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Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady gestures as we look at our Tom Brady next team odds.
Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady gestures, flanked by CEO of the New England Patriots Robert Kraft, as he speaks to fans as he's honored during halftime of the season-opening game between the Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles at Gillette Stadium. Photo by Joseph Prezioso/AFP.

It's the peak of speculation season around the NFL, and one of the greatest ever making passing comments about unretiring has led to Tom Brady next team odds.

It doesn't matter if it's said from a barber's chair in passing at the tail end of an hour-plus-long interview. If Tom Brady even casually hints at the mere possibility of suiting up in the NFL again, there will be a disturbance in the force.

Brady did just that recently during an appearance on the DeepCut with VicBlends podcast. And unsurprisingly, odds were posted at warp speed for where Brady will play next if he unretires.

Will Tom Brady play in 2024?

OddsImplied probability

The +1000 odds for yes represent an implied win probability of 9.09% and a $10 wager would return a profit of $100 with a winning ticket should he suit up. Importantly, the market doesn't put a limit on a return in 2024, and he could come back in any ensuing season. In theory.

Tom Brady's next team odds

Any other team+500

Note the hypothetical given to Brady in the interview, as it's a common yet critical one for the speculation that follows. Brady was asked about being a replacement on a contending team if a quarterback were to suffer a serious late-season injury.

It's highly specific, and the other major hurdle in Brady's way is his incredibly lucrative contract with Fox Sports to be in the company's top broadcast booth for the 2024 NFL season.

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"I'm not opposed to it," Brady said. "I don't know if they're gonna let me if I become an owner in an NFL team, but I don't know if. I don't know, I'm always going to be in good shape, I'm always gonna be able to throw the ball, so to come in for a little bit like (Michael Jordan) coming back - I don't know if they'd let me - but I wouldn't be opposed to it."

What team(s) could Brady return to?

The front-office situation Brady references is his agreement to join the Las Vegas Raiders' ownership group. That was agreed to in May 2023 and is still pending league approval, making it one of several potential stumbling blocks before he could return.

Between both his career NFL earnings of about $333 million, according to Spotrac, and his various endorsement deals that keep him constantly on your TV screen, Brady isn't exactly hurting for cash. Still, walking away from a $375-million contract with Fox Sports would lead to a whole lot of sleepless nights.

But Brady's competitive drive is sky-high, and he's been hovering around the fringes of the game during his one season of retirement thus far. He's the closest with the Raiders for clear ownership reasons, which is partly why they're the favorite by the odds here at +125. The Raiders' quarterback depth chart is also lacking. The team just signed journeyman Garnder Minshew as a bridge quarterback, and the pedestrian Aidan O'Connell is behind him.

The Raiders likely aren't well-positioned to draft a top signal-caller while sitting at No. 13 in the first round. But the New England Patriots are at No. 3. They're listed just behind Las Vegas here at +300, and the dot-connecting is kindergarten-level stuff. Brady maintains deep roots in New England after the future Hall of Famer thrived there for 20 years while winning six of his seven Super Bowls.

And the Patriots are even more desperate than the Raiders to find firm footing at the quarterback position. The Pats similarly signed a journeyman as a stopgap solution, bringing back Jacoby Brissett on a one-year deal. That took place after Mac Jones' flameout finally reached its conclusion, and the passer once considered to be Brady's heir was dealt to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

But the deeper issue is whether the eternally ticking clock has finally won in the Tom vs. Time battle.

Brady will turn 47 years old before the 2024-25 NFL season begins. He was known for keeping himself in pristine athletic condition through some combination of drinking copious amounts of water and never touching a strawberry, or something.

However, during his most recent NFL season in 2022, and the final one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady's yards per attempt fell from 7.4 the previous campaign to 6.4. His QB rating took a similar tumble, going from 102.1 to 90.7, as did his passing yards per game, falling from 312.1 to 276.1.

It's difficult to envision him returning at all, let alone being a savior.

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