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Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals passes the ball to Tee Higgins for a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images via AFP.
Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals passes the ball to Tee Higgins for a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images via AFP.

Week 3 of the NFL features a rematch of Super Bowl LVI between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, so let's examine the Week 3 odds and betting lines from our best NFL betting sites.

If you're a sports bettor, there's nothing more enjoyable than tracking line movement and observing how the market responds to specific news. Well, folks, get ready for some excitement this week because we have uncertainty surrounding Joe Burrow's status for the Cincinnati Bengals due to a reaggravation of his calf injury from the preseason.

Initially, the Cincinnati Bengals were favored by 7 points over the Los Angeles Rams. However, with the Rams' offense performing better than expected, thanks to Matthew Stafford and Puka Nacua, and the potential injury to Burrow, the line has shifted from Bengals -7 to Bengals -3 since the opening odds.

Let's take a closer look at all the other opening odds for Week 3 of the NFL season via our best sports betting apps.

NFL Week 3 odd and lines

When betting on NFL markets, there's an advantage in getting to these NFL odds early and trying to beat any line movements. The closer you wait until Sunday to make your NFL picks, the more difficult it becomes to identify edges and secure the best price on the outcome you wish to bet on.

That's why it's important to start monitoring the NFL opening odds each week as soon as possible. This proactive approach will contribute to your long-term success in your sports betting endeavors.

Best NFL Week 3 spreads

Odds via Caesars

GameSpread (Sept. 13)Spread (Sept. 17)Spread (Sept. 18)Spread (Sept. 22)
Texans vs. JaguarsJaguars -7.5Jaguars -8Jaguars -9.5Jaguars -8.5
Falcons vs. LionsLions -6Lions -5.5Lions -4Lions -3
Bills vs. CommandersBills -6Bills -6.5Bills -7Bills -6
Titans vs. Browns Browns -5Browns -5Browns -4.5Browns -3.5 (+100)
Broncos vs. DolphinsDolphins -6Dolphins -6Dolphins -6.5Dolphins -6.5
Chargers vs. VikingsChargers -1.5OTBPickVikings -1
Saints vs. PackersPackers -2.5Packers -2Packers -2Packers -1.5 (-105)
Colts vs. RavensRavens -8Ravens -7.5Ravens -8Ravens -8
Patriots vs. Jets Patriots -1.5Patriots -1.5Patriots -2Patriots -2.5 (-120)
Panthers vs. Seahawks Seahawks -4.5Seahawks -4.5Seahawks -4.5Seahawks -6
Bears vs. ChiefsChiefs -11.5Chiefs -11.5Chiefs -12.5Chiefs -12.5 
Cowboys vs. CardinalsCowboys -11Cowboys -11Cowboys -12.5Cowboys -12.5
Steelers vs. RaidersPickPickSteelers -1Raiders -2.5 (-120)
Eagles vs. BuccaneersEagles -7OTBEagles -6.5Eagles -5
Rams vs. BengalsBengals -7Bengals -7Bengals -2Bengals -3

When you compare the lines from Sept. 17 to Sept. 18, you can clearly see how Week 2 has influenced the opening lines for Week 3. One noticeable change is the Bengals' spread, which has shifted from them being 7-point favorites against the Rams to now being 3-point favorites. This adjustment comes in the wake of their loss to the Baltimore Ravens and their 0-2 start to the season.

It's worth keeping a close watch on this Bengals' line, as there have been reports suggesting that Joe Burrow may have reaggravated his calf injury from the preseason.

