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Recent Activity: BetUS upgraded from D+ to C-, MarathonBet downgraded from B to B-, 1Vice upgraded from D+ to C-, Betcity SBR initiates rating coverage at D, Dimeline Upgraded from D- to D, SmartLiveGaming SBR initiates rating coverage at D+, Bet2Be SBR initiates rating coverage at D.


News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

Betin Sportsbook dispute

Are female sports bettors unfairly targeted by fraud departments?

10 minutes ago

The question is being asked by a female sports bettor who is at the center of a €1,497 winnings confiscation dispute with Betin Sportsbook (unrated). Sportsbook Review reported on November 1 that following the player being limited to €2 per play and continuing to soldier on through the bonus rollover, Betin closed the account citing a violation of their T&C's. | Betin complaint

SmartLiveGaming dispute

SmartLiveGaming complaint #2: UK player winnings dispute

36 minutes ago

A SmartLiveGaming (SBR rating D+) player has submitted a complaint with SBR. This is the second complaint on file and involves the confiscation of £60 in winnings. The player has given a detailed account of the events that led up to his winnings being confiscated, and maintains that he has done nothing wrong. | SmartLiveGaming complaint

Black Friday promo details

Got betpoints? Black Friday special at SBR Store

1 hour ago

Sportsbook Review is running a store special in honor of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving where retailers and even online sportsbooks run discount based promotions. Members based in the US have access to Apple electronics including a brand new iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, and a discounted Playstation 4 console. | Promotion details

LSbet Sportsbook complaint

LSbet Sportsbook Case Update: Player clarifies initial statement


Sportsbook Review reported on a bizarre complaint launched by a player against LSbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) earlier this week. In summary, a player claimed that his winnings were confiscated and only his initial deposit would be refunded due to not being employed in his country of residence. The player has since issued a clarification. | LSbet Complaint wagering dispute update player weighs options in cold case complaint


Sportsbook Review reported on November 14 that (SBR rating D-) proposed an unfair settlement in a cold case wagering dispute originally published by SBR seven months ago. Since that time, SBR has spoken with both again and the player who filed the complaint. The player is considering a revised settlement. | complaint

Unibet Sportsbook complaint

Unibet Sportsbook complaint on KYC process


A Unibet Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) player has filed a complaint with SBR. The player's account is presently blocked with a £200 total balance. He has explained the chain of events that led to the blocking, and has asked Sportsbook Review for assistance. The details of the player's complaint are accessible in this report's inner view. | Unibet complaint

NFL Prop Bets and Picks Breakdown for tonight's game


The NFL Prop Bets directory has been updated with game props for Thanksgiving Day football games. Sportsbook Review wishes its readers and their family a happy holiday. Players may also wish to use SBR's NFL Odds to compare late line movement ahead of tonight's Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers match-up which was broken down from a handicapping perspective in an article published by Jeff Grant.

GoBetGo player charged with violating multiple accounts policy


A GobetGo (unrated) player has filed a complaint. The player has stated that €1091 in winnings were confiscated. He was accused of violating the sportsbook's terms and conditions pertaining to multiple accounts. The accusation was made following a failed phone verification, according to the player. SBR is speaking with GobetGo for more information and will report findings.

Bet2Be player claims that his £800 balance has been confiscated


A Bet2Be (SBR rating D) who reported being owed £800 since August 26 has now claimed that his winnings have been confiscated. Bet2Be reportedly told the player that his withdrawal could not be completed as his account was suspended. Only the player's initial deposit has been refunded. Sportsbook Review is following up on this complaint. SBR reported recently that Bet2Be players have submitted over 30 complaints against the Isle of Man based betting site.

Anonibet Sportsbook evaluation report

Bitcoin betting site Anonibet undergoing SBR evaluation


Sportsbook Review is presently gathering additional information on Anonibet Sportsbook. The bitcoin betting site, listed in the bitcoin sportsbooks page, has been online since 2011. The shop has a presence in the UK and in Malta and has a maximum payout of 500 BTC (approximately $18,800) per 24 hours. The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC or 38¢. | Anonibet details

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New Ratings Upgrades Downgrades

11/17/2014 09:47 PM CST
BetUS upgraded from D+ to C-
11/16/2014 07:08 AM CST
MarathonBet downgraded from B to B-
11/07/2014 09:48 PM CST
1Vice upgraded from D+ to C-
11/05/2014 10:58 AM CST
Betcity SBR initiates rating coverage at D
11/04/2014 05:25 PM CST
Dimeline Upgraded from D- to D
10/30/2014 04:34 PM CST
SmartLiveGaming SBR initiates rating coverage at D+
10/14/2014 07:28 PM CST
Bet2Be SBR initiates rating coverage at D
10/11/2014 09:40 AM CST
Sportsbettingonline downgraded from C- to D+

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