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18.33M GC & 4,990 Free Fortune Coins

18.33M GC & 4,990 Free Fortune Coins

Terms and Conditions Apply

Your Region united states

Last Verified βœ… May 24, 2024

Offer Expiry ⏰ Oct. 23, 2024

Fortune Coins Casino Bonus Code: 18.33M GC & 4,990 Free Fortune Coins May 2024

Fortune Coins is an incredibly generous sweepstakes casino. If you're new to Fortune Coins, you can use our unique registration link to instantly receive a no-deposit bonus of 100,000 Gold Coins (GC) and 200 free Fortune Coins (FC) following completion of the sign-up process. An additional 18.23M GC and 4,790 free FC is also up for grabs, earned by finishing other registration-related tasks and by logging in daily for consecutive days. Read on to learn more about how to claim your Fortune Coins welcome bonus!

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21+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly

Welcome Offer

18.33M GC & 4,990 Free Fortune Coins

Terms and Conditions Apply

18.33M GC & 4,990 Free Fortune Coins

Offer expires at 2:24 PM EST on October 23, 2024

Best Fortune Coins bonus code

Editor's note: This info is intended for eligible U.S. customers only.

The Fortune Coins welcome bonus is awarded in various phases, following the completion of different steps throughout the sign-up process. With our unique link, the no-deposit bonus of 100,000 Gold Coins (GC) and 200 free Fortune Coins (FC) is instantly earned once you're finished the initial sign-up process.

Fyi, 100 FC is equivalent to 1 SC ('Sweeps Coins'), meaning 100 FC is worth $1. The next phase of the welcome offer will net you a grand total of 230,000 GC and 700 free FC once all required tasks are complete. This includes consenting to promotional emails/SMS notifications, registering through Google, and phone verification.

From there, you can additionally earn up to 18M GC and 4,090 free FC, just by logging in daily! This is called the '7-Day Bonus Bash', which new users can activate by signing into their Fortune Coins account at least once per day for seven consecutive day. This offer can be redeemed for the first 30 days your account is active.

Fortune Coins Casino bonus
πŸͺ™ No-deposit registration bonus100,000 Gold Coins (GC) and 200 Fortune Coins (FC)
πŸ’° Total no-deposit welcome bonus330,000 GC and 900 FC
πŸ€‘ Total welcome bonus (inc. '7DBB')18.33M GC and 4,990 FC
πŸ’΅ First purchase bonusNot currently available
🎰 Wagering requirements1x playthrough on min. 5,000 FC
πŸŽ‚ Age requirements18+
❌ Restricted statesID, MI, WA
βœ… Last verifiedMay 2024

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Fortune Coins Casino bonus comparison

Fortune Coins' no-deposit registration bonus of 100,000 GC and 200 free FC is quite competitive compared to other sweepstakes casinos. This is especially true since an additional 230,000 GC and 700 free FC can easily be obtained once you've finished all other registration objectives. The cumulative welcome bonus can even grow as high as 18.33M GC and 4,990 FC for those who successfully log-in for 30 consecutive days after sign-up.

In terms of rivals casinos, many simply can't match the value of Fortune Coins' full welcome bonus. For example, the McLuck promo code only awards users 7,500 GC and 2.5 free SC (250 FC) upon sign-up, while the Pulsz promo code grants just 5,000 GC and 2.3 free SC (230 FC). The High 5 promo code offer gives a fairly low amount of 250 GC; however, that's made up for thanks to its 5 free SC (500 FC).

The promo code comes much closer, offering 250,000 GC and 25 free SC (2,500 FC), but the 3x playthrough requirement on all free SC takes away from some of that value. The WOW Vegas promo code offer is the one that matches up the best against Fortune Coins, giving users 250,000 WC (250,000 GC) and 5 free SC (500 FC) as well as an additional 1.5M WC (1.5M GC) and 30 SC (3,000 FC) for $9.99 as a first purchase bonus.

In order to redeem actual prizes from Fortune Coins, a 1x playthrough requirement on a minimum of 5,000 SC must be fulfilled. The daily prize redemption limit is 955,000 FC, and your coin balances can be lost, as your account will be deactivated following 18 months of inactivity.

For the most generous offers from all the best sweeps casinos, use the table below.

