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NFL Week 2 continues with a Sunday Night Football clash between the Chiefs and Ravens. The game is scheduled for an 8:20 PM ET kickoff. Approximately 82% of the betting action is coming in on the Ravens per the SBR Odds consensus wagering data. The odds widget below shows the latest point spread odds. View the Chiefs and Ravens matchup page for NFL Week 2.

Chiefs vs. Ravens: Sunday Night Football

So What Stands Out From the 2020-21 Season?

The two teams who met in the Super Bowl came from the top 5 in the betting with the Chiefs pre-season favorites and the Bucs taking heavy money with Brady going off as the 5th most likely according the Super Bowl odds from last preseason. The Chiefs suffered from offensive line issues and that cost them dearly in the final as the Bucs defense was schemed perfectly to contain Hill and Kelce while getting pressure on Mahomes at QB.

Tom Brady did enough on offense to win his 7th Super Bowl ring in his 10th appearance in the big game and it was two of the players who signed because he was there who got the scores from him, Rob Gronkowski with 2 and Antonio Brown with the other receiving score as the Bucs ran out 31-9 winners at a canter.

That’s the end of the season summed up, but there were a few other things to note – The Jaguars won the first game of the season against the Colts, before going on to lose the remaining 15 games and secure the #1 pick in the up-coming draft and it seems highly likely their new QB in Trevor Lawrence. – The Jets looked like they’d be the ones in position for Lawrence to replace Sam Darnold but a win in Week 15 against the Rams put them at the #2 pick and they tied that up by beating the Browns a week later.

The Steelers were the final unbeaten team in the league starting the season with 11 straight wins before luck caught up with them and they lost 4 of their last 5 games to stumble into the playoffs where they gave the Cleveland Browns their first playoff win since 1994.

For only the third time in NFL history there was a playoff with a losing record as the Washington Football Team took the NFC East title with 7 wins, in the process Alex Smith won Comeback player of the year after nearly dying after surgery from his leg break a couple of seasons earlier, on the other side of the ball for them Chase Young won DPOY.

Aaron Rodgers won regular season MVP after leading the league in TD passes, least INTs and QBR as the Packers went 13-3 for the second season in a row, while the OROY award went to Justin Herbert after an impressive season stepping in for the injured Tyrod Taylor and never looking back at the Chargers.

So that’s a very quick wrap up of the season that was. What can we expect for next season?

Super Bowl Odds for 2021-22

Unsurprisingly at this early stage the Chiefs and the Bucs lead the way in the betting with the Chiefs installed as the most likely to take back their crown according to the best bookmakers. I struggle to think of anyone on the AFC side who will challenge Mahomes and Reid, they strolled through the season and won 14 games without breaking sweat, at bigger odds the Bills should go close again, the Colts could be interesting depending who they get at QB after Philip Rivers retired.

The NFC side is a little tougher. The Rams have strengthened and look like they’re all-in with after trading away Goff and picking up Matthew Stafford. The Packers will be strong again with Rodgers, the 49ers suffered badly through injury, as did the Dallas Cowboys who should be better in their second season with their defensive co-ordinator. The Cowboys actually have the easiest schedule in 2021/22 when judged by their opponents wins from last season, it’s always stupid to buy-in on the Cowboys… but I probably will again anyway.

I don’t like the Saints for next year, Drew Brees retired and they’re WAY over the cap so cuts will have to be made, they’re well-coached but I think it will be too much. I wouldn’t bet on Seattle, it’s a tough division and Mr. Wilson doesn’t seem too happy at the moment.

There’s change coming in Pittsburgh with Big Ben. I don’t think they’ll make the postseason next year with or without Ben. I think the Dolphins are still a season or two away despite having draft capital and great coaching, there’s still a lot to do there. The Ravens need to step forward, they always beat up the poor teams and struggle against the better ones, that pattern needs to change for me to take them seriously as contenders.

So Who’s Winning Super Bowl 2022?

