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Anytime touchdown scorer predictions based on the best NFL odds are always some of the most popular bets at our best Super Bowl betting sites.

There's a special thrill tied to a touchdown bet cashing while you watch the Big Game. And as part of the Super Bowl odds being offered, our best sports betting sites annually post a deep touchdown betting menu.

The most popular bet is on an anytime touchdown. But there's also the first touchdown market, and the two-plus or three-plus touchdown options.

Bettors get plenty of avenues for their NFL picks, but it's key to remember that in all cases wagers reward you for correctly picking the player who crosses the goal line with the ball in his hands. Passing touchdowns don't qualify - unless the player were to catch his own pass, a la Lamar Jackson in the AFC Championship Game.

Let's explore the market while using the results from Super Bowl 58 for examples.

Super Bowl anytime touchdown scorer

This is the most popular touchdown market on any given regular-season week, and even more so prior to the Super Bowl.

There was an opportunity through DraftKings in 2024 to wager on a Super Bowl anytime touchdown scorer well before the matchup was even set. DraftKings posted the market at the beginning of the 2024 playoffs. Cleary caution was needed, as wagering correctly on a touchdown scorer is tough at the best of times, and significantly more difficult when 14 teams were involved.

But even a small sprinkle on Christian McCaffrey then would have led to a far better payout than where his final odds landed. Those odds are listed below, and despite Super Bowl 58 being a relatively high-scoring game at 25-22 and the Over potentially cashing or pushing depending on your sportsbook, McCaffrey was the only player in the top 10 on the oddsboard who scored.

The other touchdown scorers were Mecole Hardman, who caught the game-winning touchdown toss in overtime, along with Jauan Jennings and Marquez-Valdes Scantling. The game featured a combined seven field goals.

Christian McCaffrey-220 -220 -208 🔥-230 ❄️-225
Isiah Pacheco-120-120 -125 ❄️-120-120
Travis Kelce-105+100 🔥-105-110-120 ❄️
Deebo Samuel+135 +150 🔥+140+140 +125 ❄️
Rashee Rice+130 ❄️+145 🔥+135 +135 +140
Brandon Aiyuk+165 ❄️+170+175 +170 +175
George Kittle+180+190 🔥+175 ❄️+180+187
Patrick Mahomes+400 +450 🔥+400+420+400
Clyde Edwards-Helaire+550 ❄️+650+600+600+650 
Brock Purdy+650+850 🔥+650+800+600 ❄️

Super Bowl first touchdown scorer odds

The first touchdown market is inherently volatile, and should always be approached with a recreational play in mind. But if you're dabbling for a bit of entertainment, there's plenty of fun to be had here while you watch the Super Bowl and hope everything breaks right for your selection to score first.

Of course, this market also comes with far more appealing odds. For example, McCaffrey was getting -208 odds to score an anytime touchdown in Super Bowl 58, but he cashed at +400 odds while scoring the first touchdown of the game on a 21-yard catch and run off a trick play in the second quarter.

To score 2+ touchdowns in the Super Bowl

All of our best sports betting apps typically post multiple-touchdown odds too. That means wagering on a player to score at least two touchdowns.

McCaffrey achieved that feat seven times during the 2023-24 regular season and playoffs, including a four-touchdown outburst against the Arizona Cardinals during Week 4. That's why he was easily the front-runner in this market prior to Super Bowl 58 while getting +235 odds. No one else was below +400.

To score 3+ touchdowns

Bettors should note that all of our best sportsbooks also usually offer a market for players to score 3+ touchdowns. The order of the listing closely mirrors the multi-touchdown oddsboard, but with considerably higher odds on each player.

It's a market best avoided due to very low likelihood.

Super Bowl touchdown scorer history

Here's a look at the previous 10 Super Bowl first touchdown scorers:

  • Super Bowl 58: RB, Christian McCaffrey, San Francisco 49ers
  • Super Bowl 57: QB Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Super Bowl 56: WR Odell Beckham Jr., Los Angeles Rams
  • Super Bowl 55: TE Rob Gronkowski, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Super Bowl 54: QB Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Super Bowl 53: RB Sony Michel, New England Patriots
  • Super Bowl 52: WR Alshon Jeffery, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Super Bowl 51: RB Devonta Freeman, Atlanta Falcons
  • Super Bowl 50: DT Malik Jackson, Denver Broncos
  • Super Bowl 49: WR Brandon LaFell, New England Patriots

While it's not predictive by any means, it's interesting that a different position has recorded the first touchdown in four straight Super Bowls.

In case you're wondering whether there's a positional edge in terms of anytime touchdown scorers, here's a position-by-position breakdown of every touchdown scored in the previous 10 Super Bowls:

Super Bowl 58Chiefs 25, 49ers 2201300
Super Bowl 57Chiefs 38, Eagles 3531311
Super Bowl 56Rams 23, Bengals 2000500
Super Bowl 55Buccaneers 31, Chiefs 901120
Super Bowl 54Chiefs 31, 49ers 2014010
Super Bowl 53Patriots 13, Rams 301000
Super Bowl 52Eagles 41, Patriots 3313230
Super Bowl 51Patriots 34, Falcons 2805111
Super Bowl 50Broncos 24, Panthers 1002001
Super Bowl 49Patriots 28, Seahawks 2401510

Longest touchdown prop bets

Making a longest touchdown prop bet is a 50-50 proposition. The sportsbook posts a yardage number, and you can bet that the longest TD will come in higher or lower than that number.

Bear in mind that all touchdowns count toward the longest TD prop market – even special teams (kick or punt return) touchdowns and defensive (fumble or interception return) scores.

Here's a breakdown of the longest touchdowns from the last 10 Super Bowls:

GameLongest TDScorer
Super Bowl 5821 yardsRB Christian McCaffrey
Super Bowl 5745 yardsWR A.J. Brown
Super Bowl 5675 yardsWR Tee Higgins
Super Bowl 5527 yardsRB Leonard Fournette
Super Bowl 5438 yardsRB Damien Williams
Super Bowl 532 yardsRB Sony Michel
Super Bowl 5234 yardsWR Alshon Jeffery
Super Bowl 5182 yardsDB Robert Alford
Super Bowl 502 yardsRB C.J. Anderson
Super Bowl 4922 yardsTE Rob Gronkowski

Good luck handicapping this one. Over just the past 10 Super Bowls alone, we've seen a range of 80 yards (!) between longest scores, with a two-yard score representing the longest TD in two different Super Bowls over that span.

Shortest touchdown prop bets

You can also find shortest Super Bowl touchdown props. If you're curious about why the odds are low for a one-yard score, it's because we've witnessed a significant number of such scores in recent Super Bowl history.

Prior to Super Bowl 58, two-thirds of the previous 21 NFL championship games included a one-yard score. There have been 19 one-yard touchdowns over that stretch, which also includes two from Super Bowl 57. Super Bowl 58 didn't feature one, but Hardman's game-clinching score didn't miss by much. He scored from three yards out.

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