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Round Robin Calculator

The Round Robin Calculator calculates maximum wins/losses and results for different outcomes of a round robin bet. This way you can explore the games with odds that can maximize your return in a round robin bet. Read more about round robin bets here.

The calculator takes notional dollar bet, number of games, size of round robin parlay, and game odds/result as inputs, does the math, and outputs maximum win/loss and situational result.


Notional Bet: Notional dollar amount of round robin bet
Number of Games: Number of games included in round robin bet
Parlay Size: Number of games included in parlays and whether that number constitutes a maximum (‘At Most’) or an exact figure (‘Exact’).
Game N Line/Result: Line (See Note below) and results (WIN, PUSH, or LOSS) for the nth event.


Max Win: Maximum possible dollar win on round robin bet
Total Risk: Maximum possible dollar loss on round robin bet
Situational Result: Profit or loss on round robin bet given actual event results

More Information

A round robin bet is a set of parlays on 3-or-more teams that are all entered at once. The bet is determined by selecting the 3-or-more teams included in the round robin and the size of the parlays used to combine them. For example, a 5-team round robin bet 3-ways would consist of all 10 3-team parlays that can be made from the 5 teams included in the round-robin.
Instead of selecting just one parlay size for the round robin some books allow you to select a maximum size, so that the round-robin will consist of all parlays consisting of at most some number of teams. For example, a 5-team round robin bet at most 4-ways would consist of 25 bets in total (5 4-team parlays, 10 3-team parlays, and 10 2-team parlays).
This calculator determines the maximum win and loss amount for a given round-robin, as well as the situational results based upon whether or not each underlying game wins, loses, or pushes.
Note: The calculator accepts US or decimal odds. For Decimal odds greater than or equal to 100, preface the odds with either a ‘0’ or a ‘d’. For example, decimals odds of 200.0000 would be entered as either ‘d200’ or ‘0200’.

Round Robin Calculator

(Takes Decimal or US Odds)
Max Win:$545
Total Risk:$49.60
Situational Result: $545

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Round Robin Calculator

This calculator presents you with the maximum win, situational result and total risk amounts on a round robin bet. Read on to learn more about round robin bets, how to use the round robin bet calculator and the advantages of using this wagering strategy.

What is a Round Robin Bet?

A round robin bet allows you to select a number of bets, group them together and then place various parlays within that group. You must make three or more selections for a round robin bet. You can then specify the number of parlays you would like to make. For example, if you made four selections, you could place 11 parlays within that group (six two-team parlays, four three-team parlays and a four-team parlay). That would essentially amount to 11 different bets, so your total risk on a notional $10 bet would be $110. You can choose point spreads, totals and moneyline selections when compiling a round robin bet. Try it out on March Madness odds or Final Four odds for the upcoming games!

Round Robin Example

Let’s say you make five predictions on a particular weekend:

• Minnesota Vikings to cover the spread against the Green Bay Packers at -110

• Buffalo Bills to cover the spread against the New York Jets at -110

• Baltimore Ravens to cover the spread against the Cleveland Browns at -110

• Dallas Cowboys to cover the spread against the LA Rams at -110

• New York Giants to cover the spread against the Pittsburgh Steelers at -110

You could simply place a five-team parlay on those five picks and hope for the best. However, if just one team lets you down, your bet would crash and burn. You could instead decide to place a $10 round robin, with a maximum parlay size of 5x. This would result in a total stake of $260. You would then be placing 10 two-team parlays, 10-team parlay bets, 5 four-team parlay bets and a five-team parlay. If one team fails to cover, most of your 26 bets would still pay off and you would earn a profit. If two teams let you down, you would still recoup most of your stake at odds of -110 on each selection.

Alternatively, you might decide that you do not want to place five-team or four-team parlay bets within that round robin bet. You could then opt for at most 3x, and you would then be placing 20 bets, with a total risk of $200 for a $10 notional stake. You might decide that you only want to place three-team parlays within that group of five selections. In that instance, you could change the parlay size to exactly 3x. You would then be placing just 10 bets inside your round robin, resulting in a total risk of $100 from a $10 notional stake.

How to Use a Round Robin Calculator

Follow these steps to quickly work out the bet total, total return and the situational result of any round robin bets you are considering with our calculator:

1. Enter the amount you wish to wager on each parlay within your round robin bet in the “Notional Bet” box.

2. Choose the number of games you want to include in the round robin bet.

3. In the “Parlay Size” section, choose either “Exactly” for a precise number of parlays or “At Most” for a maximum amount of betting parlays, and then choose the number of parlays.

4. Add in the odds offered on each selection. If you enter decimal odds, the round robin calculator will automatically change them to a US odds format. You can choose win, lose or push as the result of each selection to see how much you stand to win or lose in different scenarios.

5. Click on “Calculate”.

The round robin calculator will then tell you:

1. The maximum amount (total profit) you stand to win if all of your selections prove to be correct.

2. The “Total Risk”, which is the total size of your wager based on your notional bet amount and the number of parlays you have selected within your round robin.

3. The “Situational Result”, which is the return total you can expect based on the results you selected.

If we stick with the example used above, whereby you choose five teams to cover the spread at odds of -110 and you want to place the maximum amount of parlays within that group for $10, you would enter the following into the round robin calculator:

• Notional Bet: $10

• Number of Games: 5

• Parlay Size: At Most and 5x

• Insert -110 in each Game Line

You would then see that the maximum win (total return potential) is $1,718.01 and that the total risk is $260. If you choose “Win” for the result of each selection in the round robin, your situational result would be the full $1,718.01. You can then go back and edit the results on the round robin bet calculator to see what you would win or lose in various scenarios. The options are lost, void (push) or won. If you had four wins and one loss at those odds, the situational result would be $369.83. Four wins and a push would result in a situational result of $1,076.02 at those odds. Three wins, a push and a loss would give you a situational result of $155.11 and so on.

Advantages of a Round Robin Bet

A round robin bet covers you in the event that one or more selections within your parlay lets you down. It is a heartbreaking feeling to make six correct predictions and then see the seventh team flop, causing your entire parlay to crash and burn. A round robin bet helps you minimize the risk of this happening by placing multiple smaller parlays within a larger group of bet selections. You can then use our round robin bet calculator to determine whether an online sports betting site is giving you fair odds on a round robin bet that you plan to place, with all rights reserved. It tells you the return total profit that you can expect in various scenarios (lost, void, won) and the results are always displayed clearly when you use our bet calculator.

Round Robin Rule

Once you know what a round robin bet is, there are very few rules that you need to bear in mind. You might have to watch out for a Rule 4 deduction if you place a round robin bet on horse racing selections. This occurs when a horse is withdrawn from a race, meaning that the remaining runners stand a better chance of winning. This will bring down the odds on the horse you bet on, and that will be reflected in the total payout you can expect to receive from a round robin. If one game is called off, the bet will not be considered lost. Void (push) would generally be the deemed outcome for that selection, with all rights reserved to the sportsbook. You can always check the terms and conditions at the sportsbook that you use.

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