Short price; AFC – Chiefs, NFC – Rams

Longer prices; AFC - Colts, NFC - Cowboys

NFL Odds and Betting News

SBR’s Criteria for an NFL Sportsbook

When looking at sportsbooks, these categories simply matter the most when betting online.
- NFL Betting Lines, Odds, and Options
- New and Current customer bonus programs
- Easy to use interface
- Deposit and withdrawal options
- Trustworthiness
- Customer service
- Currencies and languages

On our list below, each sportsbook meets these criteria, therefore are the best NFL betting sites in 2020.

How to Sign up at a Sportsbook to Bet on the NFL

Looking at our list below, the sign-up process on all of these sites don’t take very long. To deposit money onto the account, you’re able to use anything from PayPal to Bitcoin.

These NFL betting sites will ask for information to confirm your identity. Once you’re confirmed, you will find welcome bonuses, deposits bonuses, first-time rebates, free bets and odds boosts at some respective NFL betting sites.

These sites are listed in alphabetical order. Each one of these sites fit our criteria from above. BetOnline is reported to give fast payouts while Bovada seems to have the most options in terms of wagers. YouWager is known for their big NFL bonuses and gives out very nice NFL odds on a weekly basis.

SBR uses a scale when looking at the top NFL betting sites. The scale weighs in on large betting limits, fast payouts, trustworthiness, bonuses, competitive odds, reduced juice, prop betting, and easy navigation when on the site.

How We Rank NFL Betting Sites


To be as transparent as possible, we’ve all been scammed before. It’s the worst feeling you will ever have. Getting scammed out of hard-earned money is the worst possible outcome. When depositing or betting on games, we don’t want you sweating during this process. Therefore, a trustworthy site is very important. You need to use a site that you know will take care of you and never scam you.

There are many sites that will ultimately look to scam you and steal your money and never pay out exact wagers or whatever else. The NFL betting sites we’ve listed are absolutely 100 percent trustworthy. It's crucial when you bet on NFL games that the online sportsbook is honest at all times when NFL betting.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Everyone loves an online site that pays out quickly. Again, you don’t want to sweat once you withdraw money from an account. You want to know that it’ll be coming without thinking you’re being scammed in the back of your mind.

These online sportsbooks make it fun when NFL betting. The only sweating is on your wager and not on the legitimacy of the site. These sites make it easy to deposit funds into your account so you can get right to wagering. These sites allow players to use Visa, Mastercard, ACH transfers, wire transfers, and Bitcoin and so much more. They also allow players who are more than just casual. The high rollers are allowed to put big wagers on games too. These sites allow anyone and everyone to participate as long as you’re of age.

The withdrawal methods are the same as the deposit options. These sites also allow in phone transfers, E-checks, and checks by mail if you don’t like the other options.

Every single one of these rated sites make sure to send payouts as instant as possible which is one reason why they’re at the top of our list.

Customer Service

When you’re in need of help, it’s always good to talk to someone who can help you with any questions or concerns you might have. Having top notch customer service with representatives that are helpful and knowledgeable is a must. We wouldn’t want to send you to a site that doesn’t offer solid customer service with people who don’t want to help or don’t know how to help customers.

These sites do an incredible job with customer service with knowledgeable representatives who are always available to answer questions and concerns regarding anything to do with the site, including deposits, withdrawals, betting questions and so forth.

Solid Design and Infrastructure

Believe it or not, having a well-designed website is a must for sportsbooks. If a customer logs onto the site and can’t find their wager quick enough, the site has failed. With these top-rated sites, it’s easy to find wagers and bet on the site quickly without making a mistake.

The site needs to have no confusion on which bet you’re supposed to take. We don’t want you making a quick wager and clicking the wrong button with a lot of money at stake. The sites that have a solid infrastructure are a must when looking at sports gambling options.

The site speed also matters. If you’re looking to live bet and you want to make a bet while the game is in place, lines will switch very quickly. Having a site that works fast and is easy to use is a must especially when trying to live bet in the NFL while games are taking place.

