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Boxing Odds

This section allows you to compare the boxing odds at many of the best sportsbooks in order to find the most attractive price. Wagering on fights is extremely popular, as it adds a great deal of excitement to the proceedings. However, you should arm yourself with as much information as possible before placing a bet. Our site allows you to shop around for the best boxing odds available, and you can read on for advice on choosing a great sportsbook and a list of the various betting options available to fight fans. 
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Best Boxing Sportsbooks

Dozens of sportsbooks will vie for your attention in the build-up to a big fight and it can be hard to choose your ideal match. Some offer great bonuses, while others offer the most attractive odds or boast the highest limits. Many are honest and trustworthy, but there are also a number of scam sites and disreputable operators, so you need to perform a degree of due diligence. 
SBR has done your homework for you. We have reviewed more than 1,000 sites since 1999, so we can help you avoid the dishonest books and identify the safe, reliable sportsbooks. Check out our list of top sportsbooks and choose a site with an A+ or an A rating, such as Caesars or Tipico. They all offer boxing betting lines, and you can use the comparison tool on this page to find the best current boxing odds.

Boxing Moneyline Betting

This is a straightforward bet on which fighter will secure victory. The sportsbooks will assess the relative strengths of both boxers, factoring in their records, experience, skill, power, conditioning, durability and other variable, plus any height, weight or reach advantages. They will calculate the probability of each fighter winning the bout and assign odds accordingly. You will generally find a favorite and an underdog.
Tyson Fury was installed as the -150 favorite when his rematch with Deontay Wilder was first announced in 2019. The first bout ended in a controversial draw and the sportsbooks decided that The Gypsy King had the best chance of winning the rematch. Wilder was the +125 underdog.
If you see a minus sign, it tells you the amount you need to bet in order to earn a $100 profit. A $150 bet on Fury would have earned you a $100 profit. A plus sign tells you the profit you stand to make by placing a $100 wager. A $100 bet on Wilder would have earned you $125. In that example, a $20 bet on Fury would have earned you a $13.33 profit, whereas a $20 bet on Wilder would have earned you a $25 profit. It told bettors that sportsbooks thought Fury had a better chance of winning the fight than the Bronze Bomber.
However, the pro boxing odds can shift dramatically in the build-up to a fight. Wilder was a much more popular pick among bettors for that rematch, thanks largely to his ferocious punching power. The lines move accordingly as the bookmakers try to spread their risk. By the time of the fight, the boxing moneyline had totally changed, as Wilder became the -125 favorite and Fury was the +105 underdog. You could also find +2200 on the draw. In the end, Fury won the fight, so anyone that waited for the price to move was rewarded.
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Boxing Draw No Bet

Draws are rare in boxing. However, the first fight between Wilder and Fury showed that a draw is always a possibility. You can therefore opt for a draw no bet wager. This means that in the event of a draw you will be refunded your stake. If you want to take advantage of this option, you will have to accept slightly less attractive odds than if you simply bet on the moneyline.

Boxing Total Round Betting

This is a prediction on how long a fight will last. In that rematch between Fury and Wilder, both men promised to secure an early knockout. However, the first fight went the distance, so you could find odds of -140 on over 9.5 rounds and +100 on under 9.5 rounds. You then simply had to decide if the fight will finish before or after the midway point in the ninth round. 
Total round betting varies in each fight according to how evenly matched the opponents are, how regularly their fights go the distance and so on. You will often find alternative round lines. For example, you might see over or under 9.5 rounds in the boxing bets in Vegas, but you will also find alternative lines offering over or under bets on 10.5 rounds or 8.5 rounds. The odds are skewed accordingly for these alternative boxing spreads.

Boxing Group Round Betting

This is another popular wager that allows you to predict when the fight will finish. You might find odds on a fight ending in rounds 1-4, 5-8 or 9-12. Some books offer odds on it ending in rounds 1-6 or 7-12, while others will take bets on the fight ending in rounds 1-3, 2-6, 7-9 or 10-12. You do not have to specify which fighter will win the bout, which makes it a popular wager among many fans.

Boxing Round Betting

If you want even higher odds, you can often place a bet on the specific round the fight will finish in. Once again you do not have to specify who will win the fight. Odds compilers will assign a different price to each round depending on the respective caliber of the fighters. If they are durable and evenly matched, you might find shorter odds on the late rounds. If there is a large difference in class between the fighters, you might find the first round as the favorite.

Method of Victory Bet in Boxing

This is another way to gain more value when wagering on a boxing match. You can bet on a fighter either winning by knockout or via a decision. If you look at UFC odds, you will find three options – knockout, submission, or decision – but there are just two options for boxing. You will find greater odds by betting on Manny Pacquiao to win via a decision than by simply wagering on him to win a fight. If you want even greater value, you can combine method of victory with group round betting. For example, you could bet on KSI to win via a knockout in rounds 9-12. The more stipulations you add, the higher the odds you will receive.

