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Recent Activity: WagerWeb Upgraded from C+ to B, 10Bet Upgraded from B- to B, EasyStreet Sports downgraded from D to D-, InstantActionSports downgraded from D+ to D, Readytobet SBR initiates rating coverage at C+, HRWager upgraded from C- to C, Topbet upgraded from C- to C.


News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

11 hours ago

A (SBR rating D-) player has filed a payout complaint against the betting site. The player requested payment of $500 on March 5 and as of today, March 26, he has yet to receive the funds. The player has stated that customer service has been of no help to him, and he is in the dark on when he can expect to receive payment.

12 hours ago

BetOnline Sportsbook (SBR rating A) has officially added bitcoin to their online cashier. The sportsbook told SBR that bitcoin soft launched over a month ago to a small group of players before being opened for public usage. All players may now deposit and withdraw up to $2,000 in bitcoin at a time with BetOnline, or approximately 8 BTC in today's pricing. | BetOnline adds bitcoin

17 hours ago

Underdog betting could potentially pay off big in the 2015 men's NCAA tournament. What was once a 300 to 1 lottery ticket can now be found for an average price of 100 to 1. The NC State Wolfpack moved from 200 to 1 underdogs to an average of 55  to 1. This article contains the biggest betting swings and the present best industry odds offered by online sportsbooks. | NCAA Tournament Underdog Betting


Three new payout complaints have been submitted by Dashbet players. The online sportsbook is providing only generic updates acknowledging a payout queue to both players and SBR. No updates have been given on when players can expect to receive payment, or if deposits will stop being accepted in the meantime as the sportsbook cannot handle paying accounts.

MLB Betting Futures Directory Updated


The MLB World Series Betting futures page has been updated. Wagering markets for the World Series winner, player props, pennant winner, and more are populated in the directory. Betting sites that maintain good standing in the sportsbook ratings guide are listed. The page will be updated throughout the upcoming MLB season.


A 1bet2bet Sportsbook player has filed a betting complaint. The player deposited 1,900 Shekels (approximately $485) to his account on February 22. He won his first few bets over the course of the following month, and ultimately increased his balance to 2,180 Shekels. His wagers were on international basketball, NCAAB and NBA. | Read what happened


Bookmaker Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) have upgraded their wagering software. The user interface has been redesigned to be more fluid and the color scheme has been entirely redone. Players with feedback on the new design are encouraged to submit their feedback to Sportsbook Review by email or through the posting forum. | View pictures of redesigned software


Update: TitanBet has credited the player with an additional €5 to allow him to satisfy the minimum cashout. The exception was made as the player's account is closed.

A TitanBet Sportsbook (SBR rating B) player has filed a complaint. The player signed up for TitanBet recently and has claimed that after a single bet his wagering limits were slashed. Rather than bet for €1 per game, the player requested to be paid his balance. He was told that he is unable to make a payout request because his balance is less than €20. His account was then closed. | Read TitanBet complaint


Sportsbook Review has interviewed Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao super-fight May 2 in Las Vegas. Interview topics include Pinnacle's current and planned wagering limits on the fight, offering live betting for the fight, the prop betting markets to come, and much more. | Read the interview


Sportsbook Review reported one week ago on a Tipico betting dispute. The player claimed to have made five successful wagers with Tipico before his account access was suspended. He was asked to send his ID, a photo of himself holding the ID, and a utility bill. After doing so, the decision to suspend the account was made permanent and the balance of €1,115 went unpaid. | Tipico addresses complaint

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03/18/2015 08:04 PM CST
WagerWeb Upgraded from C+ to B
03/02/2015 11:46 AM CST
10Bet Upgraded from B- to B
03/02/2015 09:41 AM CST
EasyStreet Sports downgraded from D to D-
02/21/2015 10:03 PM CST
InstantActionSports downgraded from D+ to D
01/09/2015 01:54 PM CST
Readytobet SBR initiates rating coverage at C+
12/06/2014 10:47 AM CST
HRWager upgraded from C- to C
12/02/2014 02:45 PM CST
Topbet upgraded from C- to C
11/17/2014 09:47 PM CST
BetUS upgraded from D+ to C-

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