Is it Legal to Bet on the NFL in the US?

It’s very hard to understand the current situation when it comes to legally betting on sports in the United States. Of course, things have changed recently. To be clear, it is not illegal to place a bet on an NFL game through an online NFL betting site.

There are two different types of sites when it comes to betting on sports and in the NFL.

There are regulated sites and offshore sites. While the offshore sports betting sites have more experience with online betting, regulated sites are starting to soar in states where betting is legal. Offshore sites are currently based outside the United States, but they are still legal and are licensed within their respective jurisdictions.

Benefits of Online NFL Betting

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to online sports betting. For one, you don’t need to go to a casino. All you need to do is login to a sportsbook online and click a couple buttons to place a bet. Place a bet on your couch or from your office.

It's so much fun looking at NFL betting lines and watching them start to trend a different direction once you already took the bet. You can then see that the public is siding with you and it'll make you more confident when NFL betting. Finding a good sports books when betting is crucial to get the best NFL lines.

The difference is when you're at a brick-and-mortar betting site, you will only have one of the lines to choose from. At home, via a mobile phone, you can look at dozens of lines and find the best line for your sports wager. NFL betting is all about finding the best betting lines and NFL lines possible. You will find the top NFL site for you when doing this.

Then once you go through with the NFL season, you'll find that the book is very good for other sports and not just an NFL betting site. The website will have plenty of other sports to choose from in terms of betting lines including NFL betting lines. The NFL lines and other sports lines will help you decide which NFL betting site is best for you. If you like wagering on other sports as well, you will see that the NFL betting site can give you value during the off-season when you choose other sports like MLB and NBA.

Your Personal Mobile Betting Site

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a brick-and-mortar site to place bets nearby. That’s why people who aren’t close to a casino will use mobile betting sites to have that same betting experience. There’s nothing like betting NFL on a Sunday from your mobile device and watching with some buddies on your big screen TV.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can place a bet. That makes it pretty easy because no matter where you go, unless you’re in a very bad receptive area, you can place a bet.

Mobile sites never close down and are available every single minute of every day for you to deposit, withdraw, or make a bet. There will be times when regulated sites are down for maintenance but these sites choose the times where there’s not much action taking place in the sports world. For example, these sportsbooks will choose to run maintenance checks at 5am EST with everyone in America sleeping.

When you think that you might know something about an NFL game, you can simply pick up your phone and bet a live outcome. If a team is huddling, you can select if the team will score next, win the half or win the entire game. It’s all up to you and your thumb.

Infusions of Bonus Cash

Sites that are safe and legitimate usually always offer bonuses for first-time sign-ups. NFL bettors love these sign-up bonus offers that are usually tied to the amount of the initial deposit. Most sites give a wide range of bonuses with the maximum welcome bonuses being anywhere from $250 to $1000.

Some sites will offer an initial risk-free bet as an additional promotion for their first-time customer. Each site varies in what is offered promotionally but the top sites, especially for the NFL, all have fantastic bonuses and promotions throughout the NFL season. Some sites even agree to give reload bonuses for customers that aren’t winning very much throughout their time on the site. If a sportsbook sees that you’ve deposited many times into their book without winning, a reload bonus could be coming your way on some of these sites.

The NFL betting sites that are recommended all feature some type of bonus where you can open an account and win money immediately to get your NFL betting starter. You will need to take advantage of these offers by simply making an account of these sportsbooks and deposit money. Once you do that, you’ll see plenty of rewards for doing something so simple.

You Can Shop for Odds

If you’ve never heard of the term, shopping for odds, we’ll break it down for you here. Shopping for odds is looking for the best value on your bet. If you’re betting the Kansas City Chiefs to win, you want to make the most money possible on your bet.

If you see a sportsbook offering the Chiefs at -250 but another at -225, you’re going to want to take the -225 as you will win more money on your investment if the Chiefs win that game.

The NFL betting site with the better odds will be the site that you'll want to use in the future. It's more than likely that this site will have better odds for all sports and not just the NFL. You can find solid odds on other sports like MLB and NBA.

