StarCraft 2 Katowice Group D Bets

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StarCraft 2 Katowice Group D Bets
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Wednesday was the wrong day to be backing quite so many favorites. As a general comment on the event, the entire field represents the best of the best from around the world. Group C, the one covered Thursday, happened to feature a few more shorter prices than the other groups but it also ended up having more upsets.

Zest is truly something else sometimes. His results were not wholly surprising, even topping Trap and Reynor. What did surprise me however was the Italian Zerg not covering against either Heromarine or Astrea, Trap not only not covering either series against the aforementioned dogs, but dropping both series entirely and winning a singular match. Pricing wise Reynor and Trap enter the 2021 season, though this has been marked as the new 2020 championship, as two of the best performers.

Now while Trap dropped the ball and was certainly one of the front-runners to top the group, overall this has been a favorite leaning series of results throughout the groups. TY, Maru, Clem, Dark, Serral, Innovation, Zest, and Reynor were all the favorites to progress from the playoffs.

Looking at Group D the pedigree and historical results would clearly dictate Rogue and Stats as gimmes. Rogue is a two-time champ and Stats can take down any event when he is in -form. However among the other four it is truly an open third spot. In my opinion this is the trickiest group to navigate through the one day round-robin so I have already slimmed my volume and raised the minimum value to get involved. The other issue is how infrequently we have seen players like Rogue in contrast to the field. It has allowed for players like Cure to be priced very closely to this champ. The Korean Terran enters 2021 as one of the brightest pros for the past year, especially for his race. However this is Katowice, and Spodek is Rogue’s hive. So I’ll be giving him a shot today until we see that chapter closed.


StarCraft 2

  • Rogue ml v Cure @ +100
  • Stats ml v Parting @ -180
  • Neeb ml v Parting @ +120
  • Cure ml v Parting @ -120
  • Stats ml v Neeb @ -190


  • Neon ml v T1 @ -145
  • Unique +1.5 v Spirit @ +100
  • Quincy Crew -1.5 v Undying @ -110

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