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Quarterback Joe Burrow #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals throws the ball as we look at the 5 sportsbook features you need
Quarterback Joe Burrow #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals throws the ball against the Kansas City Chiefs in third quarter in the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium on Jan. 30, 2022. Jamie Squire/Getty Images/AFP

As NFL fans gear up for another exciting football season, we at Sportsbook Review are hard at work directing new and experienced bettors alike toward the best NFL betting sites. And most of the top options have features that are unique to their offering, or better than what you'll find elsewhere. Here's a look at five sportsbook features you can't do without this year.

Whether you're just learning how to bet on NFL or you've been wagering for a while, you're likely unaware of certain features that aren't widely known about even at the best sportsbooks.

Finding the top NFL odds or best sportsbook promos is a surefire way to optimize your betting experience – but there's a lot more you can do to not only become a stronger NFL bettor but to also have more fun in the process. And this article is designed to help with that, by unearthing sportsbook features that have the potential to transform your NFL wagering approach.

Here's a breakdown of five essential sportsbook features you should tap into this year.

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DraftKings: NFL team and player pages

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Screen Shot 2023 08 15 at 6.41.47 Pm

DraftKings features a complete list of NFL team pages; unfortunately, they're tucked away at the bottom of the main NFL odds page, between "History of the NFL" and its NFL betting FAQ.

Clicking into the team logo of your choice will introduce you to a veritable trove of betting lines and information, highlighted by a list of the most popular team-focused betting markets at that time. Bettors can access game lines, game and team props, and parlay options for that team.

The "Stats" tab takes bettors into another secret cache of betting markets associated with a variety of stats from previous weeks or seasons, along with facts and trends. For every statistic DraftKings references, there is at least one wager players can make right there.

Ease of use doesn't end there. The "Roster" tab takes you to the master player list for that team; clicking on any eligible player will take you to his prop markets (which become available once the regular season starts). Want to just focus on Joe Burrow props? Click his name and you're set!

These pages are tremendously valuable to bettors who favor betting on their favorite teams and players, and would rather have those markets featured all in one place rather than spread out across a variety of tabs and sections.

FanDuel: Super win bonus

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This is less a FanDuel feature and more a unique opportunity to earn back the entirety of your Super Bowl futures bet well before that wager is decided.

Head to the "Promotions" menu and you'll see FanDuel's Super Win Bonus, which pays out bonus bets based on which team you select to win the Super Bowl. If, for example, you like Dallas to win it all, you'll win a bonus wager for every game the Cowboys win during the regular season:

  • $50-$199 Super Bowl futures wager: $5 per victory (to a max of $50)
  • $200+ Super Bowl futures wager: $20 per victory (to a max of 200)

Only your first Super Bowl futures wager is eligible for the offer, and bonus bets must be used within seven days of being awarded.

This offer won't necessarily make you a smarter bettor over the course of the season, but it does reward you for picking a strong team – and gives you one more thing to root for over the course of the year. A handful of bonus bets added to your ledger? Nothing wrong with that.


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BetMGM: "Easy Parlay"

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Screen Shot 2023 08 15 at 6.42.59 Pm

You could be forgiven for perusing the top horizontal nav menu at BetMGM and stopping at the last sport listed – or skipping straight to the "A-Z Sports" option if you don't see the league or sport you're looking for.

But positioned right in the middle of those two options is quite possibly the best feature on the sports betting app – at least, in terms of making NFL bettors' lives collectively easier. Select the "Easy Parlay" menu option, and build that multi-bet card in no time at all.

One of the challenges of building a complex parlay offering is having to sift through a bunch of markets or matchups you're simply not interested in. BetMGM simplifies this by sorting games from a particular league into two or three main options (Spread, Totals and Moneyline for NFL) and providing only the odds for those markets in a nicely condensed fashion.

The result: Bettors can quickly and easily sort through the matchups and bet types they want to focus on, and construct multi-leg parlays with little stress or time wasted.

All of our best sports betting sites excel at giving NFL bettors a strong parlay experience – but no sports betting site can match BetMGM's Easy Parlay offering.

Caesars: Odds boosts

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Boosted odds are by no means unique to Caesars – but you won't find a major sports betting site that provides more of them than this popular brand.

Granted, the majority of Caesars' NFL odds boosts are modest; you might, for example, have a two-outcome parlay shifted from +400 to +500. But if you were already thinking about making a wager on that parlay, the boosted odds will pay out an additional $10 on a $10 wager, or an extra $100 if you were to bet $100. And that adds up.

There's also the occasional super boost, where Caesars will significantly nerf the odds of a specific bet to the point where it's really difficult to say no (say, for example, a bet with original odds of +300 being moved all the way to +1500).

Boosted bets are in no way sure cashes – and even boosted parlays are almost always -EV plays (except for those super boosts). But they're stronger than the majority of "insta-parlays" every major sportsbook (including Caesars) features on its respective homepage.

If you like parlays, and you're looking to get more bang for your buck, Caesars delivers.


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bet365: Historical NFL betting data

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Screen Shot 2023 08 15 at 6.46.56 Pm

There's a lot to like about bet365 – and if you're into historical NFL betting trends, this globally renowned sportsbook has what you need.

Clicking into the "Sports Stats" menu under the Form & Stats header at the bottom of the main screen will take you to a page with more than 30 different sports listed; select American Football, then navigate your way to the NFL section. The Archive (denoted by a folder icon) allows you access to statistics from every season in league history.

In addition to providing the overall standings, NFL bettors can see how often games ended over or under specific point thresholds (35.5, 40.5, etc.), along with teams' average points scored per game. You'll also see league-wide winning percentages for home vs. road teams, along with basic scoring summaries for every game.

Dig a little deeper, and you'll unearth all-time head-to-head data between teams, along with recent form (odds included) and a look at both teams' upcoming matches.

You aren't going to get the same level of statistical depth here as you would at a site like Football Reference, but this is a terrific offering to get from a sportsbook. And while not everyone is into statistical deep dives, those that like this sort of thing will really be in their element.

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