US Election Betting in a State of Flux

US Election Betting in a State of Flux
Donald Trump was diagnose with COVID this morning. Photo by Koen van Weel / ANP / AFP

It has been yet another consequential seven days in the US Election Betting. And this week is ending with a serious, existential threat to the race. Coronavirus has reared its ugly head in the West Wing and has infected the President and First Lady, just over a month out from citizens going to the Polls.

It will be difficult to focus on much else as we head into the weekend – Oddsmakers and Pollsters, just like everyone around the world will need some time to digest the news out of Washington before making adjustments on where the race goes from here. Some of the top sportsbooks have gone as far as ceasing all US Election Betting for the time being.

Despite the shocking news early Friday morning, there was a ton of news this past week that affected the US Election Odds and the US Election Polls. Let’s take a peek at a few, after a deeper dive into what is going to shape the news cycle for the foreseeable future – COVID-19.

COVID Castrates President’s Message

Donald Trump has done a pretty good job, through distraction and deflection, of keeping COVID-19 out of his orbit, whether it is amongst his inner circle or whether it is his rhetoric at rallies. On Wednesday night, he said at one such rally that the coronavirus has all but been eradicated.

But bombshell news early Friday morning that Donald Trump, his wife, and one of his closest advisors tested positive has sent shockwaves through not only the West Wing but the world. Attention is on the President right now, but it will also have to turn to his insiders, the thousands of hardened supporters that attended his no-mask rallies, and even Joe Biden who was on the stage with him just a few short days ago.

Simply put, the President can hide from COVID no more. What are his COVID-denying supporters to believe now?

It is tough to say where the odds go from here. We do know that Trump was in the midst of a tangible slide, both with Pollsters and Oddsmakers. So, instead of focusing on the unknown, let’s take a deeper dive into what we do know.

Trump’s Slide

Not a whole lot of people, including Republicans were impressed with Donald Trump’s First Debate performance. Oddsmakers seemed to be echoing public sentiment almost immediately after the curtain dropped in Cleveland.

Tuesday night provided US Election Bettors the starkest vision yet about the differences between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. What has been described as a “dumpster fire” or a “sh#*” show”, has shown that words and behavior do indeed have an effect on the US Election Odds and Polls.

BetOnline currently has Joe Biden -160 stretching his advantage over Donald Trump +140 and Bovada has Biden -140 with Trump +120 – both represent a six-week low for the Incumbent President in terms of the political betting odds.

Polls haven’t quite caught up to the odds, but the smart money is on negative news for the President on that front once the post-Debate polls come out likely late this weekend or early next week.

Democratic Presidential candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a campaign event. Photo by JIM WATSON / AFP

Swing States Moving Biden’s Way Too

The Republican Party is the Party of Trump. The party goes as Trump goes – period. Hence, the board movement in some key Swing States post-Debate. US Election Betting Odds moved in Biden’s favor in 15 of 16 Swing States in the aftermath of Tuesday’s gong show.

BetOnline shows some troubling shifts for the President.

Pennsylvania now has Joe Biden -255 to win over Donald Trump who is now +185, Michigan has Biden -270 and Trump +210 and Wisconsin has Biden -260 with Trump a +200 underdog. These three represent states that Trump barely won in 2016 and are seen as absolutely crucial for him to win a second term.

Joe Biden has also stretched his lead in Arizona where he is -150 and Donald Trump is +120. The Democrat Candidate has significantly closed the gap in Florida where he is now the slightest -105 underdog to Trump -125 and is close in Ohio as well where Trump -175 is holding on over Biden who is listed at +145.

A Quick Peek at Some New and Exciting Us Election Betting Props

Bovada is home to our favorite new Prop bet. They are taking action on “Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden Fight Odds” Donald Trump is currently the favorite at -165 over Joe Bid en at +125.

BetOnline is on the board with “Will Trump lose every state he lost in 2016” – Yes is -200 and No is +160. They are also taking action on “Will Trump win every state he won in 2016” with No at -700 and Yes at +450.

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