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Nfl standings

At Sportsbook Review, we understand the importance of keeping up to date with the NFL standings. For more than 20 years, we have been supplying aspiring handicappers with the most valuable information required to enhance a bettor’s handicapping skill set. 

Our NFL standings page is more than just NFL scores, and we deliver our audience a comprehensive and detailed collection of data such as ATS (Against The Spread), SU (Straight Up), O/U/P (Over, Under, Push), and even a unit count. 

NFL ATS records are usually the most searched because spread wagers remain a fan favorite within the sports betting stratosphere. Reviewing the NFL ATS records can also assist our viewers in understanding that losing teams are still viable when betting them against the spread – losing teams still cover spreads! These critical details can often separate a winning or losing bettor; long-term profits aren't strictly based on winning NFL teams. 

The NFL standings page also keeps a record for Over/Under and Push records for all 32 NFL teams. You'll be greeted with 8 separate categories that divide the NFL divisions: AFC East, AFC North, AFC South, AFC West, NFC East, NFC North, NFC South & NFC West. Each division on our NFL standings page will provide statistics for the records previously mentioned (ATS, S/U, O/U/P & Units). Still, our Over/Under section will also show the number of times a team has pushed on total betting. 

You can also delve into last year's NFL standings. In comparing NFL standings by year, bettors can pick apart the in-depth data to extend their comprehensive knowledge of the sport. 

NFL ATS Standings 

The NFL ATS Standings column is the first of four statistical sets of data collection you will stumble across. 

The ATS column shows the exact point spread record for each team; the NFL teams owning the greatest ATS record within each division will top the standings, descending with the next best teams ATS.  

In providing the ATS records for each NFL team, handicappers can gauge a more accurate vision on which teams are worth betting against the spread.  

What is an NFL Spread Wager (ATS bets)?  

Wagering against the spread is the most utilized approach in the National Football League sports betting markets, but not everyone completely understands the dynamics. 

A point spread is a margin set by bookmakers which can be found for all NFL matchups scheduled on any given game day. 

Teams known as the favorite will take a reduction in their final score, whilst the underdog team will receive additional points. So, if you are betting the underdog ATS, they are required to keep the game close within the margin of points set by the sportsbook or win the game outright. Backing the favorite means the team you've selected must win by one or more points than what the bookmaker's margin has been set to.  


Pittsburgh Steelers -6.5 

Cleveland Browns +6.5 

This hypothetical example is showing the Pittsburgh Steelers as a 6.5-point favorite, probably because the Steelers’ NFL standings are in a stronger position at the current time. Handicappers placing a wager on them would need to see the Steelers win the game by seven points or more. 

Cleveland Browns bettors will be putting faith in the 6.5-point underdog, meaning an ATS bet on the Browns would require the team to keep the final score within six points or less. In addition, if the Browns win the game outright, your wager would also be counted as a winning ticket.    

If you're still struggling to understand, add 6.5 points to the Browns’ total points scored after the game has taken place, and if the total points are above their opponent’s final score, your wager is successful. On the flipside, subtract 6.5 points from the Steelers’ final score, and if their total points are higher than their opponents, you’ve cashed a winning ticket. 

NFL SU Standings 

The NFL standings SU column provides the conference record for each NFL team, but different from the ATS record, it shows a team’s straight up results (SU) without a point margin (spread) included. It doesn’t become any more simple than understanding a SU record, and if the Buffalo Bills have won twelve games and lost three, their SU record would be 12-3.  

We should highlight that teams with the best SU records aren’t necessarily the ideal teams to wager against the spread. Positive SU records represent a moneyline wager, and although successful in winning the game, they can still lose against the spread. 

What is an NFL SU/Moneyline Wager? 

A moneyline wager is the most simplistic of all bet types. You are simply deciding on which team is going to win. However, as mentioned, the best teams with impressive SU records don't always provide a favorable long-term winning percentage against the spread. 

When viewing the NFL league standings, remember to research the straight up (SU) record to know a team's moneyline value. A team can win ten games (10-0) and still lose each game against the spread (0-10).   


NFL O/U/P Standings 

The O/U/P column on our NFL standings page represents Over/Under/Push. These records are obtained through the number of times a team has covered the sportsbook’s total number of points scored during a game. A game winner or loser is eradicated, as all that matters to an Over/Under bettor is the number of points scored in the games they've wagered on. 

Bettors aim to predict whether the points scored will exceed or fall below the total number set by the bookmakers. If the Kansas City Chiefs have exceeded the total points scored nine times but gone under the total set by sportsbooks five times, their totals record would be 9-5. In addition, a total can push if the number wagered on is a round total. In the same example, if the Chiefs and their opponent’s total were set at 40, 50 & 60 across three games and the final score amounted to 40, 50 and 60 – these totals would be known as a "push". The Chiefs O/U/P record would then show as 9-5-3. 

Understanding NFL Totals 

For example, if the Steelers vs Browns game has an Over/Under number set to 55.5 and the final score was 40-17, wagering on the over would be a successful bet. 40+17= 57, a number greater than 55.5. If the final score showed 37-17, bettors who'd wagered on the under would win because a total of 54 is lower than the bookmakers set a total of 55.5. 

 Like wagering against the spread, many of the same principles can be applied in betting on totals. Studying the offensive and defensive statistics should be a crucial aspect of a handicapper’s routine; owning the best insight into the games you’re looking to wager can determine if a game will be a high or low-scoring affair.  

What are the NFL standings right now?  

Sportsbook Review NFL standings are regularly updated and, in most cases, will be altered as the games take place. Please bookmark our page to ensure your chances of success are heightened by utilizing all of the free tools we provide. 

Rather than asking a friend, “what are the NFL standings?,” boost your knowledge and know-how by having the information yourself, including those detailed wagering stats such as ATS records, S/U records, totals and unit statistics. 

NFL Units Standings 

The UNITS section tallies the number of betting units you would have won by betting the team in question. 

A unit in sports betting refers to the measurement of a handicapper’s bet. Because bettors use different sized bankrolls, a unit is a simple way to provide a profit/loss count universally. 

Most professional handicappers will recommend that staking 1-5% of your bankroll is the most viable approach to maintaining a healthy bankroll. Bettors with a $10,000 bankroll betting 1 unit (1%) would be risking $100 as a one-unit play. Somebody with a $100,000 bankroll should bet $1000 if they were following the 1% guideline. With that said, a handicapper’s bankroll size does not determine the greater handicapper, a unit count and return on investment percentage (ROI%) highlight the greatest sports bettors.