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The website also publishes reports on sportsbook features such as customer service, incentives and wager pricing. The SportsbookReview staff offers a free dispute resolution service. Bettors in need of assistance with an online sportsbook can file a complaint here.

Website visitors have access to Sportsbook Review’s unbiased sportsbook ratings and recommendations, daily reports, a searchable archive of the past five years of news and ratings, comprehensive decision guides, the ability to participate in player discussions, access to player reviews, and a full time staff offering assistance seven days per week.

SBR’s Beginning
In the late 90s the online gambling industry was off to a fast start. Bookmakers, and those who wanted to be bookmakers, migrated offshore for a share of the growing market. Webmasters followed suit, blindly promoting sportsbooks and their bonus offers with few words of caution. SportsbookReview.com launched in 1999 showing a different side of online wagering- a side that wasn’t always the industry’s best, and one that caused players to think twice before sending money offshore. Before Sportsbook Review there were few online resources highlighting only ethical sportsbooks, and even fewer identifying rogue books and how they operate. This fresh approach to the online gaming industry earned SportsbookReview the respect of top bookmakers and players, who now commonly refer to Sportsbook Review as SBR.

SBR, Costa Rica & Scam Sportsbooks
In 2000 SBR worked the industry’s first bailout for 216 victims of Costa Rica-based GoldenBets. In 2001 SBR issued a blanket warning, advising players to avoid sportsbooks located in Costa Rica. SBR went on to identify multiple scambooks and their business partners. Many of these rogue operators were forced to close. SBR continues to expose scambooks and irresponsible operators, limiting their ability to profit from unsuspecting bettors. In 2002 SBR developed the first Sportsbook Rating Guide giving all sportsbooks an individual evaluation. SBR Ratings quickly became the standard for how sportsbooks are compared. 2002 also marked the year the first Costa Rica-based sportsbook joined the SBR Recommended List. Today, SportsbookReview maintains an office in San Jose, Costa Rica.

SBR Recognized as the Leader
By 2003 SBR had become the undisputed leader arming players with industry inside-information and information on dishonest bookmakers. More players join the top sportsbooks via SportsbookReview than all other watchdog and rating sites combined. Top sportsbooks are eager to quickly and fairly resolve complaints submitted to SBR, recognizing SportsbookReview as the player’s voice. The ever increasing volume of valuable player feedback helps to continuously refine sportsbook ratings. In 2004 the SBR network of sites expanded with the creation of PokerSiteReview.com, RacebookReview.com and SBROdds.com. At the end of 2005 SBR broadened communication with readers by offering a posting forum. The following year SBRforum.com was created to meet the demand for handicapping stats and sports handicapping information.

2020 and Beyond
The Sportsbook Review family of websites are mobile-friendly to keep up with consumer needs in today's increasingly tech world, and all products are stronger than ever. There are over 400,000 registered community members.

SBR Network Websites

SBR PicksSBR Picks
SBR Picks features game breakdowns and in-depth write-up's from many respected professional handicappers. In addition to this content, SBR Picks also links back to and highlights some of the best content originating from the SBR message board.

SBR OddsSBR Forum
SBR's sports forum is one of the web's fastest-growing online sports betting forum communities. Launched back in August of 2005, SBR Forum continues to excel with innovative products, features, and contests for its community members.

SBR ContestsSBR Contests
SBRcontests.com is the home to free sports handicapping contests.The proprietary contest software features dynamic lines, various contest types and tournaments, and automatic grading. SBR handicapping contests are created daily, and there are no requirements to join other than having an sportsbookreview posting account.

SBR StoreSBR Store
The SBR Store is a loyalty rewards program for SBR forum posters. The store features various items. Simply use your SBR betpoints accumulated from logging in and posting, verify yourself as an SBR Pro, and redeem prizes!