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DJ Khaled performs onstage during Michelob Ultra & Netflix “Full Swing” Premiere & Super Bowl After Party as we make our GTA 6 odds and prop picks for which celebrity will appear in the latest Grand Theft Auto game from Rockstar.
DJ Khaled performs onstage during Michelob Ultra & Netflix “Full Swing” Premiere & Super Bowl After Party on February 11, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Michelob ULTRA via AFP.

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, the latest blockbuster game from Rockstar Studios, dropped on Monday and teased an official release date of 2025. We break down the props market around the game and the betting odds for which celebrity will appear in GTA 6.

Surely, you've heard the news: Grand Theft Auto VI is coming in 2025, and the first GTA 6 trailer from Rockstar Studios shows a glimpse of an epic chapter for the storied video game franchise that could live up to the all-time hype surrounding the blockbuster game.

According to the trailer released Monday, GTA 6 will bring gamers back to Vice City for the first time since 2002 (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City). The setting, inspired by the real-life city of Miami, is the perfect backdrop for Rockstar's first original game on next-gen consoles, which should feature stunning graphics and plenty of real estate for the criminal mischief teased in the trailer.

It's also a hotbed for celebrity personalities, some of which are prime candidates to be featured in GTA 6 — either as an NPC or as a radio or social media personality, which should play a bigger role in the latest Grand Theft Auto release based on the initial trailer. And you can bet on which ones will appear in the game.

Below, we break down the betting odds from William Hill for which celebrities will appear in GTA 6, including the favorites and a few names worth watching ahead of the game's expected release in 2025.

Grand Theft Auto VI odds: Which celebrities will appear in GTA 6?

(Odds as of Dec. 6)

CelebrityBetting odds (William Hill)
DJ Khaled-400
Theo Von+275
Cardi B+300
Snoop Dogg+400
Flo Rida+450
Joe Rogan+700
Chris Rock+700
Conor McGregor+800
Aziz Ansari+800
Hannibal Buress+1000

Other celebrities listed:

  • Nicki Minaj (+1000)
  • Keegan-Michael Kay (+1200)
  • Dan Bilzerian (+1200)
  • Jordan Peele (+1200)
  • Logan Paul (+1400)
  • Elon Musk (+1600)
  • Adam Sandler (+1600)
  • Usher (+1600)
  • Ron DeSantis (+1600)
  • Dwayne Johnson (+1600)
  • Bryan Cranston (+1800)
  • Kevin Hart (+2000)
  • Bob Odenkirk (+2500)
  • Jake Paul (+2500)
  • Tyson Fury (+2500)
  • Pitbull (+2500)
  • Ludacris (+2500)
  • Keanu Reeves (+2500)
  • Jason Momoa (+2800)
  • Samuel L. Jackson (+2800)
  • Quentin Tarantino (+3300)
  • Idris Elba (+3300)
  • Jason Statham (+3300)
  • Bella Thorne (+3300)
  • Megan Thee Stallion (+3300)
  • Kevin James (+3300)
  • Donald Trump (+3300)
  • Eva Mendes (+4000)
  • Kendall Jenner (+4000)
  • Kim Kardashian (+4000)
  • LeBron James (+5000)
  • Roman Reigns (+5000)
  • Justin Bieber (+6600)

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GTA 6 celebrity odds analysis

Congratulations to anyone who bet DJ Khaled over the summer, when he was dealing at 22/1 odds to appear in GTA. He's now a prohibitive favorite to make a cameo at -400 odds — and even that might be generous.

The award-winning DJ and record producer, who gained popularity as a radio host for a Miami-based station in the 1990s, still lives in Miami and recently bought a mansion in the area for roughly $30 million.

He was also rumored to be a voice actor in GTA 6 in recent months, which is the main reason he's dealing at such short odds. Even if he doesn't appear as an in-game NPC, the increased focus on radio stations in GTA 6 make it all the more likely that the Grammy-winning artist will make some sort of appearance in the game.

Along those same lines, comedian and podcaster Theo Von (+275) has previously been featured in GTA fan projects and is rumored to be a radio host in GTA 6. There's even a fan petition to include the popular podcaster in the game, as his satirical and off-beat humor is a natural fit for the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

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GTA 6 celebrity appearance picks, predictions

Joe Rogan (+700)

This one feels like a no-brainer, and it's a bit surprising that Rogan is still listed as an option on the oddsboard.

In early September, a supposed GTA 6 leak claimed that the mega-popular podcast host would be featured over the airwaves in Vice City — a plausible rumor that would seemingly fit the game's outsized focus on radio stations and social media in general.

It's hard to find a bigger media personality than Rogan, who has 12 million followers on X and hosts the most popular podcast on Spotify. His edgy style would also seem to be a seamless fit in Rockstar's controversial video game franchise. 

While some remain skeptical about the leak claiming Rogan's involvement, this price is still too good to ignore.

Pitbull (+2500)

This bet is entirely speculative — isn't it all? — but Pitbull's name leapt off the page when first looking over the list of potential celebrity cameos.

The award-winning rapper was born in Miami and has become synonymous with the city over the years, even naming his debut album M.I.A.M.I. in 2004. He's also been involved as a business owner and activist in the area, where he continues to perform regularly.

Pitbull's name has been floated by fans and media alike, alongside other Miami-based icons like DJ Khaled and Flo Rida. While those two are dealing among the favorites in this market, Pitbull is a long shot to appear in GTA 6, making him well worth a speculative wager ahead of 2025.

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