Betting History at Your Fingertips

If you are looking to make NFL bets on a weekly basis, we recommend that you have some bankroll management. You should wager within your limits and never wager money you can’t afford to lose. Also make sure to track your progress so that you know where you stand. It’s never good to chase after losing. Sometimes in the NFL, it’s better to just take a loss on the chin and move on to the following week.

This is another reason why betting mobile can be better. When having paper slips, it’s harder to manage money with many different slips. Online, the slips are all in one place and it’s impossible to lose the slips.

Online NFL Betting Options

There are so many NFL betting options to choose from. You can just look at taking the NFL spread, money lines or overs and unders, or you can look at player props and much more exotic types of bets.

Straight Bets Against the Point Spread

This is the most standard way of betting in the NFL. At most books, you will be able to place point spread wagers at the NFL betting websites like we’ve mentioned above at the standard odds of -110 on either side. If a sportsbook has odds juiced above -110, you should look for a book that doesn’t juice odds as you’re getting poor value in those spots.

It should be known that sportsbooks do not like taking gambles. They know that if each bet is taken the same amount at -110, that they’ll make a profit regardless of who wins.

Sportsbooks aren’t trying to beat the players. They just want a balanced playing field when it comes to betting the spread so they can guarantee money.

Moneyline Bets

Another big NFL bet is the moneyline wager. That means the team must win the game outright and there are no spread points. For example, the San Francisco 49ers might be -400 favorites while the Seattle Seahawks would be a +300 underdog. It’s hard for anyone to lay $400 on the 49ers to win just $100 no matter how big of a favorite they are. There are some people who are okay with doing this.

If you win on the plus side, you would win incredible value. If you have analysis that backs an underdog in the NFL, there’s more than likely solid value in that spot.

Totals Wagering

This bet is pretty self-explanatory. You’re wagering on the total of the game between both teams. In the NFL we’ve seen many different types of games. We’ve seen fantastic offensive battles and defensive showdowns. You can bet the over or the under, and the odds are balanced at -110 on either option. Again, if this is not the case at your sportsbook, make sure to shop your odds and find another book that doesn’t juice the odds.

Parlay Bets

People love making parlays on Sunday’s. All looks good at 12:59pm EST. But by 4pm, many parlays are already finished while some are still good. The sites mentioned above are very good for parlay bets in the NFL. People will always want to invest a small amount to win a lot. Just like the lottery. SBR has a popular video on betting parlays in the NFL on the BR Sports Picks YouTube page.

NFL Teaser Bets

Another interesting betting option is a teaser bet. People love to use teaser bets because this makes things much easier when it becomes game time. You get additional points in your favor when you bet a teaser of around 6, 6.5, 7, or 7.5 points. If your team loses by two touchdowns as a seven-point underdog but you have an additional 7.5 points, you would still win the bet.

You are able to tease sides and tease totals at the online sportsbooks that were mentioned.

Halftime Bets and Live Wagering

Halftime bets are a complete reset. The game is 0-0 to start the second half and you must pick who’s going to win. You can also live wager during the game. This isn’t a reset and correlates to the actual game and score at that particular time.

Online NFL Futures Betting

These sportsbooks also carry NFL Futures betting. A futures bet is a wager on a team to win a Super Bowl. There are odds to win division championships, conference championships, and the Super Bowl.

Futures bets can be extremely fun to root for throughout the season and we recommend making one at the beginning of the season to enjoy the experience.

Proposition Bets

Prop bets are offered on all NFL games at the top betting sites for 2020. These are wagers in the game, inside the game. You can get throwing yards, passing touchdowns, rushing touchdowns and receiving touchdowns for a single player. You can even bet how many field goals will be made in the game or other wild props.

