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BetRoyal Review

Last Updated 08/24/20

Risk of slow pay or no pay.

BetRoyal News

GR88 Sportsbook Accuses Player of Syndicate Betting

GR88 Sportsbook (SBR rating D) has accused a player of syndicate betting. Syndicate or organized betting refers to the act of colluding with other sports bettors to circumvent wagering limits. It has also been used in the context of players within the same household receiving multiple sign up bonuses for new accounts.

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SBG Global Player Submits Positive Feedback

An SBG Global (SBR rating D-) player has submitted positive feedback. The player has claimed to have played with the online sports betting website for a period of eight years without incident. He has claimed to have gambled for 30 years and been impressed with the betting site, so questioned why they maintain a rating of D- and are on the sportsbook blacklist.

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The difference between a D- and F rated Sportsbook

While both ratings are on the sportsbook blacklist, there are some key differences to consider when when evaluating online betting sites by rating. SBR advises players to stick with well-rated sports betting sites to avoid hassle, but understands that players who believe in living dangerously attempt to weight the risk vs. the reward of depositing with a less than stellar betting site. What is the difference?

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Rivalo Sportsbook confiscates deposit and winnings… Again

A Rivalo Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has claimed that €1,300 was confiscated, which includes his initial deposit of €740. The player had funded his Rivalo sports betting account through Skrill in April 2015. His wagers consisted of NBA and European basketball bets. After increasing his balance to the €1,300 mark, Rivalo sent a letter explaining the decision to confiscate his balance.

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Rivalo Sportsbook Player Accused of Syndicate Betting

A Rivalo Sportsbook player has been accused organized syndicate betting. The player’s €135 balance was confiscated by the online betting site along with the brief explanation of the decision. The player has pointed out that his account was fully verified with Rivalo at the time of the closure and balance confiscation, and has adamantly denies the accusation of the bookmaker. | What is syndicate betting?

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BetRevolution syndicate betting case: $26,908 nail in coffin

BetRevolution Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) released a public statement an hour ago justifying their decision to confiscate $26,908 from two players accused of syndicate betting. The players, friends who maintained balances of $22,908 and $4,000, wagered $500 or less on all plays.

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DafaBet accuses second bettor of syndicate play

DafaBet (unrated) has accused a player of “illegal betting patterns” and confiscated €516 in winnings + bonus money. This is the second report from a DafaBet player in as many weeks. The two unrelated players detail similar events: Their funds were confiscated, a generic note given from customer service, and only their deposited funds left in their accounts.

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ToBet Sportsbook confiscates winnings citing syndicate play

ToBet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) is unwilling to revisit their decision to confiscate the winnings of a player they allege was part of a betting syndicate. Unlike one player working with others to circumvent limits or one player having multiple accounts, which is a clear violation of standard terms, these “syndicate” players could simply be friends with legitimate accounts who share the same opinion and are innocent of any wrongdoing. In the past we have seen SBG Global claim that innocent players following a winning local radio tout were guilty of syndicate play. They were cheated out of winnings and were not guilty of any wrongdoing.

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BetRoyal Sportsbook user submits payout complaint

A BetRoyal (SBR rating D-) player writes to SBR with a payout dispute. The player attempted to collect a $560 payout through a local business but was advised that the transaction details given by BetRoyal were incorrect. The player claims that he contacted BetRoyal and was told the situation would be corrected same-day; however, the player has waited four days for updates.

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Sportsbook scam alert 2012: Don't be a victim!

The beginning of a new football season brings plenty of opportunities to win cash. What it also brings is an assortment of betting sites that have no ability to pay players. Players are targeted with glossy pamphlets, coasters, cigars, even bottles of fine brandy; what a player must do is his or her homework. Not everyone sending a care package to your doorstep has the best intentions.

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