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Actress Emma Stone arrives to introduce Billie Jean King before the start of the women's finals match during the US Open, and she headlines our top odds and predictions for the 2024 Oscars.
Actress Emma Stone arrives to introduce Billie Jean King before the start of the women's finals match during the US Open. Photo by Timothy A. Clary via AFP.

The Academy Awards nominees are set for the 2024 Oscars, while the odds continue to shuffle as books are updating the plethora of betting markets for the event. The major categories have been available to wager on for months, but the other categories are now seeing Oscars odds emerge.

Most of our best sports betting sites have markets open for the 2024 Oscars, with a wide range of markets available at each of them.

Odds will shift quickly and daily, so it's important to attack them early before you lose value.

A great example of that: Da'Vine Joy Randolph opened at +167 for Best Supporting Actress but is now -2000. Additionally "Oppenheimer" opened at +400 but is now -1000 to win Best Picture. 

Here are our top 2024 Oscars odds from our best sportsbooks. Also, be sure to visit our Oscars category predictions page to see where the odds line up with our expert rankings. 

Best Picture odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Oppenheimer-900 ❄️-700 🔥-800 -800 
Poor Things+1200 +1100 +1000 ❄️+1200 
The Holdovers+1200 +1100 ❄️+1400+1400 
Barbie+2000+1800 ❄️+3300 +3300 
Anatomy of a Fall+2800 +2300 ❄️+3300+3300 
The Zone of Interest+3000 +3500 🔥+2500 ❄️+2800 
Killers of the Flower Moon+3500 +2800 ❄️+5000 +6600 🔥
American Fiction+4000 ❄️+4100 +6600 +6600 
Past Lives+6500 +5500 ❄️+10000 🔥+6600 
Maestro+8000 +6500 ❄️+10000 +10000 

We took a deeper dive into this market with our Oscars Best Picture predictions.

Best Picture prediction: Oppenheimer - The odds are too expensive to take, but this should be the winner. If you missed out on the early value when we saw this film at +400 and even +150 at one point, it's best to move on.

Best Director odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 7)

Director (Film)DraftKingsBetMGMbet365
Christopher Nolan (Oppenheimer)-3500 ❄️ -3000 🔥 -3300 
Martin Scorsese (Killers of the Flower Moon)+1400 ❄️ +1600+1600 
Yorgos Lanthimos (Poor Things)+1400 🔥 +1200 +1200 
Justin Triet (Anatomy of a Fall)+2000 +2000+2000 
Jonathan Glazer (The Zone of Interest)+2500 ❄️+3300 +4000 🔥

We analyzed whether there's a legitimate threat to Christopher Nolan in our Oscars Best Director predictions.

Best Director prediction: Christopher Nolan - This is a layup, as Nolan should easily win this market, especially with the director that broke box office numbers, Greta Gerwig, not even receiving a nomination. Nolan also gets extra credit points for the work it took to edit this film for multiple cameras. 

Best Lead Actor odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Actor (Film)DraftKingsFanDuelBetMGMbet365
Cillian Murphy (Oppenheimer)-250 -220 🔥-250 -250 
Paul Giamatti (The Holdovers)+175 +160 ❄️+175 +200 🔥
Bradley Cooper (Maestro)+1100 +900 ❄️ +1100 +1100 
Jeffrey Wright (American Ficition)+5000 +2800 ❄️+5000 +5000 
Colman Domingo (Rustin)+5000 +3500 ❄️+5000 +5000 

Can favorite Cillian Murphy fend off the competition? Find out in our Oscars Best Actor predictions.

Best Lead Actor prediction: Cillian Murphy - Murphy should be fine winning this award, as three hours of incredible acting should overcome a disgruntled teacher. Paul Giamatti's odds are shortening, however, so it's hard to ignore the possibility he wins.

We still like Murphy, but if Giamatti wins the SAG he will jump his counterpart as the favorite and his +200 odds will be long gone. He represents a good ticket to take now.

