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NordicBet Review

Last Updated 08/21/20
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NordicBet News

NordicBet Player Seeks Assistance After Account Closure

A NordicBet Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player has filed a complaint. The player claims that his account was recently closed by the online sportsbook and his €220 balance seized. He was told that he had breached the terms and conditions of the sportsbook but given no specific details on what his violation was.

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NordicBet player submits payout complaint

A NordicBet Sportsbook player has filed a payout complaint. The player has claimed that he is owed a balance of €400. NordicBet recently blocked the player’s account after he provided the necessary documents to satisfy the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. After receiving the documents, NordicBet called the player.

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Betsson sportsbook dispute hits SBR mailbox

A Betsson Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player files a sportsbook complaint. The user deposited $20, attempted one wager and realised the maximum stake possible was just $1. The player confirmed via Betsson’s live chat support that the limit was correct and claims that her country of residence was cited as the reason behind it. Read More

ToBet Sportsbook confiscates winnings citing syndicate play

ToBet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) is unwilling to revisit their decision to confiscate the winnings of a player they allege was part of a betting syndicate. Unlike one player working with others to circumvent limits or one player having multiple accounts, which is a clear violation of standard terms, these “syndicate” players could simply be friends with legitimate accounts who share the same opinion and are innocent of any wrongdoing. In the past we have seen SBG Global claim that innocent players following a winning local radio tout were guilty of syndicate play. They were cheated out of winnings and were not guilty of any wrongdoing.

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Betsson acquires Nordic Gaming Group

Betsson (SBR rating C+) has agreed to acquire the Nordic Gaming Group. The Swedish operator’s acquisition of the Maltese company includes brands NordicBet, TrioBet and ToBet. The move bolsters Betsson’s market share in what are seen as emerging territories. On June 16th, 2011, SBR reported that Betsson acquired BetSafe Sportsbook for €32.5m.

In the deal, Betsson is to pay an initial price of €65m, which includes approximately €5m in company shares. In 2011, the Nordic Gaming Group had revenue of €50m.

Whilst the company appears to be strengthening, Betsson did make SBR headlines last month for its confiscation of €360 in an unusual dispute that involved a female gambler. SBR analyst Justin broke down the case in an iGaming video report.

bwin (SBR rating C+) poor communication costly to players

bwin (SBR rating C) poor communication costly to players
SBR routinely receives complaints from bwin players who have had their winnings or bonus confiscated and account closed without explanation. In most cases, bwin has taken just action against fraudulent players. In rare cases when the decision is questionable or the player has a valid wagering dispute, the bettor requires assistance escalating the matter to management. On November 16, a player bet on a halftime line of Gary Mawson (USA) – Kirk Shepherd (ENG) (2Way – Who will win?) Gary Mawson (USA) when Mawson was up 4-0, at odds of 1.1. Bwin canceled the bet without explanation after the event was finished. When SBR first contacted bwin, it stated that the wager was late after the line was supposed to be off the board. The player insisted that his wager was not past-posted and asked for proof. Bwin then admitted the wager was mistakenly canceled. SBR has advised bwin to open discussion with all players and allow each to respond to allegations of fraud, or change to a more manageable bonus program. | Player on frustration dealing with bwin customer support
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10Bet (SBR rating B-) cancels two soccer wagers citing "typing mistake"

The player has followed the line closely and believes the book cancels wagers when the line has moved in the player’s favor. Competing bookmakers have stated that the price was in range of the betting market and that their line was similar at the time of the wager. 10Bet has not responded to the player’s request to discuss the matter.
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NordicBet Review
C+ Last Updated
2 /5
€10 Free Bet
Terms and conditions apply
2 /5
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