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Recent Activity: Readytobet SBR initiates rating coverage at C+, HRWager upgraded from C- to C, Topbet upgraded from C- to C, BetUS upgraded from D+ to C-, MarathonBet downgraded from B to B-, 1Vice upgraded from D+ to C-, Betcity SBR initiates rating coverage at D.


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5 Craziest Super Bowl Prop Bets

7 hours ago

Sportsbook Review video host Natalie takes readers through the 5 craziest Super Bowl Prop bets on offer by online sportsbooks. Super Bowl XLIX betting props are being released hand over fist by bookmakers looking to distinguish themselves from the pack. This article lists the top 5 prop bets and provides information on the Super Bowl XLIX Prop Bets list. | Crazy Prop Bets

Leonbets Complaint Resolved + Player facts were wrong

13 hours ago

Sportsbook Review reported that a Leonbets player claimed a balance of $100,000 was confiscated. It turns out that the facts provided by the player were incorrect, and his balance was in fact $1,500. The player further stated that he was accused of multiple accounting after providing his ID. Leonbets has spoken with SBR on the complaint and confirmed that the player received payment in full, and the issue is now resolved. Players with feedback are encouraged to write to

BTC update


Bitcoin (BTC) has had a welcomed good past week. Trading now at $275, the anonymous cryptocurrency sank as low as $209 on January 18. Player hopes remain high that bitcoin will pick itself up from the canvas and continue to be a useful method for depositing and withdrawing from online sportsbooks. | Bitcoin market moves

KYC report


It is an unfortunate reality of the industry that customers hailing from Eastern European countries undergo more advanced security screening or "KYC" (Know Your Customer) than the average player. So, why does this happen, and what can you do as an honest Joe looking to place a bet without sending vials of your blood to an online sportsbook? Keep reading.

GoBetGo news


Five more players burned by the downfall of GoBetGo Sportsbook have submitted sportsbook complaint forms with SBR. The players say they were totally blindisded by the sudden collapse of GoBetGo, who folded overnight while basically saying "oops!" in a short letter on their homepage. Players are owed at least $200,000. | GoBetGo complaints


The media has made quite a stink about the opening points spread for Super Bowl XLIX. Specifically, the fact that the line changed from the Seahawks as 2 point favorites to a line of even or “PICK” (aka PK em) shortly after the market opened. Articles like this one from Yahoo! Sports announced that Vegas oddsmakers got it wrong and that it will cost “millions”.  The truth is that Vegas doesn’t open most lines and lines move because of what happens outside of Vegas. There is definitely more line movement to come as the big game guarantees massive public and professional action just as certainly as there will be a musical halftime performance. So where do lines come from, why are they what they are and why do they change? | Keep reading

Leonbets Player and $100,000 Complaint


Sportsbook Review video news anchor Natalie Rydstrom covers the recent sportsbook complaint filed by a Leonbets player who alleges that $100,000 in winnings were confiscated. Leonbets reportedly told the player that he was guilty of violating their terms and conditions on operating multiple accounts, a charge he denies. | Video Report

Super Bowl MVP Winner

5Dimes Sportsbook releases Super Bowl XLIX MVP Odds


5Dimes Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) has released their Super Bowl XLIX MVP winner market. Tom Brady is offered at +180, which means a $100 wager returns $180 in profit. This is presently an industry best return. Russell Wilson is trading at +260, so $100 returns $260. 5Dimes has told SBR that their gauntlet of player proposition wagers will be released next week.

Slow-pay Complaint Update: Player receives $5,000


Sportsbook Review reported last week on a BetMayor Sportsbook customer who submitted a $5,000 payout complaint. The player had requested to be paid by bank transfer on December 10 and had been receiving the runaround. Sportsbook Review followed up on the complaint with BetMayor but received no response. Player feedback is encouraged.

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01/09/2015 01:54 PM CST
Readytobet SBR initiates rating coverage at C+
12/06/2014 10:47 AM CST
HRWager upgraded from C- to C
12/02/2014 02:45 PM CST
Topbet upgraded from C- to C
11/17/2014 09:47 PM CST
BetUS upgraded from D+ to C-
11/16/2014 07:08 AM CST
MarathonBet downgraded from B to B-
11/07/2014 09:48 PM CST
1Vice upgraded from D+ to C-
11/05/2014 10:58 AM CST
Betcity SBR initiates rating coverage at D
11/04/2014 05:25 PM CST
Dimeline Upgraded from D- to D

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