Best Lead Actress odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Actress (Film)DraftKingsFanDuelBetMGMbet365
Emma Stone (Poor Things)-160-160-175 ❄️-163 
Lily Gladstone (Killers of the Flower Moon)+120 ❄️+125 +135+137 🔥
Sandra Huller (Anatomy of a Fall)+1200+1100+1400 +1400
Carey Mulligan (Maestro)+2500 🔥+1800 ❄️+2500+2500 
Annette Bening (Nyad)+5000 +2800 ❄️+5000 +5000 

Could a long shot win this award? Find out with our Best Actress predictions.

Best Lead Actress prediction: Emma Stone - We said the plan for attacking this market should be a hedge bet between BetMGM and DraftKings. Gladstone was offered at plus-odds with one book and Stone at plus-value with another.

If you missed that, then you'll need to wager before the SAGs. Whoever wins the SAG will likely win the Oscars, and their odds will move from what you see now to very expensive minus-value. We like Stone to win but this will be a tight race. 

Best Supporting Actor odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Actor (Film)DraftKingsFanDuelBetMGMbet365
Robert Downey Jr. (Oppenheimer)-1000-750 🔥-1000-1000 
Ryan Gosling (Barbie)+600  +600 +700+700 
Robert De Niro (Killers of the Flower Moon)+1600 +1600+1600+1600 
Mark Ruffalo (Poor Things)+1800 +1800+2000 🔥 +1800
Sterling K. Brown (American Fiction)+2200 +2300+2500 🔥+2200

Will "Oppenheimer" clean up even in the supporting acting categories? Find out with our Oscars Best Supporting Actor predictions.

Best Supporting Actor prediction: Robert Downey Jr. - This is another layup pick, as it's difficult to see anyone top RDJ in this market. Gosling is getting a lot of buzz as a potential dark horse, but it would be difficult for the Academy to explain awarding the guy who played Ken in a Barbie movie about feminism without nominating director Gerwig or lead actress Margot Robbie. 

Best Supporting Actress odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Da'Vine Joy Randolph (The Holdovers)-2000-1100 🔥-2000 -2000 
Danielle Brooks (The Color Purple)+1100+1000 ❄️+1100 +1100 
Emily Blunt (Oppenheimer)+1100+1000 ❄️+1100+1200 🔥
America Ferrera (Barbie)+1800 ❄️+2100+2000 +2200 🔥
Jodie Foster (Nyad)+2800 +2800+2500 ❄️+2800 

If you're looking for even more analysis of this market, check out our Oscars Best Supporting Actress predictions.

Best Supporting Actress prediction: Da'Vine Joy Randolph - We suggested Randolph at +160 when this market first opened. She no longer has value, as she's the clear-cut favorite to win this award, and oddsmakers agree. This is a market that should be considered closed. 

Best Original Screenplay odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Anatomy of a Fall-165 ❄️-170-200-175 🔥
The Holdovers+130 🔥+145+135 +137 
Past Lives+800 ❄️+500+1000 +1000 
Maestro+2500 ❄️+2300+4000 +4000 
May December+3500 ❄️+2900+5000 🔥+4000 

Best Original Screenplay prediction: Anatomy of a Fall - This is a tough one to call, and "The Holdovers" is a bit expensive for how close this actually is. The value and recommended play for this market is "Anatomy of a Fall", which also plays into the screenplay category due to having more of a mystery to solve throughout the film.

From a writer's critical thinking process, "Anatomy of a Fall" seems to be more complete than "The Holdovers" despite the latter feeling better as a story, which typically does well at the Oscars. "Anatomy of a Fall" opened at +275 and is now the favorite.

Best Adapted Screenplay odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Oppenheimer-115 ❄️-105 🔥-110  -110 
Barbie+275 ❄️+300+275 +300 
American Fiction+275+170 ❄️+275 +275 
Poor Things+650+800 🔥+650 +650 
The Zone of Interest+2500+2300 ❄️+3300 +3300 

Best Adapted Screenplay prediction: Oppenheimer - They may side with "Barbie" here, as there is already a lot of backlash for not nominating Greta Gerwig for Best Director. "Oppenheimer" should win, but the amount of heat the Academy has received might lead them to take "Barbie" instead.

American Fiction is beginning to pick up some steam and is easily one of the more unique, original and creative screenplays in quite some time.

