a similar concept.

College Basketball Totals Betting

Sportsbooks will set college basketball lines relating to the total points that will be scored in a particular game. An example would be 144.5 points in a game between Wake Forest and Pac 12 heavyweights Oregon. You then have to predict whether the cumulative points scored by both teams will go over or under that line. Once again, you will typically see -110 on either outcome, unless it offers reduced juice NCAA Basketball odds. Some of the best sportsbooks will also allow you to bet on team totals. You might be able to bet on over or under 77.5 points for Oregon, as an example. Oregon would not have to win the game for your bet to pay off. It would simply need to score more than 77.5 points.

College Basketball Prop Bets

Some bettors want to go deeper than spreads and totals when looking for the perfect NCAA Basketball lines to bet on. Sportsbooks cater to those bettors by offering a range of exotic prop bets on college basketball games. Props focus on a particular event within a game, such as the first team to score 5 or more points, the total field goals made or the total points scored by a particular player. DraftKings is a great site for prop bets on college basketball for today, while you can also find a few interesting props at sites like Caesars and Fanduel. You should be able to bet on markets like total rebounds, total blocks, three-point field goals made and so on. There are a number of player props to choose from, and you can often bet on head-to-head performance statistics between individual players.

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This is a bet on the total points scored in a college basketball game. The sportsbooks will set a total points line, and you can bet on over or under depending on whether you think it will be a high-scoring game or a low-scoring game.

The sportsbooks give the stronger team a handicap. If Duke is perceived to have a better roster than N.C. State, you might see it given an 8.5-point handicap. You can then bet on Duke -8.5 or N.C. State +8.5. This is known as NCAA Basketball against the spread betting.

Betting on college basketball is perfectly legal in many states. You will often see Las Vegas college basketball odds discussed on TV and in print, as NCAA Basketball Vegas odds are often used to explain how strong each team is in the build-up to March Madness. Despite the prominence of Las Vegas college basketball odds, many other states offer college basketball latest line betting. The vast majority of online sportsbooks have a dedicated college basketball section, but make sure you stick to our list of best sportsbooks.

An NCAA basketball line refers to the handicap spread on a particular game. NCAA Basketball tournament point spreads are particularly popular every year, and Vegas odds college basketball give spreads pride of place.

UCLA has won 11 national titles and that is a record for the NCAAB Men’s Division. Check out our NCAA Basketball Picks page, and find the best bets and predictions on the teams that will perform well. We also have other picks categories including NFL Picks that you can view as well.

Visit a highly rated sportsbook and sign-up for an account. Click on college basketball and check out the latest line. NCAA basketball is normally one of the most prominent sections at US sportsbooks. Choose a spread, totals or moneyline bet, click on the selection and you will trigger a bet slip. Enter the amount you would like to wager and then click on "Place Bet".

NCAA basketball betting sites will give the superior team a handicap to level the playing field. That handicap is known as the point spread. You can then bet on either team to cover it.

Most leading online sportsbooks offer college basketball point spreads. Just make sure you stick to those sites with strong ratings from SBR and avoid sites with a history of failing to pay customers when looking for college betting lines.

The lines published as part of March Madness odds previews are often Vegas odds. NCAA basketball is an important market for the Vegas books, so they work hard to promote their lines. However, you will find betting on college basketball at leading sportsbooks around the world, and you should always shop around for the most attractive lines.

This is a straightforward wager on which team will win a game. There will generally be a favorite and an underdog, with each team priced accordingly.