Red Rock Race & Sports Book Review

You have to go off of the Strip to get here, but the Red Rock Race & Sports Book is definitely one of the can't miss places to go when you're headed to Las Vegas to bet on sports.

If you like TVs, you've come to the right place. This is probably one of the best atmospheres in the world for an NFL Sunday or a college football Saturday in the entire world, as there is a wall that is 96 feet wide and 18 feet tall that literally features nothing but TVs with sports on them. Talk about having your options! All of these TVs have to make the rest of the sports books in Las Vegas cringe, knowing that there is no way that they can fit so many games on TVs at one time like the Red Rock can.

There is also seating for at least 250 if you include the bars, and no matter which one of those 250 seats that you're sitting in, there is plenty of room to spread out and see all of the action. No matter which way your head turns, there is always another TV that you feast your eyes upon, so no matter what game you're looking for, odds have it, it's on somewhere or can be turned on for you if you're betting the right amount of money.

Not enough for you? Oh don't worry, as there are 213 individual screen at seats as well. There is also VIP seating in both the sports book and the race book area, and at those seats, you have personalized betting interfaces as well.

Not only does the Red Rock offer all of the best sports betting options you can think of, but it also offers all of the halftime bets as well. An interface is being designed by Station Casinos to help bring all of the betting right to your seat to the point that you can bet live on games, including a boatload of props as well. It's similar to the interface that is available in the VIP seating, but it is going to be significantly more expansive when it is fully developed. This is definitely going to be the center of the sports betting world in Las Vegas soon enough, if it isn't already there.

Station Casinos comes with a great name, and unlike some of the other sports and race books in Las Vegas, there is never a fear that you're getting ripped off with bad lines. There is just too much reputation that is here at the Red Rock and the rest of the Station Casinos joints to have any issues, and management has dealt with a number of problems in fine form in the past as well.

Modern furniture that is rated amongst the most comfortable in Vegas lines this massive 30,000 square foot area, and this is also a sportsbook that is open later than most, even on the Strip.

That's the one drawback, though. You have to leave the Strip to get to the Red Rock, and you have to take a bit of a hike to get there. Still, if the glitz and glamor of the Strip isn't for you, this is the perfect place to go. You'll be able to see it all and bet on it all in this state of the art center, and the Red Rock is a place that is only going to be getting better as the years go on and technology advances.