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UFC Odds

UFC has enjoyed a remarkable rise to prominence over the past decade. It is easily the largest and most popular mixed martial arts promotion company in the world and its roster is teeming with talent. Our Picks page (See also NFL Picks) rounds up all the UFC big fights you can look forward to and allows you to compare the best MMA odds in order to maximize your profits. Read on for advice on selecting a great sportsbook for UFC lines and a rundown of the various different betting options available to mixed martial arts fans. 
If you are also interested in betting on other leagues, visit our NFL Odds and NBA Odds sites now. For all other betting odds please check out our Betting Odds page.

Best UFC Sportsbooks


MMA has soared in popularity in recent years and most sportsbooks now offer UFC fight betting odds and Bellator fight odds. However, you must perform due diligence before choosing which site to join. We have reviewed more than 1,000 sportsbooks since 1999 and many of them are not worthy of your custom. Some will delay payment and treat you unfairly, while others are simply scam sites. We have ring-fenced all the best online sportsbooks in one place on our site, including A rated books such as Caesars and Tipico. They all offer MMA betting lines, so stick to the trustworthy sportsbooks and avoid those that will rip you off.

UFC Moneyline Betting


This is the most common way to bet on MMA. The sportsbooks will assess each fighter based on their records, experience, power, striking ability, ground game, defense, conditioning, and so on. They will then assign a price to each combatant. Unless the fighters are very evenly matched, you will see a favorite and an underdog when checking out MMA betting odds. 
When Conor McGregor fought Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 in Las Vegas, he was priced at -310 in the UFC Vegas odds. Cerrone was the +240 underdog. If you see a minus sign in UFC betting odds, it tells you how much you need to wager in order to earn a $100 profit. In this case, a $310 bet on McGregor would have netted you $100. A plus sign informs you of the profit you stand to make from a $100 bet. A $100 bet on Cowboy would have earned you a $240 profit if he won. 
The UFC fight odds will often change in the build-up to the fight. If one fighter is popular among the betting public, the price on him winning will become gradually less attractive. The price on the other fighter will grow more enticing as the sportsbooks bid to spread their risk. McGregor was the most popular pick among MMA fans in the run-up to UFC 246. By the time of the fight, he was -335 in the UFC fight night betting odds, while Cerrone had gone out to +255. 
In that instance, a $50 bet on McGregor would have netted you a $14.93 profit. A $50 bet on Cerrone would have earned you $127.50. It tells you that McGregor was the heavy favorite, as the sportsbooks expected him to win. You can look for Conor McGregor odds history to see the changes. Sometimes the betting is much closer than that, and underdogs often pull off upsets despite carrying long UFC odds tonight or Bellator betting odds.

Method of Victory in UFC bets


MMA is unlike football and basketball, as there is not really such a thing as a UFC point spread. UFC betting lines do not give one fighter a handicap, so you will not see a UFC spread. However, there are ways you can earn greater value when betting on MMA, and method of victory is among the most popular. 
Let’s say Tony Ferguson is the -1000 favorite in a fight. You would need to bet $100 just to win $10 at those UFC card odds, and that is not attractive for many bettors. You could earn a more appealing set of UFC fight night odds on him by specifying how he would win the fight. Your options are knockout, submission, or decision. If you opt for knockout and he wins via a decision, your bet does not pay out. It is therefore harder to pull off a method of victory wager than a simply moneyline bet, but you will be rewarded with a higher profit if your prediction proves to be correct.

UFC Total Round Betting


You will often see total round betting when browsing current UFC odds. This is a prediction on how long the fight will last. The sportsbooks that allow you to bet on UFC tonight will weigh up the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two fighters. They will judge how evenly matched the combatants are and look into how regularly their fights go the distance. They will then assign a different set of odds to each outcome. 
You might find betting on over or under 1.5 rounds of 2.5 rounds, for instance. If you think it will be a short fight, bet on under. If you think it will be a long, drawn out battle, you can bet on over. Many sportsbooks that offer coverage of UFC fights tonight will also provide live betting, allowing you to wager on the action while it develops. These prices will shift as the fight goes on. 
Some books will allow you to bet on the specific round in which the fight will end. You can also gain more value by combining round betting with method of victory betting. For instance, you will gain more value by betting on Ferguson to win via a second-round submission than by simply betting on Ferguson to win via a submission. You can also find bets on whether the fight will go the distance at some sportsbooks that provide UFC fight lines.

UFC Prop Bets


A prop bet is a special wager that does not necessarily relate to the outcome of a particular fight. You can often find some interesting prop bets when looking at UFC Tonight odds. They include wagers on which bout will be named Fight of the Night and which fighter will earn Knockout of the Night.

UFC Parlays


You can roll multiple MMA picks into one wager in order to earn a higher potential profit. This is a great way to gain more value when you like the look of a few UFC favorites. Let’s say you think Jorge Masvidal, Darren Till, and Stephen Thompson will all win on the same night. You could split your money into three and bet on each fighter individually. Alternatively, you could combine them for a single parlay
All three would have to win their fights for your parlay to pay out. If just one fighter lets you down, your bet fails, so it is harder to achieve. However, if they all win, your payout will be significantly larger than if you had wagered on all three individually.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you bet on Bellator?

You will find Bellator odds at several of the best sportsbooks. It is not as popular as UFC, but it still contains a number of eagerly anticipated bouts and bookmakers are keen to cover in their MMA odds sections.

How do you make money on UFC fights?

It often helps to analyze the fight in significant detail before making your bet. You should ideally study footage of each fighter and try to assess how they will fare against one another. You should try to bet on MMA from a position of knowledge and strength, based on extensive research. You might also like to lean on the experts by reading UFC best bets tips and tailing their plays. SBR has various experts that give out free UFC picks over the course of the year. It helps to shop around for the best MMA fight odds, as that will leave you with a better chance of generating an overall profit for the year. You might want to avoid always betting on heavy favorites, as a seemingly indestructible fighter often meets his or her match eventually. Identify the fighters that genuinely deserve that status and try to hunt out exciting underdogs.

Where can I bet on MMA fights?

The vast majority of online betting sites offer MMA odds, but you should stick to those that have secured an A+ or an A rating from SBR sportsbooks’ section. That way you know you are betting with a safe, reliable, trustworthy sportsbook that will pay you on time.

How do odds work in MMA?

If they start with a minus, it informs you the amount you need to wager in order to make a $100 profit. If they start with a plus, it tells you how much profit you stand to make from a $100 bet.

How do you read UFC odds?

You will generally see a favorite and an underdog. If one fighter is priced at -1200, it tells you that you must wager $1,200 on her in order to win a $100 profit. If her opponent is priced at +700, you will know that a $100 bet would earn you a $700 profit, making her the heavy underdog.

Where can I bet UFC?

Most betting sites offer UFC betting. Check out the best online sportsbooks listed on this page, find the best fight odds and get involved in the action.

What are Vegas odds UFC?

These are published by the famous sportsbooks in Las Vegas. They receive a lot of attention, but many other sportsbooks offer MMA betting. Wagering on MMA is legal in many states, and most bookmakers around the world cover this popular sport in great detail.

Can you bet on UFC fights online?

You can bet on a huge range of fights online. Just make sure you choose highly rated, reputable sportsbooks that will treat you fairly and pay you out promptly. You can bet on the event as soon as it becomes available and get the best betting odds.

How are UFC odds calculated?

Oddsmakers will look at the record of each fighter and make a calculation on the likelihood of each of them securing victory. One fighter is generally the favorite and the other is the underdog, but dogs often cause upsets.