“Will the Fight Go the Distance” Bet in Boxing

This is a straightforward wager on whether a fight will go the distance and be decided on points. You can bet on yes or no. You do not have to predict who will win the fight. It is a great option if you are unsure who will win, but you feel that it will either end via a knockout or that a knockout is unlikely.

Boxing Prop Bets

Proposition bets add another layer of intrigue to boxing betting odds. They do not pertain to the outcome of the fight. Instead they home in on a specific aspect of the match. It could be a wager on whether there will be a knockdown or a point deduction. It could be on which fighter will land the most significant shots. You will often find a wealth of exciting prop bets on a really high-profile bout. Live boxing betting also features props when the action begins.

Boxing Parlays

You can roll multiple predictions into a single wager in order to earn higher cumulative odds. This is known as a parlay. You might be browsing the fight odds tonight and decide that Anthony Joshua, Alexander Povetkin, Dillian Whyte, and Diego Pacheco can all win. You could then place four individual moneyline bets on each fighter securing victory. Alternatively, you could roll them all into one parlay. All four would then have to win their fights in order for your bet to pay off. However, if all four were to win, you would be rewarded with a far higher payout than if you had bet on each man individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Vegas boxing odds work?

When it comes to boxing odds, Vegas sportsbooks have a long history of setting trends. The famous sportsbooks in the city employ intelligent, experienced, and highly paid oddsmakers to assess both fighters and devise odds on the outcome. They always factor in a house edge. If one fighter is a popular choice among the betting public, the odds on him will become less attractive, and the odds on his opponent will become more attractive. This helps the books balance their risk.  
The oddsmakers can take advantage of historical trends and algorithms to help them with their projections, and most bettors do not study the card in the same detail, so it can be difficult to beat the books. That is why live Las Vegas boxing odds are popular, as everyone is in the same boat when the fight begins, and odds compilers are reacting to developments just as quickly as bettors.

How do you read the odds on a fight?

If the odds on a fighter start with a minus, it tells you how much you must wager in order to make a $100 profit. If it begins with a plus, it informs you of the profit you would make from a $100 bet if successful. You might see odds of -195 on Logan Paul and +160 on KSI. That tells you Paul is the favorite. You bet $195 to win $100 by betting on him, whereas you bet $100 to win $160 on KSI.

What are the odds in boxing?

They relate to the probability of each fighter winning the bout. However, you should remember that bookmakers are reacting to the betting public rather than making predictions themselves. They are simply trying to make as much money as possible. Logan Paul became the heavy favorite in his fight against KSI, because he was popular among bettors, but KSI won the fight. You should always conduct your own research and never simply assume that the favorite in the bet boxing pro odds will win.

What does +500 mean in boxing odds?

If you see +500 when checking out the odds of tonight’s fight, it tells you that you stand to make a $500 profit by wagering $100. You are by no means obliged to lay down $100. A $10 bet at +500 would net you a $50 profit if successful. If you see moneyline boxing betting odds on +500 on a boxer winning a fight, it tells you that he or she is the heavy underdog.

Where can I bet on boxing?

Most of the world’s best sportsbooks offer boxing odds. Caesars, theScore Bet, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Tipico are just some of the highly rated online betting sites that you can visit if you want to place wagers on a fight. It is imperative that you find a reliable, safe, and honest operator to bet with, as many sites are out to rip you off. We run a free complaints service in a bid to help bettors receive the money they are owed by sportsbooks, but in an ideal world you would avoid the shady operators altogether. If you stick to sports betting sites that have received and A+ or an A from our team of experienced reviewers, you should have no problems whatsoever. Betting is legal in many US states and several countries around the world, and boxing is a hugely popular sport, so you should see it prominently displayed at most online sportsbooks.

What do the odds mean in boxing?

They tell you the amount you stand to win if your bet is successful. If you are using American odds, you will see that they either start with a plus or a minus. A plus tells you the amount you will win from a $100 bet. A minus tells you how much you need to stake to make a $100 profit. For example, if Daniel Dubois is -400 to beat Joe Joyce, you know that you will need to lay down $400 in order to win $100. Your stake is always returned if your bet wins, so you would get $500 back. If Joyce is +275, it tells you that a $100 bet on him would earn you a $275 profit. The boxer with negative odds is the favorite, and the boxer with odds beginning with a plus is the underdog. You do not actually have to bet $100. That is simply a guide. You could bet $10 on Joyce and make $27.50 in profit if he were to win the fight.