No deposit welcome bonusTotal welcome offerPromo code
Pulsz 🧞5,000 GC & 2.3 SC367,000 GC & 32.3 SCN/A
McLuck πŸ€7,500 GC & 5 SC57,500 GC & 30 SCN/A πŸ”΅250,000 GC & 25 SC250,000 GC & 25 SCSBRBONUS
WOW Vegas ⭐250,000 WC & 5 SC1.75M WC & 35 SCN/A
High 5 πŸ™250 GC, 5 SC & 600 bonus diamonds250 GC, 5 SC & 600 bonus diamondsN/A
Fortune Coins πŸͺ™18.33M GC & 4,990 FC18.33M GC & 4,990 FCN/A
Funrize πŸ”¨125,000 TC825,000 TC & 2,600 PESBRBONUS 🦜5,000 GC, 0.98 SC & 3 treasure chests205,000 GC, 20.98 SC & 13 treasure chestsLuckybirdExclusiveBonus
Chanced ♠️30,000 GC, 2 SC & 20 free spins30,000 GC, 2 SC & 20 free spinsN/A
Hello Millions ⚑15,000 GC & 2.5 SC115,000 GC & 52.5 SCSBRBONUS

How to enter Fortune Coins bonus code

At Fortune Coins, there is no bonus code required in order to redeem the welcome bonus. Simply follow our exclusive link and complete the sign-up process, and 100,000 GC as well as 200 FC will automatically be credited to your account. New users can also earn an additional 18.23M GC and 4,790 FC by completing various registration tasks and through logging in for 30 consecutive days.

Allow us to break down the onboarding process and you'll be flush with coins before you know it!

1. Registration & account verification

Clicking on our link will forward you to the Fortune Coins website. A simple way to complete the first step of registration is by choosing the 'Sign up with Google' option, which is an expedited way to authenticate yourself through your Google account. Otherwise, manual sign-up is available and requires you to enter your full name, email address, and password. Remember, connecting through Google earns 20,000 GC and 100 free FC, so you should do it if possible.

From there, you'll also need to tick both the T&C and Privacy Policy boxes before signing up, regardless of account creation method.  Before clicking 'Create An Account' to proceed to the next step, note that Fortune Coins is restricted in some states such as Idaho, Michigan, and Washington. You must also be at least 18 years old to legally participate.

Once you've submitted your personal information, you'll instantly receive an activation email, which you must click before you access your new account. Check your 'Spam' or 'Promotions' folder if you can't find it in your inbox. After confirming your email, you'll be asked to enter your phone number for additional verification purposes. Phone verification also comes with a reward, and you'll receive 10,000 GC and 100 free FC once it's done.

2. Claim sign-up bonus and purchase coin packages

Once step one is complete, your initial no-deposit bonus (along with other bonuses redeemed from registration tasks) will be automatically deposited into your account balance. Unfortunately, there is no welcome bundle, but completing all of the welcome bonus tasks can net up to 18.33M GC and 4,990 free FC, so it makes sense when you consider the amount of bonus coins that can already be earned. If you still wish to buy a regularly-priced coin package, click 'Buy/Free Coins' to be re-directed to the coin store. 

Refer to the list below for more information on how to redeem the entire welcome bonus.

  • Complete new account registration process: 100,000 GC and 200 free FC
  • Complete registration through Google: 20,000 GC and 100 free FC
  • Complete phone verification: 10,000 GC and 100 free FC
  • Consent to email notifications and promotions: 100,000 GC and 300 free FC
  • Consent to SMS notifications: 100,000 GC and 200 free FC
  • 'The Daily Bonus' (first 30 days): 18M GC and 4,090 FC

3. Play games

With 200+ video slot games to choose from, the selection isn't nearly as large as its competitors, but there are still a lot of popular titles to choose from including 'Jackpots', and 'Play the Feature' games. Both GC and FC can be used to play games, and more options are added to the catalog at a reasonable rate. To learn more about a particular game, simply click on a title to view details including a short description of the game, 'Game Type', 'Provider', 'Features', 'Max Multiplier', and 'FC Volatility Rating'.

4. Redeem SC for prizes

Once you've completed the 1x minimum playthrough requirement on at least 5,000 FC, you can make a withdrawal. Note that you can only redeem gift cards and cash prizes with FC, as GC can be purchased but it has no real monetary value. The FC-to-U.S. dollar conversion rate is 100:1.

First, you just need to verify your identity by providing some additional documents such as a bank statement, government-issued identification, and proof of address. Only the first withdrawal request will require this. Lastly, enter transaction details and choose your preferred redemption option before confirming the request.

Fortune Coins bonus code: how to qualify

The Fortune Coins welcome bonus can be redeemed without cost so long as the casino's terms and conditions are met. Requirements include:

  • You must be at least 18 years old as well as a valid U.S. citizen residing in any state aside from Idaho, Michigan, and Washington to register for a Fortune Coins account.
  • A Fortune Coins bonus code is not necessary, nor is any kind of purchase or deposit. The initial welcome bonus, and all subsequent welcome bonuses, will be automatically deposited following the successful completion of each registration objective.
  • All free FC has to meet the 1x playthrough requirement on a minimum of 5,000 FC prior to prize redemption. The FC-to-U.S. dollar conversion rate is 100:1, with the daily prize redemption limit being 955,000 FC.
  • Your account and its balance can expire if there isn't any account activity for a minimum of 18 months.

