Caesars Palace Race & Sportsbook Review

When you think of the bright lights of Las Vegas and all of the glitz and glamor that goes with them, the first thing that you have to think of is the illustrious Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Right there on the strip, Caesars Palace is one of the most easily recognizable venues that you'll see in Sin City, and it is one that tourists have to take into consideration when they visit Vegas.

You've all seen it before. That picture where there are all of the betting lines for all of the games on a huge board. That's Caesars Palace in a nutshell. There is a massive 20' x 50' board that features all of the current betting lines that tourists from out of town ogle over and the most serious of bettors study every new light flashing. Pros gather around at Caesars Palace to watch the line movement, and quite often, movement over the course of the whole sports betting scene, from the strip in Las Vegas through all of the internet sportsbooks, can be seen first on the big board at Caesars Palace.

What you get at Caesars Palace that you don't get everywhere on the Las Vegas Strip is a bit of privacy. For the sports betting fan, there are 140 seats available for some privacy, and each seat has its own flat screen TV so you can watch all of the action from the comfort of your seat. If horse racing is your game, there are private betting windows for high stakes bettors, along with a total of 13 betting windows that are just dedicated to the ponies. There are also 65 private booths in the race book for your comfort and enjoyment.

But of course, there are plenty of oversized TVs all over the place if you want to enjoy the action with family, friends, and fellow bettors as well. There are six massive 12' x 15' televisions in Caesars Palace and countless others on various walls of the sportsbook and race book.

There aren't many drawbacks of Caesars Palace, but if there is one, it is the fact that it is an incredibly smoky place. This is the prototypical Las Vegas setting, and fortunately or unfortunately, depending upon whether or not you prefer smoking or not, this is definitely an area where many prefer to come in for their smoke breaks, if nothing else in the sportsbook. Though there is some private seating, there also isn't much of it in spite of the fact that the area that encompasses the sportsbook is absolutely humongous and one of the biggest in Sin City.

The options for betting at the Caesars are out of this world, though. Lines on the current day's games don't often open until about 8:30 a.m. local time, which is a bit slower than some of the other Las Vegas sportsbooks, but the options are absolutely endless. Not only do you have straight betting, some of the best parlay options in Vegas, and a great race book with mutuel betting, but Caesars Palace also offers up tons of proposition bets, as well as rivalry bets. In these rivalry bets, you can bet across sports and across propositions. For example, instead of just betting on the Florida Gators against the Florida State Seminoles, you could have bet on the Gators' total points against the Miami Hurricanes points, or perhaps even in the NFL, the Miami Dolphins or Tampa Bay Buccaneers' points.

The Caesars Palace Race & Sports Book is the original, and it is the place that you're going to want to go if you're planning a trip to Sin City. Its expansive space and up to the second board with lines and scores is second to none in Vegas, and no matter who you are, you can have a tremendous level of appreciation for this outstanding resort.