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Nick Bosa of the San Francisco 49ers celebrates a sack with Javon Hargrave of the San Francisco 49ers during the third quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars as we look at our Super Bowl 2024 parlay.
Nick Bosa of the San Francisco 49ers celebrates a sack with Javon Hargrave of the San Francisco 49ers during the third quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images/AFP.

Following the Super Bowl 2024 matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, we're looking at how to bet Super Bowl parlays and SGP wagers using the best NFL odds from our best Super Bowl betting sites.

For the second time in five seasons, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, and those two teams are the favorites by the latest Super Bowl odds to win it all in 2025.

It's a little early to put together a specific same-game parlay (SGP) for next year's Big Game, but we're taking a look at the best way to build a Super Bowl parlay with our NFL betting sites with an example of a potential SGP from Super Bowl 58.

How Super Bowl parlays work

The process for building a Super Bowl parlay is the same as how to bet on parlays for any other game. By combining multiple wagers into one parlay slip, you increase your odds and potential payout. The risk, of course, is the entire bet is lost if one leg fails.

The difference this time of year is the sheer volume of odds and available wagers among our best NFL parlay betting sites, which offer thousands of potential bets to string together into one parlay slip. That gives you plenty of options to put together an SGP based on what you expect to happen on Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl parlay strategy

Typically, parlays aren't the recommended approach when making your NFL picks. The incredible risk involved makes them far too risky, and that doesn't change ahead of the Super Bowl. However, creating your parlay slip can be a fun way to add an extra stake to your pre-existing wagers or chase a big profit if your "Super Bowl script" goes according to plan.

What does that entail? To maximize value on a Same Game Parlay (SGP), which considers correlation to determine the final price, it is crucial to visualize the entire game scenario of the matchup and identify optimal betting opportunities. This approach helps maintain focus when assembling a high-risk bet.

If you've never bet a parlay before, be sure to check out our guide on how to bet on the NFL before putting together your first NFL parlay or SGP.

Building a Super Bowl parlay

The key thing to remember when building a Super Bowl parlay: If one bet loses, your entire ticket is graded as a loser. That's the risk when trying to put together a winning ticket, and it's why the odds increase with every subsequent wager added.

Unlike a parlay that includes bets from different games, building an SGP for the Super Bowl allows you to strong together "correlated" outcomes - bets that could influence the results of another bet. While your odds almost always increase when adding more legs to a parlay, sportsbooks will often limit the boost for combining correlated outcomes.

Here's an example for Super Bowl 58 featuring George Kittle and Christian McCaffrey of the 49ers.

Kittle scoring and McCaffrey producing well enough on the ground to approach 100 yards would clearly be correlated as part of a parlay, and that would make a nice contribution to the Over on 47.5 total points hitting.

However, if we make the slightest tweak and change one leg to McCaffrey going Under the same number, there's no longer a correlated game script, and the odds would have risen from +460 to +700 as a result.

Super Bowl Sgp Again

Always consider multiple options when building a Super Bowl SGP, as you may be adding more risk than it's worth depending on which bets you combine into one parlay slip.

Super Bowl parlay betting strategies

As we've mentioned a few times, parlays are best viewed as entertainment, not for maximizing your expected value on any given wager.

That said, not every parlay ends up being graded a loser, and there are ways to increase the potential value of your parlay slip ahead of the Big Game. Here are a few Super Bowl betting strategies we'd recommend following as you build your Super Bowl SGP:

Check out our parlay calculator

In addition to our guide on how to bet parlays, our parlay calculator will help you determine whether the bet you're looking to make is being offered at fair odds from our best sports betting sites.

Don't take that for granted. Because the calculation for parlay odds can be complicated, many sportsbooks try to offer odds that are skewed in their favor, knowing that many bettors won't know the difference. That's why we'd highly recommend plugging in your preferred wager into our calculator before submitting your parlay slip.

Put together a Super Bowl script

No, we aren't talking about the "NFL script," which is surely not worth considering when making your parlay bets. Rather, it can be useful to think through the possible game script for the Super Bowl before putting together your parlay slip.

For example, if you think the Super Bowl will be a high-scoring affair with plenty of passing for both sides, it could be worth parlaying the Over with the passing yardage props for each quarterback. Conversely, if you think it'll be a grind-it-out affair, take a look at the running back props and string those together with the Under for each team's scoring totals.

In reality, every outcome on the football field is related. Figuring out how one outcome might affect another is the best way to find value that isn't fully accounted for by our best sports betting apps and to get the most out of your SGP.

Know the house rules

This is easily the most overlooked part of parlay betting, but it's arguably the most important. Know how your preferred sportsbook will grade your parlay slip in the case of a voided leg.

Some of our best sportsbooks will simply remove that leg and recalculate the odds for the rest of your parlay slip. Others will grade the entire parlay slip as a loser, which means you'd lose your bet even without betting on a losing outcome.

This isn't just a far-fetched doomsday scenario, either. If you place a bet on anyone who is inactive, or even if one of your wagers is graded as a "push" - which is a risk for any bet with a whole number - you could be on the hook for a losing bet altogether. Be sure to read the fine print anytime you're betting an SGP with a new sportsbook.

Shop around for the best odds

This should be common knowledge by now if you follow our advice regularly, as we are always preaching the value of shopping around to get the best odds. That's core to what we do at Sportsbook Review, and it's a recommendation we make to every parlay bettor, too.

Different sportsbooks offer varied odds not only on individual wagers, but in the way the correlation works, too. Before you hit submit on your parlay slip, be sure to try it out across our best NFL betting sites to make sure you're getting the most out of your Super Bowl parlay.

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