Fortune coins & gold coins

There are two virtual currencies that can be used to play games at Fortune Coins Casino:

  • Gold Coins: This is a 'play-for-fun' currency that can't be exchanged for any real rewards. The casino typically hands them out for free as part of welcome and daily bonuses. If you ever run out of GC, there are several purchasing options in the Coins Store.
  • Fortune Coins: This is the casino's version of 'Sweeps Coins'. These coins can be redeemed, but unlike GC, you can't purchase them directly. You either get them as part of a promotional offer, or as a bonus when buying GC. It's worth noting that at Fortune Coins, 100 FC equals $1. Meanwhile, most other platforms have a 1:1 conversion rate where 1 SC = $1.

For those wishing to buy a GC package that comes with free SC, refer to the table below for all available packages at the Fortune Coins store.

Coin PackagePrice
πŸ’° 500,000 GCπŸ’΅ $2
πŸ’° 1,000,000 GC + 515 Free FCπŸ’΅ $5
πŸ’° 5,000,000 GC + 2,060 Free FCπŸ’΅ $20
πŸ’° 20,000,000 GC + 5,170 FCπŸ’΅ $50
πŸ’° 100,000,000 GC + 10,400 FCπŸ’΅ $100
πŸ’° 200,000,000 GC + 20,750 FCπŸ’΅ $200
πŸ’° 700,000,000 GC + 31,500 FCπŸ’΅ $300
πŸ’° 1,200,000,000 GC + 48,000 FCπŸ’΅ $450

Additional Fortune Coins promos & bonuses

Fortune Coins Casino has a promo page where you can find all the latest ongoing offers. Unfortunately, aside from the welcome bonus, the casino doesn't have much going on. While there are a few good offers, the promotion options lag behind some competitors like Pulsz and WOW Vegas. On the bright side, the special offers that periodically come around are quite generous. For example, Fortune Coins recently celebrated its second anniversary and ran a contest with a prize pool of 400,000,000 GC and 400,000 FC.

Here are the Fortune Coins promotions and bonuses that are currently available:

  • Daily log-in bonus: The second largest promotion on the platform after the registration bonus. For every daily log-in, the casino awards you 30,000 GC and 100 FC.
  • Refer-a-friend bonus: If you refer a friend through your unique referral link, you will get a percentage of your referral's first purchase. The maximum referral prize is 120,000,000 GC and 4,500 FC.
  • 'FC Streamer' bonus: One way that Fortune Coins sets itself apart is through 'Fortune Coins TV', giving users a chance to win prizes during live streams. You can also win additional prizes by applying to be a featured streamer yourself! Simply fill out a form and you may just get a chance to appear on the casino's platform.
  • 'Fortune Star of the Month' VIP program: Upon becoming a 'Fortune Star' VIP, you're entitled to a personalized monthly welcome bonus for maintaining your status. This is achieved through coupons, exclusive promotions, and gameplay with bonuses. Your account is also assigned a personal manager, plus you get to enjoy special weekly rakebacks, where you’ll get back a percentage of your unsuccessful plays of the week.

Fortune Coins review

Fortune Coins Casino began operations in mid-2022, opening its doors to players in over 40 US states and parts of Canada. In a crowded sweepstakes market, the casino's standout feature is the hefty welcome bonus, offering new players far more no-deposit rewards than most of its competition.

Modern slots and massive jackpots

With just over 200 titles, this casino may not be the most robust in terms of game offerings. That said, players can enjoy slots and jackpots from top developers in the industry, along with a decent selection of fish games.

But it’s the Fortune Coin’s jackpots that truly steal the show. With over a dozen games feeding into four progressive pools, you could be the lucky player who walks away with the grand prize.

Premium mobile gaming

We were also impressed with how well-organized the platform is. There are no dedicated mobile apps for either iOS or Android devices, but Fortune Coins' capabilities in the mobile browser help to make up for that. 

From the homepage, you can easily visit any section you'd like, just by clicking the menu icon in the middle of your screen. There, you'll find links to the 'All Games', 'About', 'Promotions', and 'Contact' pages. Even the game lobby is neatly organized, with titles categorized based on theme and type.

Non-stop play

Players can enjoy games using either GC or FC, with the latter being the casino's take on the standard SC. You’ll receive both currencies upon registration and after every daily log-in, among other times. Nevertheless, the casino still allows you to purchase coins if you're ever running low and don't have the patience to wait. With coin packages starting at $2 and going up to $450, you're sure to find an option that suits you.

