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Freeplay Calculator

Many books are offering the best sportsbook bonuses when you sign up or deposit with them. The Free Play calculator is your friend when it comes to finding the best game and betting odds to use your free play bonus on. 
To use the calculator simply add the amount you got for a free play bonus, add the odds of the team you are looking to bet on, then add the odds of the other team. The results will give you the amount you need to bet to be sure you make a profit with your free bet. 
Take your time and look around at the odds for the best play for your free play bonus. You can see a range of odds across different sportsbooks at the betting odds page. The sportsbooks below offer great odds and are well worth exploring


Freeplay Size: The freeplay notional size in dollars
Freeplay Line: The line at which the freeplay is bet (US or decimal)
Hedge Line: The line at which the freeplay is hedged


Hedge Bet: The dollar amount wagered on the hedge to extract risk-free value
$ Profit: The risk-free profit in real dollars obtained from the freeplay bet and hedge
% Profit: Dollar profit as percent of freeplay notional size.


For example let’s say that a book offers you a $200 freeplay which you bet at +200 and hedge -215, You’d enter $200 into the “Freeplay Size” box, +200 into the “Freeplay Line” box, and -215 into the “Hedge Line” box.
When you click “Calculate” you see that the proper amount for the hedge bet would be $273.02 and your locked-in profit would be $126.98. This means that you would have captured 63.49% of the notional ($200) value of the freeplay.
Now compare that to the same $200 freeplay, bet at -110 (entered into the “Freeplay Line” box) and hedged at +120 (entered into the “Hedge Line” box). After clicking “Calculate” you see that the proper hedge bet under these circumstances would be $82.64 and the locked-in profit would then be $99.17. This means that you would have captured 49.59% of the notional value of freeplay.
The conclusion which could then be drawn from this is that betting a freeplay at +200, and hedging at -215 would be a better usage of the freeplay than betting at -110 and hedging at +120.

Free Play Calculator

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Free Play Value Calculator

Most online sportsbooks will offer new customers an attractive sign-up bonus in a bid to stand out in a crowded market. These bonuses generally fall into two categories: cash bonuses or free play bonuses. A free play bonus is less attractive than a cash bonus because it means you will not get your stake back if your bonus bet wins. It is therefore imperative that you treat free play bonus credit differently to cash bonuses.

This calculator helps you determine whether it is possible to make a risk-free profit by taking a free play bonus and then hedging the opposing side at a rival sportsbook. Securing a guaranteed profit is the Holy Grail for any sports bettor, but it is fiendishly difficult if you do not apply the correct sports betting strategy. You will generally find that you should wager the free play bonus on huge underdogs and then make the hedge bet elsewhere to lock in a risk-free profit. This free play calculator will help you navigate the complex world of free play bonuses.

How to Make Money with Free Play Bonuses

Let’s say one of the best sports betting sites offers you one of the best sportsbook promos: a 100% free play bonus worth up to $200. When you trigger this bonus, you could wager the $200 on the Miami Dolphins to beat the New England Patriots at odds of +200. You could then hedge your bet by visiting a different sportsbook site and wagering $270 on the Patriots at odds of -215. That way you would be guaranteed a profit regardless of which team won the game. This is a lot more sensible than simply using the free play bonus on one particular team and hoping for the best.If the Dolphins won, you would still have to fulfil any rollover requirements attached to the free play bonus. You might have to roll it over 5 times, 10 times, 12 times or more before that money becomes eligible for a withdrawal. You could then use hedging or arbitrage strategies to ensure you secure a risk-free profit as the rollover requirement is completed.

Free Play Bonus Calculator

Our free play value calculator makes it easy to understand exactly how much you should wager in order to hedge your free play bonus credit. First you can enter the Free Play Size (the size of the free play bonus, such as $50, $100, $200 or $1,000). Then enter the Free Play Line (the odds on offer for a particular result). The third box is the Hedge Line. In that box you should enter the odds on the opposing side of the bet that you have found at a rival sportsbook.

Let’s stick with the example used above, whereby Sportsbook A is offering a $200 free play bonus and odds of +200 on the Dolphins. You would enter $200 in the Free Play Size box and +200 in the Free Play Line box. If you found -215 on the Patriots at Sportsbook B, you would enter that into the Hedge Line box. Then hit “Calculate”, and it will quickly tell you the optimal amount that you should wager on the Patriots at Sportsbook B in order to maximize your risk-free profit. In this case, you would need to wager $273.02 on the Patriots at Sportsbook B in order to lock in a profit of $126.98, regardless of which team wins.The free play value calculator will tell you the size of the wager you should place at Sportsbook B (Hedge Bet), the profit you will lock in ($ Profit) and the margin you will make on this endeavor (% Profit). It is really easy to use this free play calculator, and it accepts American or decimal odds. For Decimal odds greater than or equal to100, preface the odds with either a “0” or a “d”. For example, decimals odds of 200.0000 would be entered as either “d200” or “0200”.

Who Should Use the Free Play Value Calculator?

The free play value calculator is designed for anybody that wants to take a more rigorous approach to bonus deals. Most bettors simply accept a bonus, wager it on the team they think will win and hope for the best. However, that is a dangerous strategy, as you generally have to deposit some of your own money to unlock a free play bonus, and you can easily waste your bonus credit if your prediction is wrong. This free play value calculator allows you to guarantee a profit, so you should think of it more as a solid investment than as a gamble.The calculator is aimed at novices and veteran bettors alike. It is becoming increasingly common for sportsbooks to offer free play bonuses as opposed to cash bonuses, and they can be lucrative if you apply the correct strategy. This applies equally to newcomers that want to sign up for the best online sportsbooks, seasoned bettors that want to take advantage of interesting new bonuses, and everyone in between. Try it out on March Madness odds or Final Four odds for the upcoming games!

Using Multiple Sportsbooks to Find the Best Odds

Once you have triggered a free play bonus and wagered it on a particular team, you should find the best odds available on the opposing team at a different sportsbook. This increases the guaranteed profit you will make on the game. Rival sportsbooks offer different odds on the same game for many different reasons. Some books operate on lower margins, some odds compilers read the game differently than their rivals, some are slow to react and others make mistakes. You should use the odds comparison tool at our sportsbook online review site to find the best odds available on the opposing team after placing your free play wager.

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