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    Safest VPN countries for Pinnacle etc.

    Hello to everyone i am a new member and and a new guy to online sports betting.

    I would like someone with experience and knowledge to inform me which are some countries that i can connect from them to my Pinnacle account.

    In my country there is a restriction from the governement to register to Pinnacle (also marathonbet,1XBETand others) so I am currently using a VPN.

    I have made an account to those companies but i am not risking it thus far until i find some reliable information on the subject

    Some fellow bettors are using Dutch IP but in a email i have requested from Pinnacle they sent me a list which contains all the restrited countries including Netherlands.So i wont risk it.I dont even know how they can still use it and not get suspended.Anyway its non of my business but strictly out of curiosity.

    Back to our subject.From my small research I have concluded that some reliable VPN countries are Sweden,Norway,Finland and maybe Austria(i have not seen it a lot though)

    I would like only experienced online bettors posting that have reliable and valid information and not guessing.

    I am an inexperienced ONLINE bettor so give me your thoughts.

    Thank you
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