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Refillable Gatorade bottles are seen being carried as we look at the 2025 Super Bowl Gatorade Color props.
Refillable Gatorade bottles are seen being carried prior to the game between the Carolina Panthers and the Green Bay Packers. Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images via AFP.

Gatorade prop bets are wildly popular at our best Super Bowl betting sites and will start showing up as we get much closer to the 2025 Super Bowl, but in the meantime we have you covered with what prop bets you may expect to see and the history of the tradition below.

It's not quite the halftime show, but who doesn't enjoy seeing the winning coach get doused with a bucket of sugary liquid? As the Big Game wraps up, all eyes will turn to the winning coach to see what color his Gatorade bath might be.

For the second straight season, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid took a purple bath.

It's one of the most popular party props that can be found at our best NFL betting sites, but it will come much closer to kickoff of Super Bowl 59. With that said, some odds for next year's Big Game are already available, such as the 2025 Super Bowl Odds that allow you to make your best Super Bowl prediction — well before the draft and free agency.

Let's have a look at where things wrapped up for Gatorade props at the end of the 2024 season.

2024 Super Bowl Gatorade color prop closing odds

(Odds updated Feb. 11)

Super Bowl 2024 Gatorade color props were available across most of our best sports betting apps ahead of the big game. This is a snapshot of where the odds closed up on Super Bowl Sunday.

ColorDraftKingsFanDuelBetMGM (Ontario)bet365
Purple+200+135 ❄️+275 🔥+150
Yellow/Green+500 +650+375 ❄️ +750  🔥
Orange+300 ❄️+390 +325 +450 🔥
Blue+400+460 🔥+375 +200 ❄️
Red/Pink+275 ❄️+600+400 +800 🔥
Water/Clear+900+750 ❄️+1100 🔥+1000 
No Gatorade Bath+1200 ❄️OFF+2000 +2000

The odds bounced around quite a bit throughout the week leading up to kickoff, with the winning color - purple - ultimately landing as the favorite at DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM Ontario, and bet365.

FanDuel saw a huge shift in odds for purple hitting a day before the Super Bowl, jumping from +390 to +150, then down to +135. bet365 also saw purple shorten to +150 as the favorite. 

Other potential Gatorade props

Here are some other Gatorade props that will be available for the 2025 Super Bowl next February.

Position of player to pour liquid on winning coach

Both offensive & defensive+350

Will the liquid be poured on the winning coach before the end of the game?

Before end of game?Odds

Super Bowl Gatorade color history

Part of what makes the Super Bowl Gatorade color prop so intriguing is that, historically, there hasn't been a real front-runner.

A great way to determine the possible color of Gatorade is to watch the NFC and AFC Championship games, as the winning team will almost certainly dump something on their head coach. 

Here's a breakdown of the color of the winning coach's Gatorade shower over the years:

GameWinning TeamColor
Super Bowl 21New York GiantsOrange
Super Bowl 25New York GiantsClear
Super Bowl 28Dallas CowboysClear
Super Bowl 29San Francisco 49ersClear
Super Bowl 30Dallas CowboysClear
Super Bowl 35Baltimore RavensYellow
Super Bowl 36New England PatriotsNone
Super Bowl 37Tampa Bay BuccaneersPurple
Super Bowl 38New England PatriotsNone
Super Bowl 39New England PatriotsClear
Super Bowl 40Pittsburgh SteelersClear
Super Bowl 41Indianapolis ColtsClear
Super Bowl 42New York GiantsClear
Super Bowl 43Pittsburgh SteelersYellow
Super Bowl 44New Orleans SaintsOrange
Super Bowl 45Green Bay PackersOrange
Super Bowl 46New York GiantsPurple
Super Bowl 47Baltimore RavensNone
Super Bowl 48Seattle SeahawksOrange
Super Bowl 49New England PatriotsBlue
Super Bowl 50Denver BroncosOrange
Super Bowl 51New England PatriotsNone
Super Bowl 52Philadelphia EaglesYellow
Super Bowl 53New England PatriotsBlue
Super Bowl 54Kansas City ChiefsOrange
Super Bowl 55Tampa Bay BuccaneersBlue
Super Bowl 56Los Angeles RamsBlue
Super Bowl 57Kansas City ChiefsPurple
Super Bowl 58Kansas City ChiefsPurple

Except for a few years, we've witnessed most winning coaches getting drenched in Gatorade after most Super Bowls since the tradition started in 1987 at Super Bowl 21. Since Super Bowl 35, with the exception of a few years with curmudgeon Bill Belichick, nearly every coach has taken the Gatorade bath.

Let's take a look at the breakdown of winning Super Bowl Gatorade baths by color:

  • Clear: 8
  • Orange: 6
  • Blue: 4
  • None: 4
  • Purple: 4
  • Yellow: 3

Super Bowl Gatorade color betting tips

There's only so much you can do to improve your chances here, but there are some things to consider if you want to give yourself even a sliver of an edge:

  • Consider following beat writers from both Super Bowl teams in the days leading up to the game. They might either address the Gatorade topic with their own knowledge of the subject (based on their proximity to the team), or it might come up during one of their interviews.
  • Make note of any color match potential that exists with the Super Bowl finalists.
  • If you're still in doubt, go with blue! Not only has it been the winning color three out of the past five years, but it also happens to be the best-selling Gatorade flavor overall.

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