Wynn Las Vegas Race & Sports Book Review

If you're looking to gamble in the lap of luxury, the Wynn Las Vegas Race & Sports Book is the place that you're going to want to go in Vegas. This is known as one of the most luxurious places to go in Sin City, and though it probably isn't the most fundamentally sound sportsbook with all of the bells and whistles of places like Caesars Palace, it definitely is a nice, cozy environment in which you can take in all of the sports betting action in high class.

The Wynn isn't the biggest place in the world to gamble, as there are only 23 plush seats in the sports book and not all that much in the way of standing room either. Lines at the sports book are often long, as there just aren't as many betting windows as there are at say, the Caesars Palace or the Golden Nugget.

Though this clearly is an area that is dedicated to the sports and race book, the area itself for betting and watching the games is in the midst of the casino and adjacent to a number of the resort's restaurants. Knowing that this is one of the classier establishments in Las Vegas, there also instead much in the way of hooting and hollering, and drinks are quite pricy as well. As a result, you see a lot more fans of sports instead of fans of teams going to the Wynn.

You're not going to find anything overly creative in terms of betting options at the Wynn either. John Avello is the line originator, and he and his sports book offer daily bets, sides, 'totals', and some propositions, but not nearly as many as some of the other books in Sin City.

One really nice feature is the fact that there is betting service offered right at your seat if you're a horse bettor. You can bet on horse racing from your IPT, your Interactive Personal Terminal. Eventually, this is technology that will be all across Las Vegas, but for now, the Wynn is one of the few that has that capacity.

If you're going to be betting on teasers, the Wynn is the place to go. As a result, you might notice that there are some pros that are floating around here in this sportsbook, as they can get the best teaser prices, not just in Las Vegas, but really anywhere in the world or on the internet as well. The basic 6-point teaser is actually a -130 bet at some of the casinos in Las Vegas, but here at the Wynn, you can get a very fair -110 price regardless of the sport, something that you can't necessarily get anywhere else. Even online, a number of sportsbooks charge -120 for 6-point teasers (or more).

Though we have said a lot of negative about the Wynn, the resort itself is just out of this world. Though it was built for luxury, this 2005 founded area also had the common visitor in mind. There are more "standard rooms" and the what pound for pound are the best "standard rooms" in Vegas at the Wynn. This is also the only resort in Las Vegas that owns its own golf course, and the spas and restaurants are considered some of the best and most luxurious that the city has to offer.

So if your idea of the big trip to Vegas includes living in the lap of luxury at the expense of some fancy TVs and rowdiness, the Las Vegas Wynn is clearly the resort and the sports and race book for you.