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News on scam sports betting sites, industry events and business deals. added to rating guide

16 hours ago

Online sportsbook has been assessed with an initial rating of D. The sportsbook has had two controversially handled disputes reported to SBR in recent times. In one complaint, a player was told he had to wait a minimum of 30 business days to be paid for what was an investigation into his account on suspicion of multi-accounting.

BetPhoenix Sportsbook complaint

17 hours ago

A BetPhoenix Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) player has filed a complaint with SBR. The player was limited last spring to $1 max wagers and subsequently decided to withdraw his $7,220 balance. However, the player was told that his only options were to receive payment through a person-to-person transfer option, not Skrill (as advertised).

Bitcoin market report

19 hours ago

The current trading price of bitcoin (BTC) is $287.91. In 2015 alone, fifteen new online sportsbooks surfaced that deal exclusively in bitcoin. A list of 27 online sportsbooks accepting bitcoin can be found in the sportsbook rating guide filter. Additional categories include whether or not the sportsbook holds player balances in bitcoin or their preferred local currency.

Sports bettor report


If you're an online sports bettor who uses an older version of Windows and has been given the option to upgrade, you should be all set. All of the applications - such as some online sportsbooks downloadable casinos or poker clients - should continue to work without a hitch. However, if your primary device is a Mac and you run Boot Camp, keep reading.

Easystreet Sportsbook scam report


A former EasyStreet Sports (SBR rating F) player has filed a complaint with SBR against the defunct online sportsbook. The player was looking to get back into his account to make some wagers for the upcoming football season, and realized that EasyStreet Sports unceremoniously pulled the plug on their operation.

ZenitBet complaint


ZenitBet Sportsbook has responded to the sportsbook payout complaint reported last Tuesday. A player claimed that he had been waiting since May 29th to be paid and had complied with every request the Russian sportsbook made of him, including mailing notarized copies of his ID. This article gives the latest scoop. complaint


A Sportsbook player has filed a complaint with SBR against the sports betting website. He verified his account with Vbet on the 11th of June and was forced to wait 30 days due to "many accounts in the queue" being verified. His ordeal only gets worse from here out, as he claims then changes their payout rules.

BetMayor Sportsbook report


A former customer service manager with BetMayor Sportsbook (SBR rating F) has claimed that the online sportsbook has reopened under (unrated). Sportsbook Review has not heard back from the GM of BetMayor concerning the $51,000 casino winner's dispute or an update on if BetMayor player balances will be honored by

Bovada software update feedback


As reported last week, Bovada updated not only its website but its proprietary sportsbook software. This article lists Bovada player feedback and what are considered pros and cons as posted in the Sportsbook & Industry forum. Bovada has told SBR that they are in the process of reviewing all feedback and implementing patches for the few bugs reported so far.

AllHorseRacing complaint


Update 7/27 7:14PM ET: The AllHorseRacing player has confirmed receiving his payment details earlier this afternoon. A manager responded to SBR's request for comment only stating that the player would be provided the necessary information to collect his $160 payout. This complaint is now considered resolved. AllHorseRacing players in need of assistance should write to

An AllHorseRacing Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has not been paid a $160 payout requested three months ago. The player has been given zero information from the online sportsbook on the delay for his payout, and has concluded he will not be paid from the blacklisted online sportsbook. SBR has followed up with the sportsbook on his payout issue.


  • Vbet
    SBR initiates rating coverage at D
  • BetPhoenix
    Downgraded from C to C-
  • BetLuckys
    SBR initiates rating coverage at D+
  • See the complete rating changes list
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