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Heritage Sports is known for their perks, special promos, and quality customer service. Heritage has one of the best reduced juice pricing models in the industry, translating to huge savings over the course of a wagering season as long as MLB. The sports betting site is a perennial top 5 sportsbook in SBR Forum community polls.
Heritage Sports Overview
Heritage Sports is known for their perks, special promos, and quality customer service. Heritage has one of the best reduced juice pricing model in the industry, translating to huge savings over the course of a wagering season as long as MLB.

Popular Cashier Options

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  General Sportsbook Information

Country Restrictions

Australia, Costa Rica, France, UK. Contact customer service to verify eligibility. Signup available for North America.

Currencies Accepted

USD, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dodgecoin, Ether, Ether Classic, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple

Methods of Deposits

What Deposit Methods Does Heritage Sports Offer?

Method Min Max Cost
Bitcoin $25 $10,000 Free
Person to Person $100 $600 Contact Customer Service.
(Not available on Sundays)
Money Transfer $100 $600 Contact Customer Service.
(Not available on Sundays)
International Visa $17 $500 per transaction Possible Foreign Exchange Fees are not reimbursed
MasterCard $17 $500 per transaction Possible Foreign Exchange Fees are not reimbursed
AMEX $17 $500 per transaction Possible Foreign Exchange Fees are not reimbursed
Cashier's Check $1,000+   Fees reimbursed
Bank Wire $5,000+   Fees reimbursed

Oftentimes depositing, even at some of the better online sportsbooks, can be a hassle when it should be effortless. After registering for an account at Heritage Sports, their deposit methods make it easy to get in on the action. Prior to depositing any money, it is highly suggested the customer contact Client Services at 1-800-555-8800 in order to understand what fees, if any, are associated with the intended method of deposit. Traditional methods, like credit and prepaid cards, fund accounts immediately and can be tendered in as little as $17 up to $500 per transaction. Bank wires in the amount of $5000 and higher take between 24-72 hours and fees are reimbursed.

However, Heritage Sports was among the first to accept cryptocurrency and if you are either completely unaware of or just vaguely familiar with digital currency then it can be a bit intimidating to suddenly dabble in a currency with which you have no knowledge. But getting the basics is easy and Heritage Sports can walk anyone through the process in a matter of minutes.

Methods of Withdrawal

How Do I Withdraw Money from Heritage Sports?

Method Min Max Cost
Bitcoin $100 $3,000 Mon-Fri / Free
  $500 $1,000 Weekends / Free
Check $500 $3,000 -$50
-1 Free payout every 30 rolling days.
Bank Wire $10,000 and up   $75
Person to Person $100 $300 Variable fee.
Sports Book Transfer $500 $10,000 Free

Getting money into a sportsbook is usually much easier than getting it out. But here again, we found Heritage Sports separated itself from most in the industry by paying out in a timely manner. Withdrawal requests are handled on Monday from 6 AM to 12 noon (Pacific Standard Time) and on Tuesday through Friday, from 7 AM to 12 noon (Pacific Standard Time). There are no fees attached to Bitcoin or sportsbook transfers and it is a same-day transaction.

Bank wires of $10,000 and up can take three to seven business days while person to person methods normally take three to five business days. Fees vary according to method, so before you ask for a withdrawal, it is always wise to contact customer service to be informed of your options. Regardless of which method you prefer, Heritage has a nearly 20-year track record of paying its customers on time, which makes them one of the most trusted books in the industry.

Hours of Operation

Bets accepted 24/7, 365 days per year via the internet.


  • Mike Madison - President & General Manager
  • Most Common Complaint

    Professional price-trading players may not receive full access to loyalty perks.

    Customer Service

    Does Offer Heritage Sports Customer Service Options?

    There are two things we expect when we contact customer service, whether we are paying our cable bill, asking for tech support, or seeking resolution to a problem.

    1. Minimal Waiting – There is nothing worse than getting a prerecorded message which tells you of the company’s “legendary service” but informs you that it will be 45 minutes before you will be able to experience it for yourself. Heritage Sports avails its customers with three contact methods, two of which are virtually immediate; live chat on its site and by telephone (1-800-800-7777). Emails are the third option customerservice@heritagespots.com and a response is often rendered within hours via that method.
    2. Trained Customer Service Representatives – Heritage Sports meticulously grooms its representatives before allowing them to field calls. We found that the reps we spoke to were well versed in all aspects of the operation and highly professional. They were courteous but not fawning and went straight to the heart of the matter. We found the Heritage Sports reps were trained to listen, and listen carefully, before replying and did so in a cogent and effective manner. Not once were we interrupted and it is important to also note that both English and Spanish speaking agents are available.

    Live Chat



    English, Spanish

      Sportsbook Incentives

    New Account Bonuses

    Does Heritage Sports Offer Bonuses?

    Players can choose from Player Programs:

    1. Reduced Juice: -108 style sides / totals + Cash back

    2. -105 style sides/totals: All full games and totals

    Sign up bonus: 50% cash, max $250 bonus, 12X rollover. P2P deposits not eligible. Confirm eligibility with CS.

