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Political News and Election Analysis

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If you’re wondering whether you can bet on politics, the answer is a resounding “Yes, you can!”

Betting on politics can be a daunting ask. Lucky for you SBR’s team of expert handicappers are on hand with politics predictions that cover breaking news and political events, as well as funneling all the information through unbiased and objective commentaries to help you bet the market confidently.

Unlike sports betting events, political events are few and far in-between for the simple reason that nations around the world typically hold elections every four to five years. And yet: betting on politics is growing in popularity by the year.

Political betting may seem novel but it’s been prevalent over the last decade and in 2016 it skyrocketed on the back of two major upsets in the political sphere in the UK and USA. The former saw “Leave” win the Brexit referendum against the odds; the latter saw TV celebrity and entrepreneur Donald Trump defy the odds to become the 45th president of the United States. The 2020 election set a record for voter turnout in the US and became the most widely bet-on political event of all time.

Politics betting has become mainstream and another enormous pop-culture event on the betting calendar – one that people follow with great eagerness and are betting on in record numbers.

If you’re looking for 2020 US Election predictions and tips, for important elections around the globe, you’ve come to the right spot. Our team of experts have got your back for all things political.

Betting on Politics on the Up Since 2016

Political betting online has grown exponentially in recent years, reaching stratospheric levels in 2016 and hitting stratospheric heights during the 2020 campaign thanks largely to Donald Trump’s stunning upset over Hillary Clinton, defying exit polls, media assumptions and election analysis by some of the punditocracy that had the former U.S. Secretary of State practically moved into the White House — all too prematurely.

2020 was a different election altogether. Donald Trump entered the 2020 campaign with a sketchy record in regards to the moves he made as President. On vote-day, 250,000 Americans were dead from COVID-19 and the country was on the verge of economic ruin. There was no place to hide for Trump, who, to this day is disputing the results that saw him lose quite comfortable.

More importantly, the outcome of both the 2016 and 2020 elections proved in no uncertain terms that a) polls and media weren’t reliable sources of information and b) upsets too can happen in the political sphere — the latter of which means there is positive betting value for bettors.

2016 and 2020 set the bar as far as US Election Betting goes. The presidential odds for those elections became water-cooler talk and as much of the mainstream as any sporting event on the planet. Looking forward, it is yet-to-be-determined if we will ever see the heightened exposure again for US Political Candidates.

That said, US Elections have entered a new phase of “extreme scrutiny”. Best guesses are that future campaigns will be as hotly contested and therefore highly bet-on.

Understanding the US Process

Before placing a bet on the Presidential election of the United States, understanding some of the basics of the American electoral system is crucial; namely, that the U.S elections aren’t necessarily a popularity contest but rather a race to win the electoral college vote.

America’s founding fathers devised the electoral college system with the specific purpose to balance direct votes of the public with a vote in Congress. The upshot of which is that presidents are decided indirectly by state-based elections rather than by the direct majority vote of the American public.

Case-and-point: In 2016, Hillary Clinton outpaced Trump by 2.9 million popular votes but Trump won the electoral college vote by a landslide (304 votes to 227) a result that defied expectations at the time. More voters voted for Clinton than any other losing president in the United States. In 2020 Joe Biden garnered a record 80+ million votes to win – Donald Trump received the second-most votes of all-time but still lost.

2020 US Elections – Democrats vs. Republicans

Updated on January 11, 2021: It has been a fluid and consequential time in US politics characterized by denials, paradigm-shifts in the leadership structure in Washington DC and even an attempted coup! The lawsuits contesting the election are finally over, The Electoral College and Congress have certified the results, the power brokers, minus Donald Trump himself have accepted the results of the November 3 vote and everybody appears ready to move on.

“Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th,” Trump said in a statement posted to Twitter by his social media director. His own account had been locked by the company for posting messages that appeared to justify the assault on the seat of the nation’s democracy. All social media since has banned Trump.

