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SBG Global Review

Last Updated 06/02/20

Risk of slow pay or no pay.

SBG Global News

SBG Global Bonus Dispute: Player has Limits Slashed

An SBG Global (SBR rating D-) bonus complaint has been filed. A player recently deposited $5,000 with SBG Global and received a $500 sports bonus. The bonus promotion was accompanied by a 5X deposit+bonus rollover, meaning that the player would have to play through $27,500 before asking for a withdrawal.

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GR88 Sportsbook Accuses Player of Syndicate Betting

GR88 Sportsbook (SBR rating D) has accused a player of syndicate betting. Syndicate or organized betting refers to the act of colluding with other sports bettors to circumvent wagering limits. It has also been used in the context of players within the same household receiving multiple sign up bonuses for new accounts.

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SBG Global Player Submits Positive Feedback

An SBG Global (SBR rating D-) player has submitted positive feedback. The player has claimed to have played with the online sports betting website for a period of eight years without incident. He has claimed to have gambled for 30 years and been impressed with the betting site, so questioned why they maintain a rating of D- and are on the sportsbook blacklist.

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SBG Global player shares negative experience following UFC wager

An SBG Global (SBR rating D-) player has submitted negative feedback stemming from a UFC wager he made. The player claimed that he wagered a UFC fight to go under 2.5 rounds, and that the fight was stopped with 1:33 elapsed in round three. His bet was initially graded as a win, but he later had the settlement reversed and his wager was marked as a loss.

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Sportsbooks first to release UFC 175 odds

UFC 175 is the next major upcoming Pay-Per-View event in the world of mixed martial arts. In a packed card that features Chris Weidman as a nearly 2.5 to 1 favorite against Lyoto Machida, as well as another appearance from undefeated womens star Ronda Rousey. The UFC betting directory shows that a few sportsbooks have already established betting odds, while the rest of the market has yet to do so.

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DafaBet accuses second bettor of syndicate play

DafaBet (unrated) has accused a player of “illegal betting patterns” and confiscated €516 in winnings + bonus money. This is the second report from a DafaBet player in as many weeks. The two unrelated players detail similar events: Their funds were confiscated, a generic note given from customer service, and only their deposited funds left in their accounts.

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ToBet Sportsbook confiscates winnings citing syndicate play

ToBet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) is unwilling to revisit their decision to confiscate the winnings of a player they allege was part of a betting syndicate. Unlike one player working with others to circumvent limits or one player having multiple accounts, which is a clear violation of standard terms, these “syndicate” players could simply be friends with legitimate accounts who share the same opinion and are innocent of any wrongdoing. In the past we have seen SBG Global claim that innocent players following a winning local radio tout were guilty of syndicate play. They were cheated out of winnings and were not guilty of any wrongdoing.

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Sportsbook scam alert 2012: Don't be a victim!

The beginning of a new football season brings plenty of opportunities to win cash. What it also brings is an assortment of betting sites that have no ability to pay players. Players are targeted with glossy pamphlets, coasters, cigars, even bottles of fine brandy; what a player must do is his or her homework. Not everyone sending a care package to your doorstep has the best intentions.

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Sportingbet, SBG Global and more sportsbook news

SBR newswoman Natalie and dispute analyst Justin discuss the latest iGaming industry news. The video includes the resolution of the SBG Global payment complaints; as well as the Bet33 past-posted wagers dispute. Players with sportsbook feedback are asked to write to SBR at

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SBG Global addresses two payout complaints

SBG Global (SBR rating D-) has addressed two payment complaints reported by SBR earlier this month. In the first dispute, a player reported requesting a $5,000 withdrawal on March 23rd. In the second dispute, a player told SBR he asked for $5,000 on April 3rd. SBG Global has stated that both players have since received payment. SBR is asking the players to confirm, and will consider these two disputes closed.

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