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Online sportsbook news, sportsbook reviews, and player complaints against online sportsbooks.

TonyBet Sportsbook complaint

5 hours ago

Sportsbook Review reported on September 22 that a TonyBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player filed a bonus complaint. The player deposited €400 in exchange for a 50% bonus up to €200. The player made 15 wagers with the online sportsbook before having his wagering limits slashed to €1. TonyBet has addressed the complaint with SBR.

SuperLenny Sportsbook Complaint

6 hours ago

A (unrated) player has filed a wagering complaint. The player recently wagered €150 on the Jeremy Chardy vs. Samuel Groth tennis match. Samuel Groth retired following the completion of the first set. SuperLenny voided the player's wager, which prompted the player to point out that SuperLenny's tennis rules list that bets are official after the first set.

YouWin Sportsbook update

10 hours ago

YouWin Sportsbook management have addressed the second payout complaint filed by an Italian player. Much like the first complaint reported earlier in the week, the player was attempting to withdraw his balance from the online sportsbook following their exit of the Italian market. The sportsbook also no longer serves the UK, Belgium, or Greece.

NFL Week 5 Betting Digest

11 hours ago

Sportsbook Review has released the NFL Week 5 Betting Digest. The digest includes resources considered essential for handicappers to have the best chance at beating the razor-sharp NFL betting odds, as well as the skinny on how to take part in opportunities to win free cash and find the most pointed of NFL week 5 betting content.

FantasyGate Scandal report


SBR released a report yesterday covering the fantasy sports betting scandal that practically took the internet off-line. One of the emerging discussions from the wreckage is how fantasy betting differs from sports betting, and bookies betting with other online sportsbooks.

YouWin Sportsbook complaint


A second YouWin Sportsbook (SBR rating C+ complaint has been submitted by an Italian player. The player is no longer able to play with YouWin following their exit of the Italian market. SBR reported earlier in the week of an Italian player who has yet to be paid his €2,539 balance from the online sportsbook.

NHL Betting Futures


The National Hockey League (NHL) season begins tonight. Players can access NHL betting futures across nine top online sportsbooks using the hockey futures and prop bets directory. Only sportsbooks in good standing with players are listed in the NHL comparison page, which shows a variety of the latest NHL wagering markets.

Insider Trading at Fantasy Sports sites?


Fantasy sports betting invaded living rooms at the start of the NFL season with an onslaught of never-ending commercials. Now fantasy sports betting is headlining the NY Times, but not about winning $2 million on a $35 deposit, as a scandal has come to light that raises the question of insider trading by a DraftKings employee who won $350K at FanDuel.

CRSportBet Report


CRSportsBet has been added to the online sportsbooks rating guide at the mark of D. The Costa Rica based online sportsbook opened for business in May of 2015. Sportsbook Review asks CRSportsBet players with feedback to write in via e-mail to Users can also file a sportsbook complaint if in need of assistance.


  • CRSportsBet
    SBR initiates rating coverage at D
  • Sportsbettingonline
    Upgraded from C- to C
  • BetAtHome
    upgraded from C- to C
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