The post-November 3 political landscape has continued to be less about Democrat vs. Republican and more about Democrat vs. Trumpism. We need not look further than the Georgia State Senate Runoff Elections on January 5. In ruby-red Georgia, two incumbent Republican Senators tethered themselves to Donald Trump in order to maintain the Trump base and each lost. That loss put the control of the Senate in Democrat hands and gave Democrats control of all three branches of government.

What that means is the eventual runner-stamping of all that is on President Joe Biden’s wish-list for at least the next two years. That could mean a much-needed increase in focus on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, the expansion of Obamacare and even a stronger look at gun violence measures – all of which Republicans would have worked to block if they were able to hold any of the branches of government.

The Democrats and Republicans will be in charge of coming together in attempts to unify the fractured country. Only time will tell if the two parties can and will get along.

Next President – Prediction 2024

The end of the Trump Presidency threatens to completely shift the political landscape up to and including the 2024 race. Republican 2024 hopefuls had aligned themselves with the much-maligned Trump and those Republicans are already paying the price in the Court of Public Opinion.

The end of the Trump Presidency was a disaster for the Republican Party – nobody looked good. Kamala Harris is the current Betting frontrunner to become President in 2024 at +450, Joe Biden is +600 even though he will be 82 at the time of the next swearing-in and Republican Nikki Haley looks like the frontrunner for that party.

One thing is certain – there will be some twists and turns in the next four years that keeps oddsmakers and bettors on their toes. American politics has never been this fractured and unpredictable, making the 2024 race one to watch!

What Types of Political Bets Are Available?

Political Futures

The most common bets are futures that cash at a specific future date when the event is resolved. In the 2024 Presidential race, a veritable buffet of futures for potential candidates projected to become the next president went to press before the race narrows down to two candidates.

Straight up Political Bets

Moneyline bets are another popular wager in political betting — also known as straight-up bets that deal with two possible outcomes. With the 2020 Presidential race narrowed down to Donald Trump and Joe Biden, bettors could wager on which of these two men would win the 2020 US Elections.

Political Point Spreads

Point Spreads crop up from time to time in political betting markets where feasible. For instance, betting on the number of seats a party (either the Democrats or Republicans) may win in Congress or Senate could be portrayed with a point spread.

Political Props Betting

Props are extremely prevalent in political betting markets. Considered periphery betting markets because they don’t always relate to the outcome of an event, they are nevertheless a fun way to add extra thrills. Examples of prop bets during the 2020 US Elections were: “How many times will Trump say “China Virus” during the RNC?” How many times will “Black Lives Matter” be mentioned during the RNC?

2024 Presidential Election Predictions

2024 will be here before we know it. Generally, campaigning starts two years out from the Election date so that means the race for the chance to govern the US for the next four years will be on. Until then, sportsbooks will have updated US Election Betting odds. Our expert cappers will serve up regular 2024 Election predictions, political previews and predictions that track the market and serve up the latest updated movements of the candidates on the political odds board. Bookmark our page to stay abreast of all the comings and goings in the political realm.

It isn’t just the US…

Political Betting spans the globe and based on the amount of money that the 2020 US Election brought in, oddsmakers and sportsbooks will likely be looking to expand the amount of opportunities going forward. The UK’s Brexit fiasco is another example of a hotly contested betting opportunity that oddsmakers will draw on as they seek new elections around the globe to handicap. Rest assured that there will be many more intriguing global elections and betting opportunities on those outcomes ahead.

SBR is committed to bringing you all relevant Political Betting opportunities. If there is action on a world-changing race, SBR will be there with the latest odds, trends and picks on those events.

More than Just Political Betting

SBR is your one-stop shop for daily betting previews, predictions and tips on every single mainstream sport in America, as well as politics. We’ve got you covered for NFL Picks, NBA Picks, NHL Picks, NCAAF Picks, Tennis Picks and much, much more.