Best NFL Week 3 moneylines

Odds via DraftKings

GameMoneyline (Sept. 13)Moneyline (Sept. 17)Moneyline (Sept. 18)Moneyline (Sept. 22)
Texans vs, JaguarsJaguars (-298)Jaguars (-298)Jaguars (-410)Jaguars (-410)
Saints vs. PackersPackers (-130)Packers (-130)Packers (-130)Packers (-125)
Broncos vs. DolphinsDolphins (-218)Dolphins (-218)Dolphins (-285)Dolphins (-290)
Colts vs. Ravens Ravens (-395)Ravens (-395)Ravens (-375)Ravens (-375)
Bills vs. CommandersBills (-218)Bills (-270)Bills (-298)Bills (-278)
Titans vs. BrownsBrowns (-218)Browns (-218)Browns (-205)Browns (-170)
Patriots vs. JetsPatriots (-130)Patriots (-130)Patriots (-130)Patriots (-142)
Chargers vs. VikingsChargers (-120)Chargers (-125)Chargers (-115)Vikings (-112)
Falcons vs. LionsLions (-230)Lions (-230)Lions (-198)Lions (-166)
Panthers vs. SeahawksSeahawks (-185)Seahawks (-185)Seahawks (-205)Seahawks (-245)
Cowboys vs. CardinalsCowboys (-500)Cowboys (-500)Cowboys (-650)Cowboys (-650)
Bears vs. ChiefsChiefs (-575)Chiefs (-575)Chiefs (-750)Chiefs (-750)
Steelers vs. RaidersSteelers (-125)Steelers (-110)Steelers (-115)Raiders (-142)
Eagles vs. BuccaneersEagles (-340)Eagles (-285)Eagles (-258)Eagles (-218)
Rams vs. BengalsBengals (-340)Bengals (-340)Bengals (-125)Bengals (-155)

Sunday Night Football will feature the Las Vegas Raiders hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers, and we have seen a significant swing in the lookahead line from just a week ago. Prior to Week 2 being played, the Steelers were -125 favorites on the moneyline against the Raiders. However, as Sunday approaches, we're now seeing the Raiders emerge as the favorite, and a healthy one at that, as they're trading at -142 on the moneyline.

It's almost as if Steelers' backers and fans have lost faith in their offensive coordinator or something and would like to see him fired.

Best NFL Week 3 Over/Unders

Odds via bet365

GameOver/Under (Sept. 13)Over/Under (Sept. 17)Over/Under (Sept. 18)Over/Under (Sept. 22)
Falcons vs. Lions45.5 (-110/-110)45.5 (-110/-110)47 (-110/-110)46 (-110/-110)
Bills vs. Commanders44.5 (-110/-110)44.5 (-110/-110)44.5 (-110/-110)43 (-110/-110)
Broncos vs. Dolphins45.5 (-110/-110)45.5 (-110/-110)48 (-110/-110)48 (-110/-110)
Texans vs. Jaguars45.5 (-110/-110)45.5 (-110/-110)44.5 (-110/-110)44 (-110/-110)
Colts vs. Ravens44.5 (-110/-110)44.5 (-110/-110)44.5 (-110/-110)44 (-110/-110)
Chargers vs. Vikings49.5 (-110/-110)50 (-110/-110)53.5 (-110/-110)54 (-110/-110)
Patriots vs. Jets 38 (-110/-110)38 (-110/-110)37.5 (-110/-110)36 (-110/-110)
Saints vs. Packers43 (-110/-110)42.5 (-110/-110)43 (-110/-110)42.5 (-110/-110)
Titans vs. Browns41.5 (-110/-110)41 (-110/-110)41.5 (-110/-110)39.5 (-110/-110)
Panthers vs. Seahawks 42.5 (-110/-110)42.5 (-110/-110)42.5 (-110/-110)42 (-110/-110)
Bears vs. Chiefs 49.5 (-110/-110)50 (-110/-110)49 (-110/-110)48 (-110/-110)
Cowboys vs. Cardinals 42.5 (-110/-110)42 (-110/-110)44.5 (-110/-110)43 (-110/-110)
Steelers vs. Raiders44.5 (-110/-110)44 (-110/-110)44 (-110/-110)43 (-110/-110)
Eagles vs. Buccaneers45.5 (-110/-110)44.5 (-110/-110)46 (-110/-110)46 (-110/-110)
Rams vs. Bengals46.5 (-110/-110)46 (-110/-110)43.5 (-110/-110)44 (-110/-110)

You can observe on the oddsboard that prior to the Week 2 games played on Sunday, there was minimal movement in the lookahead totals for Week 3. The most significant adjustment was seen in the Eagles vs. Buccaneers game, where the total dropped from 45.5 to 44.5. This change was clearly a response to the Eagles' offense delivering another mediocre performance, by their standards, in Week 2 against the Vikings on Thursday Night Football.

Guess what? There's been another shift in this total, but this time it's trending towards the Over. This adjustment is due to the performance of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offense on Sunday. It's quite surprising to see a Baker Mayfield-led offense contributing to a total moving towards the Over, but the line has indeed adjusted from 44.5 to 46.

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