Best Cinematography odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Oppenheimer-1000 -550 🔥-1200 -1600 ❄️
Poor Things+800 ❄️+1000+900  +1000 
Killers of the Flower Moon+1000+1000+1000+1000
Maestro+1800 ❄️+1900+2000+2000
El Conde+2000+1600 ❄️+2500 +2500 

Best Cinematography prediction: TBD - Despite the short odds from Oppenheimer, this is a tight race. "Maestro" probably has the best value, shot masterfully and utilizing black and white in the way the camera nerds love.

It was very similar to "Mank," which won Best Cinematography as a +350 underdog. The top two films also utilized black and white well, but to see Oppenheimer's odds open so steep is a bit of a surprise for the threats that "Maestro" and "Poor Things" actually are. 

Best Animated Film odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse-225 -240 ❄️-200-188 🔥
The Boy & The Heron+125 ❄️ +140 🔥 +135+137 
Nimona+2000+1600 ❄️+2000 +2000 
Elemental+2800+2300 ❄️+3300 +3300 
Robot Dreams+3500+2800 ❄️+4000 +4000 

Best Animated Film prediction: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse - This is a two-horse race between the top two films, as critics are in love with both. "The Boy & The Heron" has been winning a lot of pre-cursor awards for this market, but the popularity of "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" is tough to beat.

Spidey was actually being more considered as a Best Picture nominee than "The Boy & The Heron" and being a much more domestic voting pool I would expect Spider-man to win a tight race. 

Best Documentary odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

20 Days in Mariupol-500-250 🔥 -550 ❄️ -500  
Four Daughters+600 +340 ❄️ +800 🔥+600 
The Eternal Memory+700+1600 🔥+600 ❄️ +800
Bobi Wine: The People's President+900 ❄️+1000+1400 +1400 
To Kill A Tiger+1600+1400 ❄️+2000+2000 

Best Documentary prediction: 20 Days in Mariupol - This is a great group of documentaries, but "20 Days in Mariupol" is the standout among them. It's like Shohei Ohtani on the Dodgers, a film that is a clear standout among other wonderful films.

"The Eternal Memory" and "To Kill a Tiger" are the only ones we haven't reviewed, however, so despite the large conviction we have in "20 Days in Mariupol" winning, just note that. We've seen enough, though, to declare it the predicted winner for this market, easily one of the toughest watches I've ever experienced while reviewing Oscars contenders for half a decade.

Best International Film odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

The Zone of Interest (U.K.)-2500 ❄️-1500  -2000-1400 🔥
Society of the Snow (Spain)+750+380 ❄️ +700 +750 
Perfect Days (Japan)+1600+1800 🔥+1600 +1600 
The Teachers' Lounge (Germany)+2000 +1600 ❄️+2500  +2500 
Io Capitano (Italy)+2000+2300 🔥+2000+2000 

Best International Film prediction: The Zone of Interest - "The Zone of Interest" should win, but "Society of the Snow" is seeing odds shorten. However, "The Zone of Interest" was nominated for Best Picture as well, so it should win this market despite a fighting effort from the rest of the field. 

Best Production Design odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Barbie-300-300  -200  -200
Poor Things+225+290 🔥+140 ❄️+175 
Oppenheimer+1000+1400 🔥+600 +650
Killers of the Flower Moon+2000 ❄️+2200 +2500+2500 
Napoleon+2500+2200 ❄️+3300  🔥+2800 

Best Production Design prediction: TBD - This does seem to be a two-horse race between "Barbie" and "Poor Things" as Barbieland itself warrants the Production Design win.

Although the other three films had great production designs, including "Oppenheimer" building an entire town, "Barbie" and "Poor Things" utilized creativity very well in their sets. The favorite is a bit too expensive for how close this is.

Best Costume Design odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Barbie-300 -300-275-275  
Poor Things+200+230 🔥+200+200 
Napoleon+2000 +1600 ❄️+2000+2000 
Oppenheimer+2000 +1900 ❄️+2000 +2000 
Killers of the Flower Moon+2000+1600 ❄️+2000 +2000 

Best Costume Design prediction: Barbie - This again feels like a two-horse race between the same two movies in Production Design. However, "Barbie" has a leg to stand on with having to attire two different universes. Barbieland costumes are big for this award, but requiring easily visual differences between the worlds through clothing is not an easy thing to achieve (think of what Barbie and Ken are wearing when roller skating in the real world for the first time).

