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GTbets Review

Last Updated 02/24/21
country-accepted-icon US Sports Bettors Accepted
4 /5
4 /5
100% Cash Bonus
Terms and conditions apply
4 /5
Deposit Options
4 /5
Why Choose GTbets?
Why Choose GTBets
  • Solid Bonus Program
  • Good Customer Service
Biggest Complaint
  • Wagering Limits Not Among The Largest

GTBets also known as “Game Time” Bets, has managed to forge a strong reputation in the sports betting industry in a short amount of time. Founded in 2011, GTBets has shown that they understand how much recreational players love unique promos. Starting with their welcome bonus, GTBets offers their customers some of the best overall bonuses in the industry. They not only have a great welcome bonus offer, they also have reload bonuses, as well as weekly promotions that they email to customers. 

While promotions are great, that alone will not be enough to get earn customer loyalty and GTBets has shown that they understand that. It offers customers tons of banking choices for deposits and withdrawals not to mention betting options on the biggest leagues and sporting events in the world. Whether you’re looking for action on your favorite teams, horse racing, casino or even pop culture and entertainment bets, as you can see, GT Bets has you covered in terms of options. 

This is how the site has managed to consistently improve its GTBets review with SBR over the years. This sportsbook, which is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board, debuted in the SBR rating guide with a C grade. Over the years, it has managed to improve that rating to the point that they are now mentioned in the same breath as some of the best sportsbooks in the industry. Read on for a detailed review of the betting options, user experience, sportsbook sign-up bonus and payment methods that has to offer online gambling fans.   



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Customer Service

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Bets accepted 24/7

One of the most important aspects of choosing an online sports betting site is the quality of the service that you will be receive. Depending on your level of expertise, you might have several questions and concerns that need answers before you sign up for an account. Even experienced players sometimes want advice about navigating a new site and its offerings. Whatever your needs are, you can expect GT Bets customer service department to provide that support. GTBets offers their clients assistance in the form of telephone agents, live chat and email. 

We’ll start with their phone agents because they are the ones providing real time answers to questions that customers may have. Not only are they there to provide answers to your questions, compared to a lot of sportsbooks GTBets customer support is proactive in their approach to customer care. If you are new to online sports betting, the representative will be able to recognize that and guide you accordingly. Once you give the customer support reps at GTBets a better idea of what type of customer they are dealing with, you can expect to have all questions answered by their well-trained agents. This is the biggest advantage of choosing phone agents over chat, although the latter is a very useful tool in its own right.  

GTBets also has a live chat that is also capable of providing detailed real time answers to any inquiries a customer might have. An example of how a chat might be the better option in specific situation is sports betting. If are looking to make a wager one of your favorite teams but you aren’t sure what betting options are offered for that particular contest, live chat might be a better option. You don’t have to worry about waiting in a queue which can be very frustrating for sports betting, especially if we’re talking about live betting. The chat is not open 24 hours a day (times listed above) but should be an option you consider when visiting the site. 

As far as their email support, one thing that we have to give them credit for is the amount of options to choose from. You know that your emails will get special attention due to the fact that there are dedicated email departments depending on the customer needs. That in itself is a strong indication of the attention that GTBets gives to answering customer concerns. Unlike most sportsbooks GTBets gives you several channels to receive assistance depending on your inquiry. It might not be the fastest of the three service customer service options but it does certainly appear to be one of the more well organized.  

GTbets is a solid choice for sports bettors looking to have another option in their arsenal.


100% Cash Bonus up to $500 Terms and conditions apply

Depending on the type of customer you are, bonuses might be the biggest reason you sign up with a particular sportsbook. That makes sense, as a strong sign-up bonus allows you to get the most action for every online gambling dollar you choose to invest with a sportsbook. With that in mind, GT Bets has one of the best welcome bonuses in the industry. As a new customer with GTBets, you will receive a 100% bonus cash bonus on your first deposit up to $500.  This is especially good for customers that are making deposits in order to wager long term.  

Some customers deposit and cash out frequently. While those customers might consider taking a deposit bonus, they will be hesitant to do so because of the play through that comes with all bonuses at online betting sites. Another type of customer simply wants to make a deposit for the regular season and get as much action out of that deposit, while regularly betting on their favorite teams and sporting events. With all of that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what makes the bonus structure so special at rights reserved.  

