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BetFanatics Review

Last Updated: December 22, 2022
US Sports Bettors Accepted

Things to Consider Before Signing Up


  • Approved in Maryland and Ohio for later date
  • Top-shelf reputation
  • Expected to have casino


  • Questions remain as to which platform will be used
  • No word on available app coming
  • Operating locations have not been determined

A new betting experience from BetFanatics

A new betting experience is coming soon.

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BetFanatics Sportsbook Review

Editor's Note: Another rating will follow the launch of the sportsbook. The C rating listed is a placeholder until that time.

As a sports merchandising brand, Fanatics has a footprint in every major sports league in North America. Now, it has taken the steps to make an entrance into the sports betting market as well. Nothing has been made official yet however, there has been a trademark filed for the name “BetFanatics,” which many are speculating could be the name of the new sportsbook. Several key staff hirings have been made in preparation for the company’s entry into the world of sports betting, and most of the framework has been put in place.

Questions still remain as to which platform BetFanatics will use for its sportsbook product, and of course will have to secure access to various markets But what is certain is this new venture has the potential to be a major player in the industry given the decades of success the BetFanatics brand carries with it.

BetFanatics Quick Facts

🏢 Founded        2022
🇺🇸 # of States        TBD
🎰 Casino        ✅ Yes
₿  Cryptocurrency        ❌ No
📱 Mobile Apps        ✅ Yes (iOS, Android)

BetFanatics Locations

Operating locations have not been determined as the official launch is still in progress. Fanatics has made partnerships with the intention of gaining access to the Maryland and Ohio markets and earlier in the year they made an attempt to secure an operating license in New York. They did not get approval, but there is still a desire to be a player in that market. From all accounts, there are plans to operate both retail locations on top of their online platform.

Sports Leagues to Bet On

With strong roots and relationships in North American sports, you can bet you’ll be able to bet on all the major professional and college sports upon launch. More niche sports are still a question, but if they want to compete with operators who already have major market share those will surely be offered.

NFL Betting

Given its strong ties to the NFL merchandising market, there is little doubt that BetFanatics will be highly prioritized once the sportsbook is launched. The brand prides itself on variety and unique apparel and will almost certainly extend that philosophy to the new sports betting product from the beginning.  

NBA Betting

BetFanatics is the official e-commerce partner of the NBA so it stands to reason their hardwood offerings will be as plentiful and varied as what is offered on their online stores. Expect to see more than just the basic menu of bets for each game of the season.

College Football

Fans have used the Fanatics platform for years to buy their official college football apparel. Now, they will be able to bet on college football on top of that. Since the platform is still under construction, it’s likely to be launched somewhere around the beginning of the year. That gives plenty of time to develop a healthy selection of bets once the season begins. 

College Basketball

No sportsbook is complete without bets available for college basketball. There is also a golden opportunity for cross-promotion between the betting and apparel branches during the NCAA tournament. It could also very well lead to fun boosts and bonuses during March Madness.

NHL Betting

The Fanatics brand enjoys a mutually beneficial partnership with the NHL and will bring that exclusive access to the sportsbook side once it launches. Expect to see the usual markets of both the game and player variety

MLB Betting

Fanatics and the MLB became partners in 2019. They have spent the last few years learning the ins and outs of the league and can bring an immense base of knowledge to their newest project giving bettors an enjoyable experience while betting on baseball.

Other Sports Leagues

Among the more recognizable league affiliations Fanatics has secured over the years, they have also made connections in some of the secondary sports markets. Among them is MLS, NASCAR, Golf, and even the WWE. There is no doubt that each one of them will see some level of inclusion in a future sportsbook product plus a few more.

Online Betting Experience

The online betting experience at BetFanatics has the potential to be amongst the best in the industry, given their years of experience in e-commerce.

Website Experience

Because nothing has been made official, there is no website yet for BetFanatics. There is some speculation that the team will look to partner with a platform that is much farther along or possibly already established in the sports betting space to help speed their entry into the market. 

