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    Starting this beacause Ive called and begged these fuckers to put the 300 I deposited with my **** in my account but they wont...They also wont let me speak with a manager or even tell me why the money isnt in my account...Basically they have 300 off my card but wont either give it back or put it in my online account..Thanx SBR the only reason I play here is beacause you said it was safe....Maybe tomorrow or the day after they'll feel like actually putting the money in my account....Forget the risk of gambling..U just automatically have it taken from you at BetOnline.com

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    If you don't get a response from SBR within 24 hours, forward your complaint confirmation to Justin at Sportsbookreview.com. If it was a cc deposit, it might be some sort of fraud prevention procedure... but we can figure out any issues pretty quickly I think. Betonline is very responsive to SBR.

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    No Justin I don't believe they are very responsive. BOL proclaims its America's Book. If that's the case, yesterday was a very light day in American sports. They have been mailed 16 documents of mine(Every piece they have asked for and I volunteered other proof in case they needed more pieces to the puzzle of verification). I have waited an entire week before posting last night and they still seem to be confused about where I live. My bank knows where I live as does the IRS, creditors and mailman. Every person from Grad school students to those of simple GED educations know precisely where I live. I live at 5333 N 7th st C-221, Phx, AZ 85014. Now you know where I live. BOL cannot for the life of them figure out where I live but they can process a CC transaction better than any other online book. This makes them ignorant or stupid. You must be one or the other based on the proof I have provided. So which are they Justin? Ignorant or Stupid? I need to know if I should stop wasting my time. Hey SIC, lemme tell ya a really ugly term for BOL. It's called a **********. It can be your best friend when dealing with scum like BOL

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    whats a **********? just curious..was gonna play there but after lambchops rant and afew others...???

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    How come CC deposit isn't instant?

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    A ********** is a player's only line of defense against SCAM books like BOL. Simply pick up the phone, call the phone # on the back of your card and say,"I have been a victim of Fraud!" Which is 100% accurate. They then take the money from BOL and safely put it back on your cc. No Fuss, No Muss

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    Will the real betonline, please stand up?
    You're being damaged here, so what's your answer?