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You've spent hours studying the Super Bowl odds, waffling over your Super Bowl picks, and making sure you haven't missed any of the hundreds of available Super Bowl props. Now, it's time to let loose and have a little fun – and our Super Bowl bingo cards can help you with that!

Nothing stokes the competitive fire among football-mad friends and family like a Super Bowl contest. And we at Sportsbook Review are all about competition; if you don't believe us, check out our comprehensive rankings of the best Super Bowl betting sites while you wait for the game to start!

Those of you looking for yet another way to keep things interesting during the Super Bowl will want to check out our FREE printable bingo cards – a perfect addition to any Big Game party! Our printable Super Bowl prop bet sheet can add to the excitement, as well as our top 57 prop bets for Super Bowl 57.

Free printable Super Bowl 57 bingo cards

We've put together four different Super Bowl 57 bingo cards, each with a completely different set of events to track. Whether it's a specific player touchdown, a song performed by Rihanna during the halftime show or even which color of Gatorade will rain down on the winning head coach, you'll have bingo squares to track from start to finish.

Here's a sample Super Bowl 57 bingo card for your perusal (NOTE: words in quotations are songs performed by Super Bowl halftime show artist Rihanna):

Download our FREE printable Super Bowl bingo cards here!

What is a Super Bowl bingo card?

A Super Bowl bingo card is a set of 25 squares (or 24, if your version features a Free center square), each containing an event participants can track over the course of the game.

Once an event is completed, players can mark off the square containing that event. Some will happen during the game, while others won't be known until after the Super Bowl is over.

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How to use your Super Bowl bingo card

Players have a couple of options with regard to Super Bowl 57 bingo.

If you're running a Super Bowl bingo game, you could decide to declare a winner after one player has completed a certain configuration; here are some of the most popular examples:

  • One Line: The player wins as soon as he or she is able to complete a five-square line, either vertically ( | ), horizontally ( –– ) or diagonally ( / ).
  • Two Lines: It's the same premise as above, but the player needs to complete two full five-square lines in order to win.
  • Four Corners: The first player to fill the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right squares is declared the winner.
  • Letter "L": Players need to fill every square in the far left column, along with every square in the bottom horizontal row.
  • Letter "T": The winner of this format is the first player to fill the entire top row, along with the middle column.
  • Letter "X": The first participant to complete both five-square diagonal lines (running through the center of the card) wins this format.

 The optimal way to play Super Bowl 57 bingo, however, is to run the game for the entire night and award the coveted W to the person who finishes with the most crossed-out squares.

Super Bowl contests

Playing Super Bowl bingo isn't the only way to have some fun during the game. SBR is running a free Big Game Props Contest with a $1,000 prize pool – and the rules couldn't be simpler!

Sign up for an SBR pro account, register for Run Your Pool, and submit your pick for all of the prop bet questions listed, including the tie-breaker question. Each correct answer is worth the corresponding number of points.

First prize is $600 US, with the second-place winner earning $300 and the third-place finished taking home $100. Sign up today, and take your shot at winning our free contest!

Here's a look at other Super Bowl betting contests hosted by notable sports betting sites:

SportsbookContestPrizesEntry Fee
BetRiversSuper Bowl Squares$10,000 in bet creditsFree
CaesarsBet Credit Giveaway$57,000 in bet credits$5 Bet
DraftKingsWrangler Squares$57,000 prize poolFree
DraftKingsHigh Stakes Beer Ad$500,000 prize poolFree
FanDuelKick of DestinyUp to $20 in bonus bets$5 Bet

Be sure to check the sports betting sites in your state to ensure you're eligible.

Super Bowl prop bets

If you're betting on Super Bowl 57 picks, be sure to follow along with our Super Bowl prop bet sheet. You'll find betting odds for many of these options in our list of notable Super Bowl prop bets:

We also have Super Bowl Squares if you want to turn prop-tracking into a fun game at your Super Bowl gathering!

Check out our best Super Bowl betting sites:

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* Bonuses not applicable in Ontario.

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