Let’s take a moment to talk about the fact that GTBets eu gives clients a cash bonus instead of the standard free play. There is a very important distinction that needs to be made between cash bonuses and free play bonuses. This part of the GTBets review is one of the features that helps them stand out from the competition. At the average sportsbook site, when you wager a free play, if you win, you do not get the amount you risked back with your winnings. With a cash bonus, if you win your wager, you get your winnings, plus the amount you risked back in your account. In other words, with GTBets cash bonuses, you have a much better opportunity to build your bank role since you are rewarded for wins by getting the risk amount put back into your account. 

In terms of reload bonuses, GTBets has a unique program that qualifies existing customers for bonuses from 5-50%. In order to qualify for the reload bonus, you must meet both of the following requirements: 
·        Current balance must be equal to or less than 25% of the last deposit you made 
·        Your last transaction can’t be a withdrawal 
In order to find out what reload bonus you may qualify for, you can find that information on the bonus alert tab in your account. To be clear, reload bonuses are not standard in the industry. Think of them as gift cards to reward you for your loyalty. The strength of the reload bonuses inspires many players choose GTBets over the competition when starting their online betting journey. Finally, in terms of industry standard bonuses, there is also the refer a friend bonus. GTBets will give you a 50% bonus for every friend that you refer to the site. The refer a friend bonus is available on deposits up to $400 and you can refer as many friends you want. 

In order to be considered one of the best betting sites in the business, alongside the likes of Bovada, you must display a commitment to innovation in some way. GTBets sportsbook pioneered its own refer a friend bonus, which differs to the industry standard, which is just one of many innovations it has displayed in recent years. 

Free points on your favorite team is one of those offers that you just know is special from the moment you hear it. If you bet on sports, you know the value of every single half point, because it can or break your wager. GTBets’ “free points on your favorite team” allows you to choose your favorite teams by sport, that you will get a free half point on. For example, let’s say your favorite team is the New York Knicks. Every time they play, you will get a half point in your favor for that team. Over the course on an 82-game regular season, that is guaranteed to make you money in the long run. When you inform GTBets of who your favorite team is, it will be highlighted for you on the odds page. This is without a doubt one the best promotions you will find anywhere in the industry. It’s yet another example of why most customers consider GTBets one of the best in the business at satisfying customers with their top of the line bonus offers. 


Currencies Accepted



Methods of Deposit

Min: $35
Max: $999
Fee: Free
Min: $35
Max: $999
Fee: Free
Min: $35
Max: $2,000. Higher limits available.
Fee: Free
Min: $35
Max: $999
Fee: Free
Min: $35
Max: $2,000. Higher limits available.
Fee: Free
Min: $100
Max: $500
Fee: Variable

Deposit options at a sportsbook is usually an early indication as to the size of the company you are doing business with. As with all of the leading betting sites in the industry, GTBets has all of the deposit options that you need to get your money in your account fast and secure. We’ll start with the most common deposit method in the industry which is credit cards. At GTBets, you can deposit with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Right away you get an insight as to why GTBets has such a stellar reputation. While Visa and MasterCard are common credit card options, American Express is rare in the industry. All of these credit card options mean that you can fund your account as fast as the standard online credit card transaction takes. Of all of the deposit methods on the site, credit cards are by far the quickest and most convenient. 
The next option is Bitcoin, which is fast becoming the method of choice for online sportsbooks. The biggest reason for this shift is the fact that crypto currency does not involve banks. Depending on your jurisdiction (particularly in North America) avoiding banks when making these types of transactions is very important. While not everyone is familiar with crypto currency, those that are have been able to take advantage of its privacy and reliability to fund online accounts. 
As far as the rest of the options, you have Quick Cash, Direct Cash, Skrill and Neteller. In terms of limits, they are as follows: 
·        Visa, MasterCard and American Express: Minimum $35 and Maximum depends on player status. 
·        Bitcoin: Minimum $35 and Maximum $5,000 
·        Direct Cash: Minimum $100 and Maximum $2,000 
·        Quick Cash: Minimum $100 and Maximum $1,000 
·        Skrill: Minimum $35 and Maximum Depends on the player status 
·        Neteller: Minimum $35 and Maximum Depends on Player status 

