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- The most hyped 3 days of the offseason arrive next week with the 2015 NFL Draft. It's amazing how popular it is at sportsbooks. Here's a preview before making some NFL Picks.
- The NFL is a sport of momentum and with teams ascending and descending quickly due to parity, a good start in the month of September can make all of the difference.
- The NFL schedule was released on Tuesday night and NFL betting handicappers were quick to start examining futures based on what was posted. We’ve done some homework ourselves.
- Quarterbacks with a Super Bowl ring just about never reach modern day free agency while still in their mid-30s. Yet that's a possibility for the Giants' Eli Manning.
- The Oakland Raiders haven't finished with a winning record since 2002 when they lost Super Bowl XXXVII to former coach Jon Gruden and the Bucs. Let's look at Oakland's offseason.

With over a month of betting into this often vibrant marketplace, let’s now look at updated movement for the AFC teams in the second of this 2-part Futures Book series.

- With much happening in the early stages of NFL Free Agency, there has already been some NFL betting odds movement for some teams from the Opening NFL Season Win Totals numbers.
- The NFL postponed for a year a decision on expanding the playoffs by one wild card team in each conference. Here are the five teams in the NFC that decision could hurt the most in 2015.
- The NFL has decided to stick with its current 12-team playoff format for the 2015 season. instead of adding two wild cards. Here are the five teams in the AFC that decision could hurt the most.
- This handicapper looks at NFL listing candidates to break 7 hallowed single-season records in the upcoming season in order of likelihood.
- The Browns haven't had a winning record since 07 or made the playoffs since 02, but they could make for good TV Show "Hard Knocks" this summer cause that might be their only highlight.
- NFL's head-coaching positions that were open this offseason have been filled, so which coach is on the hottest seat in 2015? Find out inside who should be your next props pick.
- Since the NFL opened up the start of its Free Agency period on March 10, this handicapper has revised his predictions for the 2015 NFL Mock Draft.
- Now that NFL free agency is largely complete, it's time for the draft rumors to start. And one juicy one is San Diego potentially trading Philip Rivers to Tennessee for the No. 2 overall pick.
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