Once you've earned at least 5,000 FC and meet the 1x playthrough requirement, the casino has a decent range of withdrawal methods you can use to redeem your Fortune Coins. On the other hand, Fortune Coins' customer support could be much better, so you may have to be patient if you reach out for assistance.

To learn more about our thoughts on this casino, take a look at our Fortune Coins review.

Top Fortune Coins games

Fortune Coins might not have a massive library, but it still boasts a cozy collection of 200+ titles. Players looking for classic table games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat will have to look elsewhere, as Fortune Coins only offers video slots.

Getting to any title in the casino is made easy thanks to a well-organized layout. There are different sections for 'Hot Games', 'Jackpots', 'New Releases', and 'Slots', and you can even sort games by genre. Be sure to visit the 'Jackpots' section. It's packed with titles that feed into four progressive pots, including the 'Fortune Jackpot'.

The mix includes everything from 'Megaways' to 'Hold & Wins' and even 'Cluster Pays', crafted by top providers such as Pragmatic Play and EvoPlay. Not to mention exclusive hits like 'Wheel of Luck'.

Fortune Coins also has a special section for fish games, a trending niche that combines slots and arcade gaming elements. Games like 'Emily's Treasure', 'King Octopus', and 'Space Cowboy' task you with taking down exotic marine and space creatures in order to win big prizes. No spin of reels is needed β€” just blast away at targets for fantastic rewards.

Fortune Coins recent updates

In line with directives from the state government, Fortune Coins halted its operations in Michigan on February 1, 2024. Michigan, along with Idaho and Washington, are the only US states where you can't access the casino.

On a more positive note, the platform has added some new slots to its lobby, and most are from the renowned EvoPlay. Players can now enjoy games like 'Lucky Porker', 'Temple of Thunder II Hold & Win', and 'Battle Roosters'. There's also a new title, 'Reveal the Kraken', featuring an exciting theme and engaging gameplay from up-and-coming developer Mascot Gaming.

You can always come back here to check for any new Fortune Coins updates. We'll tell you if there's a new bonus on display, or if the lobby has been updated with fresh titles.

Fortune Coins payment methods

Fortune Coins doesn't have the largest selection of payment methods, but the most popular options are still available. In order to make a withdrawal, you must have a minimum balance of 5,000 FC, with all of it having gone through the 1x playthrough requirement. Refer to the table below for more information.

Payment Method πŸ’³Processing Speed πŸ’ΈMin. Purchase πŸ’²
πŸ’΅ SkrillInstant$2
πŸ’΅ Trustly Online BankingInstant$2
πŸ’΅ VisaInstant$2
πŸ’΅ MastercardInstant$2
πŸ’΅ DiscoverInstant$2
πŸ’΅ PaysafecardInstant$2

Fortune Coins customer support

We've touched on how Fortune Coins' customer support could improve, primarily because of the limited ways you can reach out for help. The absence of a live chat feature sticks out, making it tough to get quick answers when you're in a pinch. You can lodge an inquiry or complaint through a ticketing system, but expect a bit of a wait. Otherwise, you can always email them for less urgent matters.

On the flip side, the casino doesn't skimp on self-help resources including an extensive FAQ section, user guides, and articles that can pretty much clear up any confusion.

More online casino and sweepstakes resources

Fortune Coins continues to set itself apart from the competition thanks to its consistent frequency of generous promotions following a lucrative welcome bonus. That said, it's not a bad idea to check out the rest of the top list to see which other sweepstakes casino may also fit your preferences. We have meticulously reviewed several top-performing sweepstakes casinos, so feel free to check out other options. Remember, you can claim the welcome bonus from each casino once.

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Fortune Coins Bonus Code FAQ

What is the Fortune Coins bonus code?

There is no Fortune Coins bonus code. Simply create an account, complete all registration objectives, and you'll receive the welcome bonus.

Do Fortune Coins bonus codes have expiration dates?

Bonus codes typically expire, but you don't have to worry about that at Fortune Coins since there are no codes. If the welcome bonus ever changes, this page will be updated accordingly.

Can I use multiple Fortune Coins bonus codes with the same account?

You can only claim the welcome bonus once, but the use of multiple bonus codes for other Fortune Coins promotions is permitted.

Is there a minimum deposit required to activate the Fortune Coins bonus code?

No, you don't need to make a deposit or a purchase to receive the welcome bonus. Complete the registration process and the bonus will be yours.

Do Fortune Coins promos and bonuses have wagering requirements?

Yes, you need to play through bonus Fortune Coins at least once before submitting a withdrawal request. You must also have at least 5,000 FC ($50) in your account before redeeming any prizes.

Can I share my Fortune Coins bonus code with others?

Yes, you can share your Fortune Coins bonus code with anyone who is legally eligible to play. You can even receive rewards once they've made a purchase, so long as you share your referral link with them first.