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Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs runs with the ball after a reception. He's featured in our 57 prop bets for Super Bowl 57
Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs runs with the ball after a reception against the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium on Nov. 06, 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images via AFP.

With hundreds of props available for Super Bowl 57, it's hard to sift through all the options. Not to worry, Sportsbook Review betting analyst Jon Metler has done the job for you. Here are his top 57 prop bets to target for Super Bowl 57 based on the best Super Bowl odds.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, there are literally hundreds of prop bets to sift through. Even if you had unlimited time, it's nearly impossible to examine them all.

Good news! I've done much of the work for you. Below you'll find my top 57 prop bets for Super Bowl 57, which I found by scouring all of the best Super Bowl betting sites. Use these to round out your Super Bowl 57 picks as the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

As you prepare your prop cards for the Super Bowl, you should have an idea of how you expect the game to play out and build all of your bets with this expectation. Through my props, you will notice that many of my bets are related to the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. 

It's possible that some of these bets will lose their value as we approach kickoff due to the fluidity of the markets. With this in mind, there are several bets you should place sooner rather than later (you'll know those when you see them).  

Here are our top 57 prop bets for Super Bowl 57 (odds via FanDuel Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, BetMGM, Caesars, PointsBet, Barstool Sportsbook, and BetRivers).

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Top 57 prop bets for Super Bowl 57

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Super Bowl game props

Chiefs ML vs. Eagles (+105 via Caesars) 

First things first: I believe the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl and should be the favorites. When the Super Bowl odds opened at Chiefs -2.5 at select sports betting sites, I thought that was a much more accurate spread than the Eagles -1.5 we're seeing now.

Chiefs-Eagles Over 51 (-110 via DraftKings)

There was an initial dip down to 49.5 after an opening line of 51, but I believe the total will continue to move toward the Over. This should be trading closer to 52 than 51, in my opinion.

Chiefs +1.5 vs. Eagles (-110 via Caesars)

You might ask why you should bet on the spread at +1.5 when you can simply bet on the moneyline. The Super Bowl is a unique market in which the juice on the moneyline and the spread will begin to not sync up because more people bet the underdog to win outright. The spread will become more valuable when this occurs.

Super Bowl specials props

Coin toss: Heads (+100 via DraftKings)

Tails does fail. Just ask Josh Allen.

Team to win the coin toss: Chiefs (+100 via DraftKings)

When the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl 54, 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman called tails. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce may have chosen heads in the Chiefs' Super Bowl matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because of this. The Chiefs will be the visiting team and make the call. I expect the Chiefs to stick to their routine here and the Chiefs will go with heads.

(Oh, and check out our check out our Super Bowl coin toss props if you're looking for other markets.)

Gatorade color: Yellow (+160 via FanDuel)

Yellow is my choice for the Super Bowl Gatorade color prop, but this is a market to watch on the day of the game. If a price starts to get shorter on one color, then someone probably knows the answer to the question, and you should bet that color.

First song: Umbrella (+700 via Betano)

Our People Experience members at Sportsbook Review say they can feel in their bones that the first song will be Umbrella. And I don't need any more research than that.

Last song: Run this Town (+800 via PointsBet)

Run This Town is the favorite to be the first song played at halftime, but we prefer it to be the last song – and we aren't the only ones. There has been a move from +500 on the opener to +300 on this line.

Guest appearance: Drake (+250 via Betano)

We've actually seen some movement in the line on Drake as he opened at +100. It's sometimes an indication of insider information when Super Bowl novelty props experience line movement for the Super Bowl, but Drake may just be seeing his odds adjust because of his popularity. 

Guest appearance: Eminem (+600 via Betano)

Our attention was drawn to Eminem, who performed at Super LVI, because the Super Bowl halftime show loves to bring back past performers as guest appearances.

You can find additional Super Bowl halftime show props here.

Length of national anthem: Under 124.5 seconds (-238 via Betano)

Who will MVP winner thank first: Religous figure/religion (+100 via FanDuel)

Mahomes thanked God after the Chiefs won the AFC Championship, so you have to lean religion in this prop, if you like the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. 

Super Bowl first touchdown scorer props

JuJu Smith-Schuster (+2000 via BetMGM)

Smith-Schuster participated fully in practice on Wednesday and appears ready for the Super Bowl. When Caesars is trading this exact same prop on Smith-Schuster at +1000, it's hard not to fall in love with this +2000 price point at BetMGM. 

Devonta Smith (+1300 via DraftKings)

The price you're getting here from DraftKings is incredible, Smith trades at Caesars at +800, which is much shorter.

