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2020 US Presidential Odds

We are all gearing up for a monumental year in the world of politics and betting on the action is the perfect way to boost the excitement. Sportsbooks offer betting lines on all sorts of different political events, from the presidential election to the identity of the vice president nominee. Quirky prop bets even allow you to bet on how many times a candidate will take a sip of water during their speech or how long the presidential debate will last. We have compiled this dedicated political betting page to help guide you through the process. We have highlighted the key political gambling markets to consider, the sites with the best and most varied betting odds on politics, betting strategies to help you succeed, and much more.  

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US Presidential Election Betting Odds

Betting on politics dates back hundreds of years. As King Edward VI of England lay dying in 1553, merchants in Antwerp were busy wagering on the disputed succession. Bookmakers in London were offering 4/1 (+400) on King George II dying on the battlefields of Dettingen after a foolhardy decision to wage war on the French in 1743. In the late 19th century, a thriving betting market on presidential elections sprung up on Wall Street. 

Europe has always been the spiritual home of political betting, but it is now soaring in popularity in America. Each presidential election sets a new record in sportsbook handle, and there is serious money up for grabs if you can call it correctly. 

Donald Trump was initially assigned odds of 500/1 (+50000) to win the 2016 election. That dropped to 25/1 (+2500) by the time he announced his campaign in August 2015. The odds on him emerging victorious continued to dwindle in the buildup to the election, but Hillary Clinton remained the heavy favorite, only for Trump to pull off a stunning upset. Some bettors won more than $1 million by betting on him.    

On the other side of the Atlantic, bettors have recently made their fortunes by correctly predicting that Scotland would not leave the UK, Britain would leave the EU and the Conservatives would beat Labour in 2015. Betting on elections in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Sweden is also popular. 

However, the 2020 US presidential battle looks set to become the biggest political betting event in history. Sportsbooks are offering lines on the winner of the election, and you can use our odds comparison tool to find the most attractive prices on the market. However, the fun does not stop there. You can bet on all manner of alternative markets, from the winner of the Senate and the winner of the House of Representatives to President Donald Trump opening Area 51 to the public before his first term in office ends. 

President Donald Trump will bid to win a second term of office when Americans go to the polls in November. He achieved a stunning victory over heavy favorite Hillary Clinton in 2016, but the odds on him succeeding are considerably shorter this time around. The Democrats will officially choose the party’s nominees for president and vice president at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in July. However, Joe Biden is certain to secure the candidacy after sweeping the board on Super Tuesday and continuing to deliver heavy victories in delegate rich states. 

You can bet on either President Donald Trump or Joe Biden winning the election. The odds will continue to change on a regular basis in the build-up to the presidential election. If a lot of money is wagered on one of them, the odds will shrink on that candidate and lengthen on his rival. If either man makes a high-profile blunder or impresses the public with a rousing speech or a momentous act, the odds are likely to shift too. 

You might see odds of -110 on President Trump winning the presidential election. This means you must wager $110 in order to win a $100 profit. If you bet $300 and he goes on to win the election, you would make a $273 profit. If he were to lose the election, you would lose your $300 stake. It is a very simple type of political bet, but it massively ramps up the excitement you feel when following the build-up to the election, as you have skin in the game. 

US Presidential Election Prop Bets

You can bet on a huge range of fascinating political markets that do not strictly pertain to the result of the election. For example, Joe Biden promised that his running mate would be female, prompting sportsbooks to offer Democratic vice president nominee odds. Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar and Stacey Adams were initially installed as the favorites, with Michelle Obama considered a +2500 long shot in this prop bet market.

Bettors might also like to speculate on the outcome of each state. Many sportsbooks will offer odds on which candidate will carry each of the 50 states. Often you see a huge favorite, but some are really close. For example, the Republicans are heavy favorites in Alabama, and the Democrats are heavy favorites in California, but it is tight in Wisconsin. You can also find prop bet options on all manner of weird and wonderful markets. There are Trump impeachment odds, and betting options on Trump to marry for a fourth time while president. That would clearly be affected by him winning the election and serving both terms.  

President Trump is the source of many quirky props. You can wager on him winning the Nobel Peace Prize, opening up Area 51, declaring the existence of alien life, asking France to take back the Statue of Liberty, to confirm he has had some form of hair surgery, to die his hair red, white and blue, to take a vacation with Vladimir Putin, to withdraw the US from the UN, to paint the White House gold, to have a US Navy ship named after him, to convert to Scientology and much more. However, some props are a lot more sensible, such as his share of the popular vote. 

