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Read the latest breaking news in the sports betting world. SBR monitors and releases information pertaining to online sportsbooks and the gambling industry: The good, the bad, and occasionally the ugly. Last Updated: 2/12/2021
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What is a good sportsbook rating?

The highest rating a sportsbook can achieve is an A+ from SBR. A sports betting site must excel across a wide range of criteria in order to achieve that coveted rating, including security, trustworthiness, prompt payouts, attractive odds, strong coverage of a number of different sports, a user-friendly site, a slick mobile offering, a variety of banking options, and great customer service. Offering a compelling sign-up bonus and loyalty program is another way to impress bettors, but there are some highly rated sites that eschew a bonus system and simply offer sharp, early lines and high limits.

An A rating is also an extremely good rating. It is reserved for the elite sportsbooks that have built up a strong reputation for treating customers fairly and paying out on time over a number of years. If you choose to bet with a sportsbook with an A rating from SBR, you will know that you are in good hands. We only recommend sportsbooks that we have carefully vetted, by depositing money, betting on a number of markets, interacting with customer service and making withdrawals. We can wholeheartedly endorse A rated sportsbooks.

An A- or a B+ is also a good sportsbook rating. An online sports betting site that falls into one of these categories might not excel across the board, but it will be strong in almost every criteria. You might decide to play with one of these sportsbooks because it offers an attractive sign-up bonus, or it covers a niche sport or a specific type of prop bet that you are interested in. You can rest assured that these sportsbooks are good operators and that they will treat you fairly. They should have the liquidity to cover any winnings, a customer service team that can help with any issues and an attractive site that is a pleasure to use.

Where can I find sportsbook bonuses?

The online sports betting industry is extremely competitive and a number of ambitious operators are battling to win your business. They range from large, established sportsbooks to exciting up-and-coming sites, and they all tend to offer slightly different sign-up bonuses. It can be a painstaking process to identify all the key sportsbooks that cover your region and then visit them all to compare which ones offer the most compelling bonuses. Fortunately you do not have to, as SBR has done the hard work for you.

We monitor the industry on a daily basis and then compile all the best sportsbook bonuses in one handy place. Visit the bonus section to browse the various bonuses that bookmakers are currently promoting. It is also worth bearing in mind that sportsbook bonuses are not always as compelling as they initially sound. Some sports betting sites require you to roll the bonus cash over a huge amount of times before it is possible to make a withdrawal.

For that reason, we have listed the rollover required and calculated the true bonus, allowing you to make an educated decision about which one to go for. You will also see each sportsbook’s rating, as it is important to factor in other criteria when deciding to sign up for a new account at a particular sportsbook. If a sportsbook has an alluring bonus, but only a C rating, it might be worth going for an A rated bookie with a similar bonus instead.

How do I file a sportsbook complaint?

SBR is proud to have served as the leading watchdog for the online sports betting industry since 1999. We fight on behalf of sports bettors if they are treated unfairly, and we have a strong track record of resolving disputes. We have a dedicated page where you can file a sportsbook complaint. File a complaint using the sportsbook complaint form and SBR will follow up on your behalf.

Let us know the name of the sportsbook you have a dispute with and your account number or username, and explain the nature of your complaint. It could be that the sportsbook has unfairly withheld a payment, refused a bonus or disputed a winning wager. You may also have a customer service complaint. Tell us the key details of your issue and we will strive to work with the sportsbook in question on a resolution. We will get back to you when we have an answer.

Remember to bet with sportsbooks that have received a strong rating such as A+ or A with SBR. These betting sites are generally very reliable when it comes to treating customers fairly, paying out in full and on time and providing strong customer service.

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