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    Bryan Rosica points

    Never see writeups here. Ha ha.

    Will give 50 points for them to 1st offering.

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    Rosica goes down....hopefully get it back Sat...Good Luck All.

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    Langatang is following the imaginary linesmaker Rosica. He is doomed. You heard it here first .Lang has way to much bad carma to ever hit better than 48%. Just watch one of his videos . Funniest thing ever. You can tell he never cashed a ticket or grinded out a winning season or winning year. He sounds surprised to be on a 20 game heater. Just a carnival barking salesman who repeates himself over and over like I do when I talk to my elderly next door neighbor. Enjoy your heater Link I know you check these forums. But please do not insult our intelligence by acting like these are your picks. We know better.

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    so many chances for cinn in the final minute to pull it out, clank clank another free throw hitting iron