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House and Senate Winner Odds

There are plenty of other big questions to be answered in US politics this year. Which party will win the House of Representatives in 2020? The Democrats are the clear favorites right now, but things can change quickly in the world of politics. Which party will win the Senate in 2020? You can bet on that as well. If President Trump manages to serve two terms, controlling the Senate will be crucial to his ability to govern in the manner in which he is accustomed, along with a favorable U.S. Supreme Court. You can bet on the Republicans securing over or under 50 seats, or exactly 50 seats, among other options. 

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Where to Bet on the Presidential Election

If you want to bet on politics, you need to find a trustworthy, reputable betting site that will pay you any winnings promptly. SBR has reviewed more than 1,000 sportsbooks, allowing us to identify the very best in the business. Check out our list of top sportsbooks to browse the list of sports betting sites that have secured an A+ or A rating. You can wager at any of those sites in confidence. Most offer political betting, which will grow increasingly popular this year due to the lack of sporting action of offer. 

The coronavirus pandemic will be a key issue when the candidates face one another in live debates. It will also affect Americans’ ability to vote. Major sporting events have been called off or postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, and that has forced sports betting sites to become more creative. They will therefore ramp up their political betting options over the course of the year. 

The online sportsbooks cited on this page are all great options in the run-up to the vote in November. They are well known betting sites, trustworthy and renowned for paying out on time, while they offer a range of compelling sports betting and political betting markets, and some attractive odds and bonuses too.

Key Election Dates 2020

The Democratic National Convention takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from July 13-16. President Trump won the state last time around, and it is seen as a key battleground in 2020. The Republican National Convention takes place from August 24-27 in Charlotte, North Carolina. You should pay close attention to the speeches delivered and policies proposed at these conventions, as they could have a huge bearing on the outcome of the voting. Americans will then go to the polls to choose their president on Tuesday, November 3. 

Presidential Election Betting Tips

It might pay to keep a close eye on the state of the economy during 2020. Widespread social distancing in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak has led to a raft of event cancellations and decimating a huge range of sectors, including tourism, leisure and hospitality. The US stock market has already suffered its worst decline since the 1987 Wall Street crash this year, and the political consequences could be severe if the US plunges into recession. 

Political scientists have long pointed to the effects of economic performance upon major votes in countries across the globe. A failing economy is often disastrous for the incumbent, in this case President Trump. He could point to a flourishing US economy for the initial stages of his time in office, but a prolonged downward trend could hurt his chances of re-election. His financial stimulus measures could win voters over, but there are no guarantees. It then remains to be seen if Biden can present a compelling alternative. He has engaged in furious exchanges with some voters while on the campaign trail, so be sure to pay attention to any high-profile missteps that either Biden or Trump make in the months ahead. 

You should also never fear backing the underdog. The outsider often wins and you see headlines screaming that the bookmakers got it wrong. Yet bookmakers are not trying to predict the result of the vote. They are not pollsters. They are simply trying to make money. They will offer the most compelling odds on each candidate that they can muster, based on the volume of bets previously received on each man. Look at policies, ratings and the general mood of the country before looking at the odds. Do not be afraid of prop betting options either. Some are ridiculous, but others can be potential gold mines if you do your research. 

Alternative Politics Betting Markets

You can bet on political developments taking place in a wide range of countries this year. There are key elections taking place in New Zealand, Poland, Serbia, Belize, Bolivia, Croatia, and many other countries. Sportsbooksare offering lines on the next country to leave the EU, the next country to hold a referendum on leaving the bloc, the next CDU leader in Germany, the year of the next Spanish general election, the next Pope, North and South Korea unifying as a single sovereign state and much more. Some of these bets are designed for entertainment purposes, but you can make healthy profits if you successfully predict the outcome of political events in many countries. 

Is Betting on Politics Legal?

Political betting is perfectly legal. Several US state laws now permit sports betting, and they make provisions for accepting wagers on politics and entertainment too. Betting on politics has been a prominent pursuit in Europe for hundreds of years, and it continues to grow in popularity in America. If you like betting, politics can be your savior amid the lack of sporting action currently on offer. Just make sure you find a safe, reliable sports betting site with a healthy political wagering section, and get involved in the action. 

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