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Spread Moneyline Converter

This Spread to Moneyline Converter is used by bettors to find weak Moneylines offered by sportsbooks. We all love to bet on the spread, but sometimes the moneyline is offering better value. Use this tool so you don’t miss out.

To make the most of this tool, it will pay to look around at different books that offer different odds. You can see a range of odds at-a-glance on our odds page. Or check out the sportsbooks below for the best odds.

Spread Moneyline Converter


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Spread to Moneyline Calculator

This page allows you to find out the fair moneyline odds you should receive based on the point spread a sportsbook is offering. You can use this tool in conjunction with our up-to-date MLB odds, College football odds, NHL odds, NFL odds, NBA odds or NCAA Basketball odds to ensure that you gain maximum betting value.

What is a Moneyline Bet?

A moneyline bet is a straightforward wager on which team will win a particular game. The odds compilers at sports betting sites will weigh up the relative strengths and weaknesses of each team, factoring in injuries, fatigue, recent results, head-to-heads and so on. They will then assign a set of moneyline odds to each team. Let’s say that Cleveland is scheduled to take on Baltimore in an NFL game. If the sportsbook odds compilers think that Baltimore is a significantly stronger team, they might make Baltimore the -365 favorite, and Cleveland the +305 underdog.You would need to bet $365 to make a $100 profit by betting on Baltimore on the moneyline. You would make a $305 profit if you bet $100 on Cleveland on the moneyline and the Browns went on to win the game. A $20 bet on Baltimore would therefore earn you a $5.48 profit if successful, whereas a $20 bet on Cleveland would earn you a $61 profit if successful. The substantially larger potential on Cleveland tells you that it is the clear underdog. The home team is often the favorite in NFL and college football, but that is not always the case, with copyright and all rights reserved.

What is a Spread Bet?

Spread betting sees sportsbook operators level the playing field by giving the supposedly stronger team a handicap. If we stick with the example used above, you might find that Baltimore is the 8.5-point favorite in the spread. You would then be able to bet on Baltimore to cover the point spread, and the Ravens would have to win by 9 or more points in order to do so. If they won by 8 or fewer points, or lost the game, your bet would not pay out. However, instead of odds of -365, you would expect to receive far more attractive odds of -110, or even -105 if the sportsbook offered reduced juice lines. A $20 bet on Baltimore to cover the point spread would therefore earn you $18.18 on normal -110 lines or $19.05 on reduced juice lines, which is more appealing than the $5.48 you would gain on the moneyline.

The alternative would be to bet on Cleveland +8.5 in this example of a spread bet. Once again you would receive odds of -110, or -105 at a sports betting site with reduced juice lines, so your potential payout would be diminished. However, you would stand a far greater chance of success. Cleveland could then win the game, or lose by up to 8 points, and you would still be paid out, with all rights reserved.

How to Use This Page

You can use this moneyline and point spread calculator to work out the expected value you should enjoy in moneyline betting. Follow these steps to get quick, clear results using the moneyline converter:1. Choose the league you are betting on from NBA, NFL, college basketball and college football.2. Decide whether you want to convert from point spread to moneyline, or vice versa.3. Enter the odds type you would like to use: American odds are US odds, decimal odds are referred to as Euro odds, fractional odds are not compatible.4.Enter the spread that the sportsbook is offering.5. Type in the odds on each side of the point spread bet. This will typically be -110 on the favorite and -110 on the underdog, or -105 if you are using a reduced juice sportsbook.6. Click on “Calculate.”

The spread to moneyline conversion sports betting calculator will then tell you:“Fave Win” – the implied probability of the favorite winning on the moneyline.“Fave Odds” – the fair moneyline price you should expect to receive on the favorite at sportsbooks based on the point spreads price quoted.“Fave Edge” – the edge sportsbooks are charging you by betting on the favorite.“Dog Odds” – the moneyline price you should expect to receive on the underdog at a sportsbook based on the spread it has quoted.“Dog Edge” – the edge sportsbooks are charging you by betting on the underdog.

An Example

Your sportsbook is offering odds of -110 on Miami +6 and -110 on New England +6 in a big NFL game. You can enter this spread to find out the value you should expect by choosing the moneyline instead of the spread. Using this example, you could then enter the following into the moneyline converter:1. League: NFL2. Convert From: Spread3. Odds Type: -1104. Spread: 6.05. Fave Odds: -1106. Dog Odds: -1107. Click “Calculate”

The spread converter / moneyline converter tool would then tell you that you should expect to find moneyline odds of -284.8 on the favorite and a moneyline price of +225.2 on the underdog, based on that 6-point spread. If the sportsbook was actually offering +220 on the favorite and -270 on the underdog, you would see that you are not necessarily receiving the correct value on the underdog, but that you have found a good moneyline on the favorite. You could then use our odds comparison tool. If you find odds of +230 on the underdog at a rival sportsbook, that would represent good value.

Advantages of Using This Tool

This moneyline converter helps you spot and capitalize upon weak moneylines at sportsbooks. If the spread on a game, or even on a betting market for entertainment purposes, is pounded down during the build-up to the event, the moneyline might not be adjusted to the actual spread. You can boost your bankroll by using this tool to find the actual moneyline value based on the spread, spot better prices and quickly seize upon them. This sports betting moneyline to spread converter tool helps you quickly find out if you are paying too much juice on either side of a spread bet. You can use it to compare the spread and the moneyline to see which option gives you the best value, and you can compare two or more sports wagering sites to find the one that offers the best true value on your bet.

Best Sportsbooks for Spread Betting

All sportsbooks offer moneylines and spread betting opportunities on football, basketball and other sports, plus markets for entertainment purposes. However, you should stick to safe, reliable, trustworthy operators that have earned a strong score in the SBR rating guide. Sportsbooks like FanDuel, DraftKings, theScore Bet, Caesars, Circa Sports, and Tipico offer competitive moneylines and spread betting markets, and they will pay you out on time if your football picks and other wagers prove to be successful.

These are all safe, secure operators, with all rights reserved. They take responsible gambling very seriously. Some sites will prey upon individuals with a gambling problem, but the best sites help anyone with a gambling problem to self-exclude and gain the help they need. The shady operators out there will commit copyright fraud and rip off their customers, but there are no safety, security, copyright or trust issues if you stick to one of the books that has received an A+ or an A rating in the SBR best sportsbooks guide, with all rights reserved.

You can then use our moneyline converter to find the best value on offer on moneyline and spread betting markets. You should also try to find a sportsbook with reduced juice lines on spreads such as SBK in Colorado. The sportsbooks mentioned above will also regularly offer attractive moneyline prices, as they vie for supremacy with one another in a competitive market, meaning that you can find plenty of bargains over the course of the season.

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