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Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics goes in for a dunk against the Minnesota Timberwolves during the second half at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images via AFP.
Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics goes in for a dunk against the Minnesota Timberwolves during the second half at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images via AFP.

Get ready to fire up those group chats because NBA win totals for the 2023-24 season are moving at several of our best sports betting apps, and we have some bets to consider, so let's dive into the win totals for all 30 teams using the latest NBA odds.

I understand that everyone's focus is currently on the NFL season, but this is an opportune moment to uncover some value and identify edges in NBA win totals. Sports bettors and traders at sportsbooks are closely monitoring the NFL, and we can identify potential probability gaps in the NBA futures odds before the season commences.

I've placed several bets in the win total market for the upcoming NBA season, and I have a strong feeling that there are a couple more I'll want to place before October 24. I highlight one of those bets in this article, and although the odds have moved, you haven't completely missed your window to make this bet.

So, here are the win totals for all 30 NBA teams, courtesy of our best NBA betting sites.

NBA win total odds 2024: Eastern Conference

(Odds via FanDuel)

TeamFanDuel (July 24)FanDuel (Sept. 15)FanDuel (Oct. 11)
Atlanta Hawks40.5 (O: -115, U: -105)41.5 (O: -115, U: -105)41.5 (O: -132, U: +106)
Boston Celtics54.5 (O: -110, U: -110)54.5 (O: -110, U: -110)54.5 (O: -115, U: -105)
Brooklyn Nets37.5 (O: -115, U: -105)37.5 (O: -115, U: -105)37.5 (O: -114, U: -106)
Charlotte Hornets29.5 (O: -115, U: -105)30.5 (O: -122, U: +100)30.5 (O: -122, U: +100)
Chicago Bulls36.5 (O: -122, U: +100)37.5 (O: -122, U: +100)37.5 (O: -122, U: +100)
Cleveland Cavaliers49.5 (O: -122, U: +100)50.5 (O: -122, U: +100)50.5 (O: -122, U: +100)
Detroit Pistons26.5 (O: -122, U: +100)28.5 (O: -120, U: -102)27.5 (O: -110, U: -110)
Indiana Pacers37.5 (O: -128, U: +104)38.5 (O: -110, U: -110)38.5 (O: -110, U: -110)
Miami Heat48.5 (O: -115, U: -105)48.5 (O: -115, U: -105)44.5 (O: -122, U: +100)
Milwaukee Bucks53.5 (O: -110, U: -110)53.5 (O: -144, U: +118)53.5 (O: -115, U: -105)
New York Knicks43.5 (O: -132, U: +108)44.5 (O: -110, U: -110)45.5 (O: -122, U: +100)
Orlando Magic36.5 (O: -115, U: -105)36.5 (O: -122, U: +100)37.5 (O: -110, U: -110)
Philadelphia 76ers49.5 (O: -110, U: -110)48.5 (O: -110, U: -110)48.5 (O: -114, U: -106)
Toronto Raptors36.5 (O: -110, U: -110)36.5 (O: -128, U: +104)36.5 (O: -115, U: -105)
Washington Wizards24.5 (O: -115, U: -105)24.5 (O: -115, U: -105)23.5 (O: -110, U: -110)

NBA win total odds 2024: Western Conference

(Odds via BetMGM)

TeamBetMGM (July 24)BetMGM (Sept. 15)BetMGM (Oct. 11)
Dallas Mavericks45.5 (O: +100, U: -120)45.5 (O: +100, U: -120)45.5 (O: +100, U: -120)
Denver Nuggets54.5 (O: -115, U: -105) 54.5 (O: +100, U: -120) 52.5 (O: -110, U: -110) 
Golden State Warriors49.5 (O: +110, U: -130)49.5 (O: +110, U: -130)48.5 (O: +100, U: -120)
Houston Rockets31.5 (O: -120, U: +100)31.5 (O: -120, U: +100)31.5 (O: -115, U: -105)
Los Angeles ClippersOTB48.5 (O: -110, U: -110)46.5 (O: -110, U: -110)
Los Angeles Lakers48.5 (O: +100, U: -120)48.5 (O: +100, U: -120)47.5 (O: -105, U: -115)
Memphis Grizzlies45.5 (O: -110, U: -110)45.5 (O: -110, U: -110)45.5 (O: -115, U: -105)
Minnesota Timberwolves 43.5 (O: -130, U: +110)43.5 (O: -130, U: +110)44.5 (O: -110, U: -110)
New Orleans Pelicans 43.5 (O: -130, U: +110)43.5 (O: -130, U: +110)44.5 (O: -105, U: -115)
Oklahoma City Thunder43.5 (O: -130, U: +110)43.5 (O: -130, U: +110)44.5 (O: +100, U: -120)
Phoenix Suns51.5 (O: -105, U: -115)51.5 (O: -105, U: -115)51.5 (O: -120, U: +100)
Portland Trail BlazersOTBOTB28.5 (O: -110, U: -110)
San Antonio Spurs 30.5 (O: +100, U: -120)30.5 (O: +100, U: -120)28.5 (O: -120, U: +100)
Sacramento Kings43.5 (O: -130, U: +110)43.5 (O: -130, U: +110)44.5 (O: -115, U: -105)
Utah Jazz35.5 (O: -115, U: -105)35.5 (O: -115, U: -105)35.5 (O: -130, U: +110)

NBA win total odds movement

When you look at the oddsboard and observe all the line movements in the win totals since they were released back in July, there's no doubt that the one that grabs my attention the most is the Milwaukee Bucks.

