Donald Trump Odds For 2020 U.S. Presidential Race


Incumbent US President Donal Trump continues to sit lotus atop the Political Odds board as the runaway favorite to win a second term in office.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Former Vice President Joe Biden continue to jockey for the Democratic nomination, albeit Biden looks all but poised to take a victory lap following Tuesday’s sweeping victory in three primaries – Arizona, Illinois, and Florida.

Biden currently leads in the Democratic race by a country mile over his left-wing counterpart, Sanders, a delegate-edge that prompts most bookmakers to practically bestow the Democratic nomination on his weathered, snow-white crown – well in advance of any formal announcement of said nomination by the party itself.


As it stands, Biden is priced at -1500 to win the Democratic election at BetOnline. On the flipside, Sanders is priced as a hallucinatory bet at +1600. That he’s a longshot bet isn’t a surprise given the current party voting balance. What is astounding, if not totally ironic, is that Bernie trails after –what can only be termed as tongue-in-cheek political odds of +1400 for – Hilary Clinton to win the nomination.

To date, there has been no inkling whatsoever of any plan hatched by Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to return to the vanguard of American politics. No communique by her representatives or team, a soupcon of evidence or a whiff of a rumor to that effect has been detected.

Perhaps, the only thing bookmakers might hang their hats on is a BBC interview from November 2019, in which Hilary Clinton admitted she was “under enormous pressure” to challenge incumbent President Donald Trump in his bid for a second term in office.

A decision that she didn’t confirm but, equally so, she didn’t rule out. Leaving audiences with only a girly giggle and a rather coy nugget, ‘Never say never,’ to ponder instead.

Now, it’s safe to say, as it were, that both Sanders and assumptive late-entrant Clinton, are longshots, which means the U.S. Presidential race is likely to come down to a choice between Trump and Biden.

Now, this is where demarcation-lines are being drawn across betting exchanges. In some cases, Trump and Biden are neck-and-neck in the race for the keys to the White House – priced equally at -110. In other cases, for instance at BetOnline, Trump edges Biden at -110 to +110. Finally, some sportsbooks would have Biden as the favorite over Trump.

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Which geriatric actually wins the race is anybody’s guess though, particularly with the coronavirus outbreak turning the world upside down. Some would have the deadly bug as one of the main reasons why Biden is suddenly enjoying a renaissance in the polls.

Earlier in the Democratic race, Biden presented with as much charisma and momentum as a wet mop. Confused speeches, verbal slipups, and occasionally indecipherable mumblings – not to mention, who can forget the mistaking-his-wife-for-his sister gaffe – often featured in his public appearances.


Just as the Russian tampering scandal proved defining of the 2016 US Presidential race, the Coronavirus pandemic is proving to be similarly so in the 2020 US Presidential race. Then again, it is most definitely defining on the global stage, putting untold economic and social pressures on every single country.

How Donald Trump initially handled the crisis has come under heavy criticism, much of which is seen to be costing him in political betting markets. However, it hasn’t come at the extreme cost to eliminate him from proceedings entirely.

President Trump
Drew Angerer/Getty Images/AFP

Trump is still very much in the thick of the race according to the political odds. What’s more, historical trends show that 90% of incumbent presidents are re-elected for a second term in office. To be fair, that fact stacks the odds more so against Biden than the actual odds themselves.

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