Super Bowl anytime touchdown scorer props

Isiah Pacheco (+148 via Barstool)

It's all about the pricing. Pacheco hovers around +120 at most shops, but Barstool is offering this rogue +148.

Travis Kelce (-135 via Caesars)

With the number of injuries that have taken place in the wide receiver room, I believe that Kelce and Mahomes will dominate the Super Bowl.

A.J. Brown (+135 via PointsBet)

It was for a moment like this that the Eagles traded the draft capital and signed Brown to a monster extension. He is going to get the ball! Don't settle for DraftKings' +105 odds when PointsBet offers Brown's anytime touchdown prop at +135. 

Didn't cover a player you like? You can find other Super Bowl anytime touchdown props here.

Super Bowl specials/novelty props

Super Bowl records: Receiving yards record Over 215.5 yards (+1600 via DraftKings)

With all the injuries at wide receiver on the Chiefs' side of the ball, what if Kelce just sees a ton of targets? And let's not ignore Brown and Smith on the Eagles' side; they had 181 and 167 receiving yards, respectively, in a game this season. 

Any offensive lineman to score 1+ receiving touchdown (+3000 via DraftKings)

Chiefs head coach after the AFC Championship Game. Will his play-calling impact any offensive lineman in the Super Bowl player prop markets? Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images via AFP.

Andy Reid is one of the most creative play callers when it comes to red zone offense, which makes all of these unique touchdown props possible. This is discussed further in our Super Bowl long-shot prop bets.

Any non-QB to have 1+ pass TD (+1500 via DraftKings)

Once again: Andy Reid is one of the most creative play-callers when it comes to red zone offense, which makes all of these unique touchdown props possible.

Will there be a 2-point conversion attempt: Yes (+120 via DraftKings)

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni is so confident in his quarterback sneak with Hurts that any penalty that moves the Eagles closer to the goal line for the conversion attempt could result in the Eagles randomly going for two points. 

Jalen Hurts & Patrick Mahomes exactly four combined passing touchdowns (+400 via DraftKings)

The two quarterbacks are projected to combine for 3.76 touchdowns, so I'll take the exactly four at +400. 

Opening kickoff to be a touchback: No (+140 via DraftKings)

Former NFL kicker Pat McAfee has said that the opening game ball feels like a rock, and immediately goes to the Hall of Fame after the kickoff. This is likely the reason why 28 of the last 31 kickoffs have been returned in the Super Bowl. If I recall correctly, the No went off at minus money last Super Bowl.

You'll find Super Bowl opening kickoff props here if you'd like to compare markets yourself.

Opening kickoff returned for a touchdown (+10000 via DraftKings)

Imagine how electric it would be if you hit this bet right out of the gate. This has happened before, with Devin Hester returning the opening kickoff at Super Bowl XLI. 

Team with most rushing yards in game: Chiefs (+240 via Caesars)

Although the Eagles have a stronger rushing attack, if I believe the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl, that means they should operate from a positive game script. This should result in the Eagles passing more and the Chiefs running more. 

First to five pass completions: Jalen Hurts (+150 via FanDuel)

I have the Chiefs winning the coin toss, meaning they will defer to the second half and we will see two Eagles drives led by Hurts against one Chiefs drive led by Mahomes. You also get plus money on Hurts for this prop. 

First to five pass attempts: Jalen Hurts (+150 via FanDuel)

Super Bowl MVP

Travis Kelce (+1400 via FanDuel)

If I were looking for longer odds to support my belief in the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl, I would turn to Kelce as the MVP at +1400. Outside of Mahomes, Kelce is the only other Chiefs player that I can envision winning the award.

Super Bowl penalties

Referee Carl Cheffers checks a play on the sidenline and will have a hand to play in our Super Bowl penalties prop bets. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images via AFP.

First accepted penalty: Pass interference (+800 via BetRivers)

Carl Cheffers' crew threw the third-most pass interference flags of any crew in the NFL, and the Chiefs led the league in defensive pass interference penalties against. I'll take the +800 for this being the first penalty called, thanks. 

First to five penalties: Eagles (+120 via FanDuel)

One thing I remember from my Sports Psychology class at university: Studies have shown that teams that wear darker uniform colors are more likely to get penalized. Given that the Eagles have decided to wear their dark green uniforms, I would place a wager on them at +120. 

Patrick Mahomes props

Patrick Mahomes sets up to throw a pass as we look at his Super Bowl player props to target.