Bet the Super Bowl Online

The Super Bowl is the best event in the world. If you’re not watching the Super Bowl, you’re not human. It’s basically one of the first holidays of the year, except that it’s not actually a holiday. There are extremely ridiculous prop bets that can be bet on using the sportsbooks above. A popular one is the coin toss before the game and taking the over/under on the national anthem. People will bet things that aren’t even a part of the game without any analysis to back it up. That’s why it’s so wild.

Of course, there will be plenty of promotions for Super Bowl Sunday and these websites will always have something in store for their customers. Make sure to shop around to all different sites to find the best deals for the bets you’re looking to make.

Take a deep dive into NFL betting

NFL Betting Odds

Enjoy Using the Best NFL Betting Sites

Many fans who don’t bet don’t understand the experience that comes with betting. Finding the right NFL betting sites is crucial when betting at a sportsbook. It doesn't matter what sports you're betting on. It’s one thing to have a favorite team or player. It’s another thing to bet a team and root for a team that you didn’t grow up caring for or any of that.

When betting, you get a lot of entertainment, with plenty of interest in the outcome of the NFL game.

Instead of peaking at the screen here and there, you’re locked in hoping to win your bet. If you win, it was a great day. If you lose, you spend three hours keeping yourself busy with entertainment.

You will see that many people unfamiliar with betting on the NFL will say that it’s a waste of money and a waste of time. But if you make educated bets and have a strategy in place, if you end up losing, it won’t be much more than a regular day out anyway.

You just need to place wagers on sites that you trust. You have to know that offshore sites will pay out and pay out quickly. You have to know that these sportsbooks have all the games and don’t juice the lines in sports gambling. NFL football betting is tons of fun when you only need to sweat the outcome of the game and not the logistics of the site.

Our list exceeds our standards and we recommend each site listed above as a site where you will be a happy customer.

Our websites that are highly ranked for NFL Football betting make it easy to deposit funds and withdraw money when wanted. The turnaround times are fast and the transactions are smooth throughout the process. An NFL betting site must be able to do these things and also have knowledge representatives when people do run into a problem.

When you’re able to receive large sign-up bonuses and are given promotional opportunities when a customer, you know the site cares for each and every person who signs up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are These NFL Betting Websites Safe to Use?

YES. The online sportsbooks that we recommend have had raving reviews from people who have used the site before. We’ve rated these sportsbooks as the top NFL sportsbooks in the world in our rating system.

What Bonuses are Available for NFL Betting?

Every site has their own sportsbook bonus and promotion offers. Most websites will give a risk-free bet for your first bet or give bonus money after making your first deposit. As a long-time customer, you will likely get rewards depending on how active you are on the site along with how much you put on each game in the online sportsbook.

Do NFL Sportsbooks Have Minimum and Maximum Bet Amounts?

The minimum that each site allows on their site is $1 or $2. Sometimes, prop wagers will only be able to be maxed out at $500 or $1,000. Some websites will accept multi-thousand bets but you will have to reach out to customer service before placing the wager.

Why Do NFL Odds Vary at Online Betting Sites?

We talked about making sure you don’t bet on juiced odds. The reality is that NFL betting websites are competing with one another to get you to bet on their book. The hope is that they can get public money on one side to even it out. Oddsmakers on these NFL websites do what they can to make sure they get equal amount on both sides. That’s why it’s important to line shop when betting on the NFL. Going through our top sportsbooks should help you find some really good deals.

How Do These Football Betting Websites Make Money?

We talked about this earlier. When a game is -110 on both sides and there’s an equal amount of money going in on each side, the sportsbook is guaranteed to make money off the lines.

Do These Football Betting Websites Allow Live Wagering on NFL Games?

Yes. If you’re using a site that doesn’t allow live wagering, you should pick up and leave and find a site that does. NFL in-play betting is becoming much more popular. Every sportsbook that wants to remain competitive and will have to offer live-betting if that’s their goal.

When is the Best Time to Place my NFL Bets Online?

The opening and closing lines can be drastically different. Before you make a bet, make sure you’ve taken all things into account in terms of injuries, weather, or whatever else. We’d recommend making a bet later in the week in the NFL and not right when the lines open up.