    Bonuses are the bait used to hook most unsuspecting customers into depositing with unsavory sportsbooks. Be very aware of this tactic because if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Getting paid is the name of the game and Heritage Sports does that as well as anybody in the marketplace but they also offer plenty of bonuses as well. We found that this applies to both new and existing customers, and the programs vary depending on the time of the year.

    Currently, the sportsbook program offers a 50 percent bonus on a new customer’s initial deposit of $300 or more with a maximum cash bonus of $250 with a 12x rollover. Based on your level of play, there are varying cash back bonuses available and reduced juice on wagers. The casino offers an eight percent cash back bonus on net losses while the racebook will get your four percent back on the total volume of your wagers with a four-time rollover, paid monthly.

    Heritage Sports even offers a free birthday parlay of up to $500 for their sports betting customers! Also, ask about their 8th deposit promo where you will get a 100 percent bonus if you have a zero balance and no withdrawals after your first seven deposits. The amount is an average of those first seven deposits and can be up to $5000 with an 8x rollover.

    Special Promotions

    Bitcoin Cash Bonus on first bitcoin deposit. Existing customers only, ask CS for more details.

    Update August 2019:

    Heritage Sports (SBR rating A+) has informed SBR that live betting wagers now count toward their cash back incentive program. Under the terms of the program, players are able to benefit from both discount lines on wagers as well as a guaranteed cash percentage back on wagers. Cash back rebates are awarded quarterly. This perk including cash back for live bets went into effect on August 1.

    Loyalty Program

    Perks include reduced juice with two of the bonus programs, free contests, Open Spot parlays, Leverage bets, Hedge bets, a Free Birthday Parlay, free payouts, and more.

      Wagering Information

    Min. Bet

    Minimum wager is $2 on the Internet and $25 over the phone for Sports, $5 for horses, EXCEPT for special promotions.


    Max. Bet

    Heritage Sports Betting Limits

    The casual bettor will have no worries with limits as the minimum online bet is just $2 in the sportsbook and racebook and $25 over the phone. But even the seasoned pro uses Heritage Sports as a reliable out because their maximum payouts on parlays, almost parlays, round robins, teasers, and pleasers are $100,000.

    Maximum wagers on NFL are $3000 on a side and $2000 on a total. Limits are less on other sports like $2000 on NBA sides and $1000 on NBA totals while $1000 is the max on NHL, college basketball and Major League Baseball. Although there are other shops that have higher limits, Heritage Sports takes enough to make them a viable out for even the biggest shooters.

    Reduced Juice

    Yes, -108 Odds on all Football and Basketball full game sides wagered on the Internet.


    Almost parlays, Pleasers, Teasers, Action Reverse Leverage Plays, If Win or Push and more...

    Update September 2019:

    Heritage Sports has added a new Soccer Plus+ section for soccer betting enthusiasts. The platform offers an unmatched variety of markets for each game both pre-game and in-play.

    (click for full size)

    Limit Collars

    Limits may be lowered at management's discretion.

    Parlay Payoffs:

    Teams Payoff
    2 2.64/1
    3 5.95/1
    4 12.28/1
    5 24.35/1
    6 47.41/1
    7 91.42/1
    8 175/1
    9 335/1
    10 642/1
    11 1226/1
    12 2342/1
    13 4473/1
    14 8541/1
    15 16306/1
    16 31132/1
    17 59434/1
    18 113467/1
    19 216620/1
    20 413549/1
    21 789503/1
    22 1507233/1
    23 2877445/1
    24 5493303/1
    25 10487211/1

    Maximum amount of open spots is 14.

    Standard Teasers
    6-Point Football | 4-Point Basketball
    Standard Teaser, NO NFL SPREADS (NFL Totals OK): 6 Points Football, 4 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.
    6½-Point Football 4½-Point Basketball (Standard)
    Standard Teaser, May Include NFL: 6½ Points Football, 4½ Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.
    6½-Point Football 4½-Point Basketball (Standard NO NFL SPREADS)
    Standard Teaser, NO NFL SPREADS (NFL Totals OK): 6½ Points Football, 4½ Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.
    7-Point Football 5-Point Basketball (Standard) Standard Teaser, May Include NFL Spreads: 7 Points Football, 5 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.
    7-Point Football 5-Point Basketball (Standard NO NFL SPREADS)
    Standard Teaser, NO NFL SPREADS (NFL Totals OK): 7 Points Football, 5 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.


    Heritage Sports ExlusiveTeasers
    Special 10-Point Football 8-Point Basketball
    Super 13-Point Football 10-Point Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.
    Gigantic 14-Point Football 11-Point Basketball. Ties reduce. 2-15 Teams.
    Enormous 17-Point Football 14-Point Basketball. Ties reduce. 3-15 Teams.
    Humongous: 20 Points Football, 16 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 4-15 Teams.
    Gargantuan: 21 Points Football, 17 Points Basketball. Ties reduce. 5-15 Teams.