Methods of Withdrawal

Bank Transfer
Fee: $40
Fee: Free
Fee: Variable

As important as deposits options are, the truth is if you were to ask the average customer, withdrawal options hold more importance. The reasoning behind this is quite simple: why would you deposit at a sportsbook if you don’t know that you can get your money if you win? Considering the amount of options at your disposal with GTBets, getting paid when you win will not be an issue. 
The best methods for withdrawing your funds from your GTBets accounts would be either Bitcoin or Bank Wire. We mentioned Bitcoin before when talking about deposits and one of the benefits we highlighted was privacy, especially when it comes to banks. The same applies when taking your money out with Bitcoin No third party involved in the transaction which for a lot of customers is its own incentive. The next best option is bank wire because it offers you the highest withdrawal limit. Here are all of the withdrawal options and their respective limits: 
·        Bank Wire: Minimum $100 and Maximum $5,000 
·        Bitcoin: Minimum $300 and Maximum $3,000 
·        Direct Cash: Minimum $50 and Maximum (Contact customer support for more information) 
·        Quick Cash: Minimum $50 and Maximum (Contact customer support for more information) 
In terms of fees associated with the above deposit options as well as the time it takes to receive each type of payout, we suggest you get in contact with customer support. 


GTBets is known as a North American facing sportsbook which is reflected by the sports that they offer. That doesn’t mean that they don’t cover all of the major markets or provide less betting options. What it means is they focus primarily on the sports popular in that specific market, especially when it comes to the NFL. Here is a list of the sports that GTBets provides: 
·        Football 
·        Basketball 
·        College Football 
·        College Basketball 
·        Baseball 
·        Hockey 
·        Golf 
·        Tennis 
·        Boxing 
·        Soccer 
·        UFC 
·        Esports 
·        Auto Racing 
·        Politics 
·        Entertainment 
As you can see, the sports that are more popular in Europe and the rest of the world are available as well. There is an impressive UFC section, which stacks up against leading sportsbooks like BetOnline. It is also very strong when it comes to March Madness each year. If you click on each sport on the GTBets site, you will be surprised to see how many leagues you have access to. For example, when choosing football, you might be surprised that both the NFL and the CFL (Canadian Football League) odds will be available. You will find the same can be said for many of your favorite sports, especially basketball where they have several markets outside of North America. Even politics markets are on offer. Here are the different types of bets that they offer: 
·        Straight Bets 
·        Parlays 
·        Teasers 
·        Quarters 
·        Futures 
·        Props 
·        If Bets 
·        Moneylines 
·        Over/Under 
·        Round Robins 
·        Half Times 
·        1st 5 Innings 
·        Props 
·        Live Bets 
Again, these are the standard types of wagers you would expect from a leading sportsbook so there are no real surprises here. You can also bet on entertainment and politics, which is not always the case at the sportsbooks we review. In terms of GTBets betting limits, they are geared more towards recreational players. The highest limits belong to the NBA and NFL at $5,000 while Baseball is $3,000. Next up is Hockey at $2,000 and from there the limits get much smaller. To find out the betting limits for the bet types that we listed above, we suggest contacting customer support for more information. 
Sports Betting Experience 
 A very important component of this GTBets review is the user experience. As you can imagine, GTBets has put a lot of thought into the type of website layout they should have for their customer base. We are happy to report that the layout they went with can be described as simple and effective, and it is a lot easier to navigate than several sportsbooks. The initial landing page has the company logo at the top and to the far right of that, two fields where existing customers can enter their account ID and password. For new users, to the right of the “login” button, you will see another button that says join. Just below that are the following tabs: Sports, Casino, Horses, Cashier, Rewards, Promotions and Contact Us. 
Other than that, very simple and user-friendly top portion of the page, the rest of GTBets landing page is filled with banners showing their fantastic offers. To the right of the promotional banner is another part of the page titled “Quick Signup”, As you would imagine, it has the same purpose as the join button with the difference being on this part of the page, you can enter your first and last name as well as your email address before pressing on the “Join Now” button. 
Below the promotional banners and the quick signup field you will see whatever live bets might be going on in that moment. Live betting has become a huge part of the online sports betting experience. The ability to bet after the games have already started, creates so many opportunities for both players and sportsbooks. The site layout does look different of course when you select a particular category. We will use sports as our example in this case since it is the most commonly used. When talking about the website design of a sportsbook, the odds and the bet slip are what you should be focused on. The odds for GTBets are easy to read and offer a good selection of markets on each game. 
When you finally do decide what you would like to wager on, you are taken to the bet slip. As with the design of the site in general, GTBets has a very user-friendly bet slip. The wagers you can make are broken up by type as we highlighted earlier in this section. At the top right-hand corner of the odds is the option to change them from American to Decimal or Fractional. Everything about this website design is user friendly and well thought out. 
Quality of Odds 
The quality of the lines offered at any sportsbook is as important as the variety you have to choose from. We are happy to report that GTBets provides their customers some of the most competitive lines in the industry, especially when it comes to NFL football and college football. As a North American facing book, that is very important considering football is by far and away the most popular sport in that part of the world. The only knock we could find about GTBets lines overall is that they tend to come out later than other books. If you are into price shopping that could be a small inconvenience but as we mentioned before, GTBets is geared more toward recreational players who will not mind this at all. On top of that, when the lines do actually come out, they are competitive with other industry leaders which is much more important to the average player. 