The number of Barbie "types" in the film also allows for a wide range of attire styles. President Barbie will differ from Dentist Barbie, so the attire becomes crucial with the quantity of Barbies, Kens, and their matching personalities/occupations.

Best Makeup & Hairstyle odds 2024

(Odds as of Jan. 12)

Maestro-400 ❄️-360 -300-300 
Poor Things+300 +300+200 ❄️+225 
Oppenheimer+1600 +1600+2000+2000 
Society of the Snow+1600+1600+1600 +1600 
Golda+2500+2400 ❄️+2500+2800 🔥

Best Makeup & Hairstyle prediction: Maestro - This should be "Maestro" all day, even with a stellar group of nominations and some will argue "Oppenheimer" or "Society of the Snow" as terrific value to test which we won't argue against at all. However, movies that usually go through a person's entire life (not just one big moment of their life) typically do well in this market just like "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" did a few years ago.

The makeup design for Bradley Cooper's character is remarkable and shows the journey his character went through. Not only his character but Carey Mulligan's, as well. "Maestro" is a very deserving but expensive favorite.

Best Sound odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Oppenheimer-500-750 ❄️-500  -500
The Zone of Interest+330 +650 🔥+275 ❄️+333 
Maestro+1200+1600 🔥 +1200 +1200
Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One+2500+1900 ❄️+3300+3300 
The Creator+2500+2200 ❄️+3300+3300 

Best Sound prediction: The Zone of Interest - "Oppenheimer" might be upset here, as "The Zone of Interest" Best Sound odds continue to shorten as it is becoming more available to the public in theaters now. Although "Oppenheimer" used silence wonderfully in its sound (much like former Best Sound winner "Sound of Metal" did), the sound was crucial to the entire plot and story of "The Zone of Interest".'

The Academy has lumped Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing into the same category we now very broadly call Best Sound, and one could argue "The Zone of Interest" does both better than any movie this year. It's tough to pick against Oppy here, but "The Zone of Interest" did have much better sound work and the odds are moving as it is now available to the public for viewing. 

Best Score odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Oppenheimer-2000-1200 🔥-2000-2000
Killers of the Flower Moon+1000+1200+1000  +1200 
Poor Things+1200+1600 🔥+1200+1200
Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny+2000+1900 ❄️+2000+2000
American Fiction+2000+2100 🔥+2000+2000

Best Score prediction: Oppenheimer - This might be the layup of layups at the Oscars outside of some major categories. I saw someone tweet that the score for "Oppenheimer" changed their life. Perhaps a bit dramatic but an expression of how good this was. Easy winner here, move on. 

Best Song odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

What Was I Made For by Billie Eilish (Barbie)-600 -550 🔥-750 ❄️-600 
I'm Just Ken by Ryan Gosling (Barbie)+350 ❄️+500 🔥+400+400 
The Fire Inside by Becky G (Flamin' Hot)+2000+1200 ❄️+2000+2000 
It Never Went Away by Jean Batiste (American Symphony)+2200+2400 🔥+2000 ❄️ +2200 
Wahzhazhe (Killers of the Flower Moon)+2000+2400 🔥+2000 ❄️+2200

Best Song prediction: It Never Went Away - We're going out on a massive underdog play here and taking Jean Batiste's song at 20/1 for many reasons, although if you take Billie Eilish to win we can't fault you as she is the likely winner.

The voting favors Batiste, however, as many peers of his might side to vote him the winner over Eilish as one of the more loved individuals in music today. The story behind his song is also hard to ignore, something voters might also side with.

Eilish won this market two years ago, so voters might also feel it's a bit early to award her a second Best Song honor with Batiste's popularity and story. It's a long shot, but "Judas & the Black Messiah" hit this market at 25/1 a few years ago.

