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pokertournament-ifbc hold em

SBR’s IFCB: Texas Hold'em Poker for Dummies

SBR is holding its first annual International Football Betting Conference (IFBC) and a free entry into their $5000 Texas Hold’em tournament is part of the package. But let’s get the basics down before we hit the felt.

Survival Guide
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2017 IFBC Travel (and Survival) Guide

Outrights European

Taking a Look at 2017/18 Outrights Odds For Top European Leagues

Even though Summer has just begun, we’ll be watching the first week of play in the top flights of all European Soccer clubs this coming season. Let’s look at current Future Book (Outrights) odds for these five super leagues and offer up some picks for our readership.


Bitcoin Is Taking the Sports Betting Industry by Storm

You have probably heard how important crypto-currency Bitcoin is becoming, but you may not realize exactly why that is. In this article, we explore why Bitcoin is something the sports bettor simply cannot afford to be without.