Early reports linked efforts to secure deals with online gambling platforms Tipico and Kambi to build the framework for the possible BetFanatics label. For a company that has its roots in web-based commerce, you can expect its online experience to be top-notch.

Mobile Betting and Betting App

BetFanatics is expected to have a mobile app for both iOS and Android when they go live. Regardless of whether they keep it in-house or work with an outside developer, the Fanatics Sportsbook betting app should be one of the best on the market immediately upon launch.

Live Betting

Any sportsbook worth its salt offers a live betting platform, so BetFanatics is expected to offer live betting once it goes live.

Casino, Poker, & Other Gaming Options

Most of the big news surrounds the sportsbook product from Fanatics. However, in the official trademark filing, there is language that suggests the inclusion of an online casino and gaming platform in the future.

BetFanatics History

Fanatics the e-commerce company began in 1995 as a single sports merchandising site in Jacksonville, Florida by brothers Alan and Mitch Trager. Around the same time, Mitch Ruben founded Global Sports Incorporated which later became GSI Commerce. 

The two companies would become one in 2011 when GSI acquired Fanatics, which had positioned itself as a major player in e-commerce, for approximately $277 million. Shortly after the merger, GSI was sold to eBay for $2.4 billion paving the way for Fanatics’ future growth.  

Over the next several years the company would create merchandising partnerships with every major sports league across North America. More recently, Fanatics has entered the digital space with the launch of Candy Digital which serves as the home for their NFT market. Now, they have set their sights on the surging sports betting scene.

Two major hires already have them in an advantageous position when that time comes. Former FanDuel CEO Matt Kings was brought on board as the CEO of the recently formed Betting and Gaming division. The division also hired Ari Borod as the Chief Commercial Operator. Borod previously served as the COO of the Action Network.  

Customer Ratings & Reputation

As an apparel brand, Fanatics could not have secured as many exclusive deals as it has over the years without a top-shelf reputation. While their sportsbook has yet to be brought to the market, it stands to reason that they will expect the same level of quality in that product as well. 

Customer Service

Customers already have plenty of ways to secure help from Fanatics should the need arise. On top of a 24-7 toll-free number, customers can reach out on Twitter, through a live chat, or even by mail. These numbers and addresses are subject to change when the sportsbook goes live.

BetFanatics Contact

BetFanatics Legal Betting

Once operational, the Fanatics Sportsbook will operate under the laws governing each state in which it offers services.

Responsible Gambling

The legal age for sports betting in most states is 21+. This is subject to regional regulation. Please play responsibly. Fanatic Sportsbook will comply with the rules laid down by the regulating bodies in the state in which it intends to operate.

Here are a few resources to help ensure you are gambling responsibly.

  • National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG): The NCPG has over 50 years of experience assisting people and families affected by problem gambling. You can call or text them (1-800-522-4700) or join their 24/7 Live Chat.
  • Center for Problem Gambling: The Center has been funded by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) since 1996. They are committed to serving anyone affected by a gambling addiction. Treatment is confidential and provided regardless of a person’s ability to pay. Their gambling counselors have significant experience working with problem gambling and include therapists who are Nationally Certified Gambling Counselors.
  • Offers free, confidential help and support to anyone worried about gambling for themselves or others.
  • Gambling Therapy: A global service provided by Gordon Moody offering free emotional support and advice to anyone affected by gambling.

Why Choose BetFanatics?

Very few companies have the potential to make an instant impact on the sports betting market than what lies in front of Fanatics. They bring decades of relationships with all the major sports markets from around the country to the table on day one. 

Their roots in e-commerce and online retail give them sufficient research and development to be able to put forth both a user-friendly and enjoyable sportsbook product to the sports betting public. Despite all the uncertainty, one thing we do know is that once that product is available, it will not take long for BetFanatics — or whatever the final name is — to compete for a major market share with the likes of DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars.

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BetFanatics Review

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Last Updated
December 22, 2022