      Website Information

    Software Provider


    Betting Screens

    Place a Bet Confirm your Bet Bet Confirmed


    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Date Established


    Current License

    Governed by the laws of Costa Rica.

    Physical Address


    Phone Numbers

    Customer Service +1-800-800-7777
    Wagering +1-800-555-8800


    Why is Heritage Sports a Trusted Sports Betting Site?


    Heritage Sports has earned its A+ rating designation from Sportsbook Review based on quick payouts, a multitude of betting options, superior customer service and an easy to navigate website that allows even the novice to surf without getting intimidated by the plethora, and variety, of events as well as wagering possibilities. After researching and vetting Heritage Sports, let’s talk about what we found.

    How many times have you gone online to research a service or product and tried desperately to get an honest and accurate account? It is not always as easy as it would appear but that’s why we have done all the heavy lifting for you. And don’t take the word of a friend or acquaintance regarding their experiences because their expectations could very well be much different than yours. It’s not uncommon for people to vouch for a sportsbook who have never had a withdrawal, because even the most nefarious books are very good at taking money but paying out is a different animal entirely.

    In our research, we have found that Heritage Sports does many things very well but chief among them is payouts. That is the ultimate litmus test of a trustworthy and reliable sportsbook because it’s pointless betting the games if your reward for successful handicapping is a stalled response to a payout request. Such is not the case with Heritage as the withdrawals are handled as effortlessly as the deposits. Polling data repeatedly indicates that Heritage Sports’ customer satisfaction is among the highest in the industry, which has given rise to its perennial spot as a top five book in the business.

    Okay, so we know Heritage Sports pays out when requested but what about the other aspects of its organization? It’s a good question because if we are only going to bet with one or two sportsbooks, we would prefer to deal with those that deliver exemplary customer service and timely grading of our wagers to assure that funds are credited quickly to our account and are available for future bets or withdrawals. The website design should be easy to access while offering mobile betting which is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, for people who don’t want to find a desktop computer or use a phone to make their bets. Heritage scores a home run on all these fronts and no download is necessary for your iPhone or Android device on their mobile app and the layout is familiar in that it virtually mirrors the desktop version.

    In short, Heritage Sports has been online since 2001 and has stood the test of time in an industry replete with transient sportsbooks that are up and running one week but gone the next. It’s just not smart to get tempted by flashy ads promising outrageous bonuses from online sportsbooks that have no track record in the industry. We found Heritage Sports to be as rock solid as they come in the world of digital sports gambling.


    Sports Betting Options Available at Heritage Sports

    If you are new to the world of sports betting then chances are all you want to do is put a couple of bucks on a game, watch it, and hope you win. After that, you expect those funds to be available shortly after the contest is ruled official so you can use your winnings on betting another game or maybe you want to withdraw and see the money in your bank account sooner than later. All sportsbooks are designed to effectuate that end so no gold stars are given to online books that can receive and accurately grade wagers after they’ve concluded.

    However, once a bettor becomes accustomed to putting in straight wagers on the sport of his or her choice, it’s not uncommon to poke around the site and see all the other sporting events being offered and the varied wagers that can be bet on those sports. Exotics like parlays, teasers, contingency bets, and live betting are all available on not only the teams but the totals, as well as player props.

    Heritage Sports offers a wide array of events on which to wager like the NFL, college football, NBA, college basketball, MLB, NHL, Olympic events, MMA, boxing, soccer, golf, and tennis. But even that doesn’t cover the length and breadth of their offerings. Rugby, cricket, handball, volleyball, and even E-Sports is available for your wagering pleasure. If you are partial to fantasy sports, Heritage Sports has entered that realm as well. If there is a professional sporting event, then there’s a better than even money chance that Heritage is dealing it.

    Heritage Sports Mobile Betting

    As stated, Heritage Sports has a terrific mobile betting platform and the fact that it resembles their desktop version makes navigating all that much easier. No download is necessary and we found that, unlike mobile platforms we’ve tried at other books, Heritage Sports ranks among the very best. There is little, if anything, markedly different from the desktop version and the graphics are outstanding. There are no distractions in terms of advertisements and in-game live wagering is easily accomplished with no disruptions.


    Heritage Sports Casino and Racebook

    This review is based primarily on the sportsbook at Heritage but for those who like the horses, poker, and casinos there is a place for you here. Slot players will be pleased with the graphics on the virtual machines, although, the assortment is limited and players will find just two video poker choices. Virtual table games include baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and casino hold’em. Eight percent of net losses, with a maximum of $2000, are rebated back on the first every month to casino players with a 4x rollover.

    Heritage Sports also offers a poker room in which the application needs to be downloaded but once you’re in, there is enough action in their network to go around. They are part of the Equity Poker Network, one of the most highly ranked online poker networks.

    Those who bet the ponies will also be glad to see that Heritage offers races from around the globe and rewards players with a four percent cash back on total volume, with a max of $2000, on the first of each month.

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