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    Neteller or Skrill?

    Which is the best? I opened Neteller but I'm not so sure...

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    Neteller bought Skrill last year so they're pretty the same by now and you can transfer between Neteller/Skrill accounts. Btw, I specifically prefer the Neteller due the Net +Card.
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    I have to take it. Does it have an annual cost?

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    Skrill is the better option due to low fees.

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    yep skrill, lower pay fees, however their user interface i believe is set to change soon to come more inline with neteller... so such a good idea if you ask me

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    Net or Skrill

    No matter. Use Both.
    It's the same company.

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    Been using neteller for years now.

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    it will be neteller

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    Neteller adds new KYC procedures for all registrations.

    Now besides typical funding,security questions and id card , you also need to share location and to either provide selfie or ask for net+card to your registered address. So it works like a PVC code from bet365.

    Old accounts seem ok at least for now, but may change in the future.

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    I use Neteller!

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    Have both accounts, way before Skrill was bought by Neteller and preferred Neteller for some odd reason. Maybe because it took Pinnacle roughly 10 minutes or less, to have the money in my account so I could withdraw with my Net+ Card. Skrill has a Prepaid Card too, but just preferred Neteller cause of ease of making deposits using any cards whilst with Skrill you'll have limitations until you've gone through the verification process which was slow. Cards have been cancelled in my region so moved on to Bitcoin which is the currency of the future.
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    What's wrong with Ecopayz? It's a good alternative to Neteller (or Skrill) ... withdrawal times suck (but still better than Neteller that takes 2 more business days in comparison to Ecopayz) and if you use UK bank accounts like me then use an agent like AC88 and you can convert your Ecopayz to an instant UK bank transfer for free (as long as you do it once a month, anything more than once a month is a 2% fee but take advantage of the 1st free deposit per month).

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    im from canada and im torn between either ecopayz or entro- pay. any input would be appreciated!
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