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GLENDALE, ARIZONA - FEBRUARY 12: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles carries the ball past Khalen Saunders #99 of the Kansas City Chiefs during the fourth quarter in Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium on February 12, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona. Sarah Stier/Getty Images/AFP

A sack doesn’t always have the same momentum-shifting impact as an interception or fumble recovery – but it can still be the difference between the opposing team scoring, and the ball returning to the good guys' hands. Super Bowl sack prop bets have become a staple at all of the best sportsbooks, and they’re also one of the most popular Super Bowl prop bets available.

Most bettors spend more time studying the Super Bowl odds than focusing on secondary prop markets like sacks. But wins are wins in the betting world, no matter how you come by them – and there are plenty of markets for those who like defensive-minded prop bets.

The majority of notable sports betting sites have capitalized on the steadily growing popularity of Super Bowl sack odds, expanding beyond just one or two must-have markets and providing customers with plenty of selection.

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Super Bowl sacks props

Player to record most sacks

Bettors don't have to wrinkle their brains figuring out this market. Simply select the player you think will record the most sacks in the Super Bowl – and if you're correct, you win.

Sacks were at a premium in Super Bowl 57, with Kansas City recording two and the Eagles failing to record any. Leo Chenal and Khalen Saunders had the game's only sacks.

Super Bowl sacks Over/Under

Bettors will have three main Super Bowl sack prop totals at their disposal at the majority of sportsbooks: Each individual team's sack number, and then the combined sack tally.

Super Bowl 57 saw the Under dominate the board; the two combined sacks fell well short of the consensus total of 5.5, while the Chiefs and Eagles both cashed the U2.5 on their team totals.

That result ran in stark contrast to how the teams fared during the regular season. Philadelphia set a team record with a whopping 70 sacks in 17 games – 15 more than runner-up Kansas City.

Most sacks/first sack

It isn't just about predicting whether both Super Bowl defenses will make life miserable for the opposing quarterbacks – it's which team will do it better.

The Chiefs converted the double here by recording the only two sacks of the game. And the Eagles getting shut out marked just the third time in the past 13 Super Bowls that a team has finished with zero quarterback takedowns –  cashing the "No" on "Both teams to finish with at least one sack," which was priced at +550 on DraftKings.

Super Bowl "to record a sack" odds

Super Bowl team sack props are fun and all, but there's something extra-special about targeting one specific defensive player and watching with glee as he sends the opposing QB sprawling.

Sack bettors went home mostly disappointed following Super Bowl 57, with none of the top 12 betting options coming through with a single QB takedown.

This outcome also had a major negative impact on the "Player to record first sack" market, with none of the favourites coming through. The "No Sack" option on the "Player to record first Eagles sack" list did, however, pay a handsome +650 for anyone who took the plunge.

What are Super Bowl sacks?

What's a sack? In straightforward terms, it's a tackle made on a quarterback behind the line of scrimmage while the quarterback still has the ball.

Sacks can happen when the quarterback is standing in the pocket or when they're on the run. A player isn't credited with a sack if they tackle a quarterback who's considered to be trying to rush forward. In that situation, the quarterback gets negative rushing yards but doesn't get a sack counted against them.

(Little-known fact: Before they were coined "sacks" in the 1960s, they were referred to by the NFL stat office as "dumps". Do with that info what you will.)

Super Bowl sack history

It isn't the first category people peruse when taking a look at the final Super Bowl box score, but there's plenty of valuable stuff in the sacks column if you're looking to do a little homework prior to making your wagers.

Here's a look at the year-by-year Super Bowl sack totals:

GameResultTotal Sacks
Super Bowl 1Packers 35, Chiefs 109 (Packers 6, Chiefs 3)
Super Bowl 2Packers 33, Raiders 147 (Raiders 4, Packers 3)
Super Bowl 3Jets 16, Colts 72 (Colts 2, Jets 0)
Super Bowl 4Chiefs 23, Vikings 76 (Vikings 3, Chiefs 3)
Super Bowl 5Colts 16, Cowboys 132 (Colts 2, Cowboys 0)
Super Bowl 6Cowboys 24, Dolphins 33 (Dolphins 2, Cowboys 1)
Super Bowl 7Dolphins 14, Washington 74 (Dolphins 2, Washington 2)
Super Bowl 8Dolphins 24, Vikings 73 (Miami 2, Minnesota 1)
Super Bowl 9Steelers 16, Vikings 62 (Vikings 2, Steelers 0)
Super Bowl 10Steelers 21, Cowboys 179 (Steelers 7, Cowboys 2)
Super Bowl 11Raiders 32, Vikings 143 (Vikings 2, Raiders 1)
Super Bowl 12Cowboys 27, Broncos 109 (Broncos 5, Cowboys 4)
Super Bowl 13Steelers 35, Cowboys 319 (Steelers 5, Cowboys 4)
Super Bowl 14Steelers 31, Rams 194 (Steelers 4, Rams 0)
Super Bowl 15Raiders 27, Eagles 101 (Eagles 1, Raiders 0)
Super Bowl 1649ers 26, Bengals 216 (49ers 5, Bengals 1)
Super Bowl 17Washington 27, Dolphins 174 (Dolphins 3, Washington 1)
Super Bowl 18Raiders 38, Washington 98 (Raiders 6, Washington 2)
Super Bowl 1949ers 38, Dolphins 165 (49ers 4, Dolphins 1)
Super Bowl 20Bears 46, Patriots 1010 (Bears 7, Patriots 3)
Super Bowl 21Giants 39, Broncos 205 (Giants 4, Broncos 1)
Super Bowl 22Washington 42, Broncos 107 (Washington 5, Broncos 2)
Super Bowl 2349ers 20, Bengals 168 (49ers 5, Bengals 3)
Super Bowl 2449ers 55, Broncos 107 (49ers 6, Broncos 1)
Super Bowl 25Giants 20, Bills 193 (Bills 2, Giants 1)
Super Bowl 26Washington 37, Bills 245 (Washington 5, Bills 0)
Super Bowl 27Cowboys 52, Bills 175 (Cowboys 4, Bills 1)
Super Bowl 28Cowboys 30, Bills 135 (Cowboys 3, Bills 2)
Super Bowl 2949ers 49, Chargers 265 (Chargers 3, 49ers 2)
Super Bowl 30Cowboys 27, Steelers 176 (Cowboys 4, Steelers 2)
Super Bowl 31Packers 35, Patriots 2110 (Packers 5, Patriots 5)
Super Bowl 32Broncos 31, Packers 241 (Broncos 1, Packers 0)
Super Bowl 33Broncos 34, Falcons 192 (Broncos 2, Falcons 0)
Super Bowl 34Rams 23, Titans 162 (Rams 1, Titans 1)
Super Bowl 35Ravens 34, Giants 77 (Ravens 4, Giants 3)
Super Bowl 36Patriots 20, Rams 175 (Patriots 3, Rams 2)
Super Bowl 37Buccaneers 48, Raiders 215 (Buccaneers 5, Raiders 0)
Super Bowl 38Patriots 32, Panthers 294 (Patriots 4, Panthers 0)
Super Bowl 39Patriots 24, Eagles 216 (Patriots 4, Eagles 2)
Super Bowl 40 Steelers 21, Seahawks 104 (Steelers 3, Seahawks 1)
Super Bowl 41Colts 29, Bears 172 (Colts 1, Bears 1)
Super Bowl 42Giants 17, Patriots 148 (Giants 5, Patriots 3)
Super Bowl 43Steelers 27, Cardinals 234 (Steelers 2, Cardinals 2)
Super Bowl 44Saints 31, Colts 171 (Colts 1, Saints 0)
Super Bowl 45Packers 31, Steelers 254 (Steelers 3, Packers 1)
Super Bowl 46Giants 21, Patriots 175 (Patriots 3, Giants 2)
Super Bowl 47Ravens 34, 49ers 315 (Ravens 3, 49ers 2)
Super Bowl 48Seahawks 43, Broncos 81 (Seahawks 1, Broncos 0)
Super Bowl 49Patriots 28, Seahawks 244 (Patriots 3, Seahawks 1)
Super Bowl 50 Broncos 24, Panthers 1012 (Broncos 7, Panthers 5)
Super Bowl 51Patriots 34, Falcons 2810 (Patriots 5, Falcons 5)
Super Bowl 52Eagles 41, Patriots 331 (Eagles 1, Patriots 0)
Super Bowl 53Patriots 13, Rams 35 (Patriots 4, Rams 1)
Super Bowl 54Chiefs 31, 49ers 205 (49ers 4, Chiefs 1)
Super Bowl 55Buccaneers 31, Chiefs 94 (Buccaneers 3, Chiefs 1)
Super Bowl 56Rams 23, Bengals 209 (Rams 7, Bengals 2)
Super Bowl 57Chiefs 38, Eagles 352 (Chiefs 2, Eagles 0)

(Stats courtesy Pro Football Reference)

Here are a few interesting trends to pull from this list:

  • The team that wins the sack battle is 36-14 straight up in Super Bowl history; there have been seven instances where the teams have finished tied in sacks.
  • Super Bowl-winning teams have averaged 3.19 sacks per game as of 2023, while the losing team averages just 1.89 sacks.
  • Not surprisingly, teams that fail to record a sack in the Super Bowl are just 5-11 SU.

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