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2022 Texas Gubernatorial Odds: Matthew McConaughey Has Favorable Odds

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2022 Texas Gubernatorial Odds: Matthew McConaughey Has Favorable Odds
Matthew McConaughey. (Photo by Noam Galai / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP)

Oscar-winning actor, Matthew McConaughey, has favorable political odds in the Texas Gubernatorial race according to (visit our Sportsbook Review). But will the Dallas Buyers Club star actually enter the race next year to become the next Texas Governor?

To date, the Texas native and Austin resident hasn’t confirmed or denied his intentions to run for the state’s gubernatorial seat. The most he’s said is that he’s “considering” running. Which seems to have been enough to warrant the attention of multiple top-rated sportsbooks and receive endorsements from politicians and political insiders invested in the outcome of the race.

And just like that, the race to the Texas gubernatorial office has become one of the most anticipated races in 2022. Online sportsbooks deal on a regular basis with all kinds of US politics odds, from the presidential race to gubernatorial races and midterm elections. The Texas Gubernatorial race is just one of many current political races available on the betting board.

A Quinnipiac University poll in June found that voters were split on Abbott running for another term as governor. A staggering 48% of voters polled felt he didn’t deserve a third term while 46% said he did. When it came down to potential challengers, Matthew McConaughey registered high with 41% saying they would like the A-list celebrity to run.

Another hypothetical poll released earlier this year showed McConaughey leading in public opinion over the entire field of candidates. The actor led 45% to 33% over incumbent governor Greg Abbott in popularity.

Such fanfare has led many politicians to take stock, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who spoke about McConaughey’s chances in the key state of Texas with various media outlets. On one occasion, Cruz said he would be a “formidable candidate” for Texas governor when speaking to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on his show a few months back.

Matthew McConaughey. (Photo by GETTY IMAGES / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP)

The Republican senator is an ardent Trump supporter. Equally, he supports Greg Abbott and backs the incumbent’s re-election bid next year. By all accounts, Abbott is a good friend and mentor to Cruz. Which explains why Cruz would go on to say to John Hewitt on his show that he hoped McConaughey wouldn’t run for office, as the charismatic Hollywood star would likely give Abbott and other politicians as well a serious run for his money.

It’s yet unclear which party’s banner McConaughey would fly or whether he would run as an independent. Still, betting sites give him the second best odds right now.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott remains the short-odds-on fave to win a second re-election in 2022 and a third term in office, according to . Abbot’s odds are priced at -300. While McConaughey is priced at +500, which ties him with Democratic hopeful, Beto O’Rourke.

The remaining three candidates identified in this market – Joaquin Castro, Julian Castro and Wendy Davis – are longshot bets at +2000.

There is still over a year to go before Texans go to the polls to elect their new governor on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Republicans have dominated the state of Texas since 1994 when George W. Bush defeated Democrat Ann Richards. That underscores Abbott’s chances of winning a third term and puts a damper on any Democratic or Independent bid. Getting the state of Texas to move away from its recent Republican tradition would be quite the feat.

2022 Texas Gubernatorial Elections Odds to Win

  • Greg Abbott-300
  • Beto O’Rourke+500
  • Matthew McConaughey+600
  • Joaquin Castro+2000
  • Julian Castro+2000
  • Wendy Davis+2000