Best Film Editing odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Oppenheimer-800-480 🔥-1000   -1000 
Anatomy of a Fall+600+600 +550 ❄️+650 🔥
Killers of the Flower Moon+1400 +1300 ❄️+1600 +1600 
Poor Things+2000+1900+1600 ❄️+2500 🔥
The Holdovers+1600 +1900 🔥+1600+1400 ❄️

Best Film Editing prediction: Oppenheimer - This should be another easy layup for Nolan's movie, with the film editing being what pushed this movie above and beyond. Nolan edited this film for multiple theaters with specific projectors.

It's like getting a 100 on a school project but then getting bonus points for extra credit work. He earned some extra credit by taking the time to create different film edits for specific projectors and theaters across the world. If that isn't movie-making dedication, I don't know what is. 

Best Visual Effects odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

The Creator+100 +100 -110 ❄️ +105 🔥
Godzilla Minus One+100+100+100+105 🔥
Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3+800 +650 ❄️+1100+1100 
Napoleon+800+1000 🔥+800+700 ❄️
Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One+2500+2100 ❄️+5000 +5000 

Best Visual Effects prediction: Godzilla Minus One - This is a tight race, as "The Creator" is a suitable winner. My pick goes with the most fun movie I reviewed this year and that's "Godzilla Minus One".

Visual effects typically have practical and non-practical elements. What are those? Non-practical is mainly computer-generated visual effects, something Marvel movies thrive on. Practical isn't so much computer generated as it is handmade effects. 

The one movie that flawlessly incorporates both practical and computer generated (non-practical) visual effects is "Godzilla Minus One". All the other nominations do one or the other well, but not both. 

Best Animated Short odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

Letter to a Pig-225 ❄️ -210  -200-188 🔥
War Is Over!+200+250 🔥+180 +180
Ninety-Five Senses+600+750 🔥+600+700
Pachyderme+2000+1600 ❄️+2000+2000 
Our Uniform+2500+1900 ❄️+2500+4000 🔥

Best Live Action Short odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar-1000 ❄️-750 -750-700 🔥
The After+900 +1200 🔥+700 ❄️+1000
Red, White and Blue+1400+1200 ❄️ +1400+1600 🔥
Knight of Fortune+1800+2100 🔥+600 ❄️ +700
Invincible+1800+2100 🔥+1600 ❄️+1800

Best Live Action Short prediction: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar - This will be Wes Anderson's ticket to the show, and the likely winner as it was receiving Best Picture odds with DraftKings not long ago. 

Best Documentary Short odds 2024

(Odds as of Feb. 12)

The ABC's of Book Banning-250 ❄️-155-160-150 🔥
The Last Repair Shop+200+240 🔥+200 +200
Nai Nai & Wai Po+400 +430 🔥+275 ❄️ +320
The Barber of Little Rock+2500+2200 ❄️ +5000+6600 🔥
Island in Between+4000+2200 ❄️ +5000+6600 🔥

2023 Oscars betting results

CategoryOscar winnerOdds
Best PictureEverything Everywhere All At Once-2000
Best DirectorDaniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert-2000
Best ActorBrendan Fraser-278
Best ActressMichelle Yeoh-250
Best Supporting ActorKe Huy Quan-10000
Best Supporting ActressJamie Lee Curtis+110

How to bet on the Oscars

Odds for the 2024 Oscars are available at four of our best sports betting sites, and other books will begin providing them ahead of the ceremony. It's worth checking out our best sportsbook promos to see which bonus offers you can take advantage of when betting on the Oscars.

Once you've chosen your favorite of our best sportsbooks, navigate to the section that includes Oscars 2024 odds. It may be listed under Entertainment or can be found by searching "Oscars" at your preferred sportsbook.

DraftKings has its own "Academy Awards" section, where you'll find various betting markets available including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Lead Actor, and Best Lead Actress, among others. 

Review the odds for each award and consider factors such as past winners, the name value of a given nominee, and the release date of a film. This information can help inform your betting decisions. Once you've selected your bet, enter the stake amount (the amount of money you want to wager) and confirm your bet.

It's essential to remember that betting on the Oscars or any sports event involves risk. Set a budget for yourself and gamble responsibly. Go and watch some movies, and may your bet be a winning one!

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