Prior to acquiring Damian Lillard from the Portland Trail Blazers, the Bucks' win total was trading at 53.5 with the Over juiced to -144. Since the trade, the Bucks' win total has now settled at 53.5 with the Over trading at -115 at FanDuel.

I think a lot of NBA fans would be surprised to see that total moving the other way following the Lillard trade.

NBA team win totals 2024: Favorite

Denver Nuggets 52.5 wins (-110/-110 via BetMGM)

It's not surprising that the reigning NBA champions opened the 2023-24 NBA season with the highest win total of 54.5 wins. However, we've observed that total shift to 52.5 throughout the offseason, and with the Celtics acquiring Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday, they now possess the highest win total at 54.5. Apart from Bruce Brown and Jeff Green, the Nuggets will be retaining all the key players from their championship team and have also added Julian Strawther through the NBA Draft.

Last season, the Nuggets had a total of 51.5 wins and surpassed that by achieving 53 wins, securing the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference playoffs. With Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray in the prime of their careers, the Nuggets won't be a one-year wonder; they are poised to accumulate a plethora of victories for many seasons to come.

NBA team win totals 2024: Contender

Boston Celtics 54.5 wins (-115/-105 via FanDuel)

The Celtics have been quite busy during the offseason, trading Marcus Smart to the Memphis Grizzlies in a three-team deal that brought Kristaps Porzingis back to the Celtics. Additionally, they saw Grant Williams leave via sign and trade, which resulted in multiple second-round picks acquired through a trade with the Dallas Mavericks.

You would've thought their offseason was over after these moves, but after the Bucks acquired Lillard from the Trail Blazers, Brad Stevens made his boldest move of the offseason by trading Robert Williams and Malcolm Brogdon for Jrue Holiday.

The big question now is whether acquiring Porzingis and Holiday can finally push the Celtics over the top and propel them to an NBA Championship, as these moves have already caused their win total to jump from 53.5 to 54.5. Following the trade, the Celtics have surged up the oddsboard and now stand as the favorites to win the NBA Finals.

NBA team win totals 2024: Long shot

Atlanta Hawks 41.5 wins (-115/-105 via FanDuel)

I featured the Atlanta Hawks in this section months ago because I believed it was important to highlight that FanDuel had a significantly different price for the Hawks' win total, particularly if you were contemplating betting on the Over. FanDuel initially set the Hawks' win total at 40.5 (-115) for the Over, whereas we observed many other best NBA betting sites offering the Hawks at a total of 42.5.

Back then, I hesitated to place a bet on the Hawks because there were ongoing rumors about Trae Young and reports suggesting that ownership wanted to trim some salary, which they eventually did by trading John Collins. Now, we have a much clearer picture of the Hawks' roster heading into the 2023-24 season.

I jumped in on the Hawks' win total at Over 41.5 (-115) via FanDuel, and we now see the Over juiced to -132. While it may look like you missed your window to bet on the Over for the Hawks' win total, the Pinnacle line of Over 41.5 (-170) would imply there still might be some value in this number.

NBA team win totals 2024: Fade

San Antonio Spurs 28.5 wins (-120/+100 via Caesars)

If there's one win total that I want absolutely nothing to do with this season, it's the Spurs. This sentiment seems to be shared across the market at our best NBA betting sites, as the Spurs' win total ranges from 28.5 wins to 30.5 wins, with no clear consensus on the price.

The reason for my caution with the Spurs is quite simple: I don't believe we truly know their intentions for this season, especially after landing a generational talent like Victor Wembanyama in the NBA Draft. It remains unclear whether their goal is to focus on improving their win-loss record with Wembanyama in San Antonio, or if they might opt for load management and tanking to position themselves for pairing another superstar with Wembanyama in the future.

If the Spurs are intentionally tanking with the hope of securing another top prospect from the NBA Draft to complement Wembanyama, the win total of 28.5 wins is probably too high. Betting on the Spurs' win total is a situation that is surrounded by uncertainty, and it calls for careful consideration before making any betting decisions.

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NBA betting odds pages

How to bet NBA season Over/Under win totals

Best NBA betting sites establish a projected win total for each team and offer specific odds for both the Over and the Under on that number.

Bookmakers determine the total based on factors such as each team's individual roster, offseason transactions, and past performance. The strength of their respective divisions and schedules is also taken into account. Additionally, it's essential to mention that there's a vig attached to each team total, and this vig can change depending on the betting action and other influencing factors.

NBA team win totals are considered futures bets, and they can be placed up until the beginning of the regular season. These totals will be adjusted throughout the regular season and are graded at the conclusion of the regular season.

Here are our best NBA betting sites:

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