Under 294.5 passing yards (-110 via BetRivers) 

The line opened at 275.5 at FanDuel and is now as high as 295.5 at DraftKings. At 275.5, I probably lean toward the Over, but with a 19-yard adjustment on the line, I prefer the Under 294.5. 

Over 0.5 interceptions thrown (-120 via DraftKings) 

Under 25.5 passing completions (+110 via DraftKings) 

There's a lot more juice on the Under at Caesars (-114) and BetMGM (-110). Mahomes is projected to complete 24.9 passes, so you're talking about the tiniest of edges here. 

Over 2.5 passing touchdowns (+165 via PointsBet) 

Over 4.5 rushing attempts (+110 via PointsBet) 

With the narrative surrounding Mahomes' ankle sprain and the idea that he won't run as often, I think you're getting good value here. It's always possible for the quarterback to kneel three times at the end of the game, which would result in three rushing attempts. 

Jalen Hurts props

Over 238.5 passing yards (-110 via DraftKings) 

Over 1.5 passing touchdowns (-104 via FanDuel) 

Under 10.5 rushing attempts (-103 via Caesars) 

Travis Kelce props

Over 79.5 receiving yards (-110 via FanDuel) 

Over 7.5 receptions (+100 via FanDuel)

Other Super Bowl player props

Kenneth Gainwell of the Philadelphia Eagles carries the ball against the New York Giants and is among our NFL player props for Super Bowl 57. Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images via AFP.

Kenneth Gainwell Over 9.5 receiving yards (-110 via FanDuel) 

This prop is likely to be overlooked, but it's one of my favorites when it comes to either team's receiving totals. The Over 9.5 receiving yards should trade closer to -155 than -110.

Kenneth Gainwell Over 1.5 receptions (-106 via FanDuel) 

Kenneth Gainwell Over 4.5 rushing attempts (-128 via FanDuel) 

Isiah Pacheco Over 15.5 receiving yards (-110 via FanDuel) 

A projection of 22.8 receiving yards for Pacheco indicates that this prop should trade at -135. We're not the only ones interested in Pacheco's total, which opened at 13.5 at FanDuel and has since been bet up to 16.5 in most spots. 

Isiah Pacheco Over 46.5 rushing yards (-115 via Caesars) 

Isiah Pacheco Over 10.5 rushing attempts (-133 via BetMGM) 

Jerick McKinnon Over 18.5 rushing yards (-110 via FanDuel) 

Yes, I have the Over on the rushing yards line for both McKinnon and Pacheco. My prediction is that the Chiefs will win and Mahomes will cash the Under on his passing yards prop, so everything is correlated with the idea that the Chiefs will be operating from a positive game script. It's also a nice price as PointsBet currently trades the Over 20.5 at -125. 

Jerick McKinnon Over 23.5 receiving yards (-115 via BetMGM) 

At FanDuel, this prop is already up to 22.5 receiving yards, so I wouldn't hesitate to place a wager on the 20.5 at BetMGM. 

DeVonta Smith Over 5.5 receptions (+110 via DraftKings) 

Dallas Goedert Over 4.5 receptions (-125 via DraftKings) 

Nick Bolton Over 10.5 tackles and assists (+109 via BetRivers)

T.J. Edwards Over 8.5 tackles and assists (+115 via PointsBet)

I'm betting this immediately as Edwards is projected to make just under 10 tackles. The total of 8.5 tackles and assists shouldn't be trading at plus money. 

Kyzir White Over 6.5 tackles and assists (+110 via BetRivers)

Frank Clark Over 0.5 sacks (+122 via BetRivers)

Clark has a similar projection to Haason Reddick for a sack in the Super Bowl, but one of them is trading at -155 – and I'm betting on the other.

Jake Elliott Over 7.5 kicking points (+115 via BetRivers)

Harrison Butker Over 7.5 kicking points (-118 via BetRivers)

Get more picks for Butker with our Super Bowl kicker props.

James Bradberry to record an interception (+680 via FanDuel)

I mentioned earlier that I was playing the Over on Mahomes to throw an interception. Not only do I believe he will throw one, but I'm confident I know which player will end up with the ball.

Bradberry's also discussed in our Super Bowl defensive player props.

Super Bowl prop bets

Prop bet enthusiasts have a lot to choose from for Super Bowl 57; here's a look at some of the more popular Super Bowl prop bets across all of the best sportsbooks:

Need help keeping track of your Super Bowl prop bets? Use our printable Super Bowl prop bet sheet! We also have Super Bowl bingo cards for up to four people to use!

Here are our best Super Bowl betting sites:

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