We do recommend that you subscribe to the GTBets weekly emails. there you will find promotions that are directly related to the wagering experience. In terms of the quality of odds, the offers you will receive include: reduced juice, point discounts, special wagers and much more! 
Mobile Betting Review 
When logging on to any mobile version of your favorite sportsbook, the most important feature to most players is that the options available to them on the desktop version of the site are still easily accessible. Considering how user friendly the desktop version of their site is, it’s not surprising that GTBets mobile offering is of the highest standard. There is not a GTBets app. You can simply access a mobile optimized version of the site via your browser on all iOS and Android devices. We tested it out for the purposes of this GTBets review, and found it to be an excellent mobile sportsbook offering. Many sportsbooks fail to make a successful transition to mobile, but the GT bet mobile offering successfully incorporates most of the offers that the desktop version has. When you log into your mobile account, your balance will be prominently displayed for you. From there, you will have no problem finding your way around so that you can place bets quickly and effectively, from anywhere and at any time. 
Other Options 
GTBets offers their customer base a fantastic casino as well as a racebook. We’ll start with the casino, which offers players a ton of games from developers Betsoft as well as Arrow’s Edge. The casino library has a lot of the most popular games with jackpot progressive slots also. They have over 30 table games to choose from including some of the classics that casino customers have come to expect. There is also a healthy amount of video poker variants to keep enthusiasts of that game satisfied. There are almost 20 video poker titles at your disposal. Finally, there is also a specialty games section where you will find variants of Keno and also the Virtual 3D Racebook for fans of those types of games. 

Speaking of the racebook, GTBets does have a very enticing 15% rebate for horse racing enthusiasts. There is a limit to how much you can wager on individual plays as well as caps on certain types of plays. For more information in regards to the racebook, we advise that you contact customer support for more information. find out more information about the 15% racebook rebate, we suggest you contact support@gtbets eu.  
 As you might have gathered at this point of the GTBets sportsbook review, the strong reputation enjoyed they have earned in the industry comes from the consistency and quality of their offerings. We’ve covered every aspect of the business and there really isn’t one area that the company has overlooked. The thing that we’ve noticed above all is that this site is catered to the specific type of customer that they expect to attract. This company is completely in step with the needs of their players and as such, have built a sportsbook that helps those bettors maximize their investment by providing ample opportunity to get in on the action. To be more clear, if you are a sharp player looking to shop lines and bet huge amounts on each game, the experience isn’t catered to you. That doesn’t mean you can’t play at GTBets, it means that prefer recreational players and if you’re a sharp bettor, it’s in your best interest to know that from the outset. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is because GTBets has done a fantastic job covering all of their bases which is why we rate them so highly here at 

GTbets FAQs

Where is GTbets located?

GTbets is located in Curacao, a Lesser Antilles island nation in the southern Caribbean Sea. The site targets sports bettors all over the world from its base in Curacao, although it is not accessible by customers from Australia, Canada, the UK and various EU countries. It is primarily aimed at US sports fans. 

Is GTbets legal?

GTbets is a legal sportsbook licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. You can access it and enjoy safe, legal sports wagering on a 24/7 basis, provided you are in one of the countries that it covers. GTbets is a registered firm in Curacao and it is legal to access the site. 

Is GTbets legit and safe?

GTbets is among an elite few sports betting sites to hold a coveted A rating in the SBR review guide. It has a long history of treating customers fairly and with respect, making it a legitimate site that pays customers their winnings in a prompt fashion. It has no history of security breaches; it takes security seriously and it is a safe sportsbook to wager with. 

Does GTbets payout?

GTbets is renowned for prompt and secure payouts. You can choose a Bitcoin withdrawal or a bank wire transfer. GTbets has been in operation since 2011, and it has consistently paid its customers their winnings during that time, so we feel confident in recommending the site and assigning it an A rating in our review guide. 

Who owns GTbets?

GTbets is a standalone company based in Curacao and licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. It is not part of a larger group, which gives it the flexibility to be innovative and launch exciting promotions. It is officially called Game Time Bets, but generally abbreviated to GTbets. 
GTbets Review
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4 /5
100% Cash Bonus
Terms and conditions apply
4 /5
Deposit Options