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    Quote Originally Posted by wombat View Post
    Comparing a $300 android phone to an iPhone is laughable. The performance is nowhere near the same. Not everyone in this world is poor, people do have money. If you’re a peasant that cant afford a real phone then stick with your $300 phone.
    Try comparing your iPhone 13 to Pixel 6 Pro or a Galaxy S21 and you will find in terms of performance the iphone has a slower processor, inferior screen, lower resolution cameras.

    Plus you have to deal with a company who openly makes sure new accessories are not backward compatible, and slows down your device on purpose as it ages, and locks you into only apps they approve.
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    Only hamburgers and touts are on twitter. Real sports bettors moved to reddit and private discords.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goat Milk View Post
    That's the point though. Twitter is actually the most "public" place based on the way our society is headed. You won't get that kind of exposure in a rally, or a community meeting, or at state hall. So if you get canceled on there, or on SBR, yeah, that's someone taking away your free speech. It's moderating you, even if you're just respectfully voicing an opinion. If the left doesn't agree with that opinion, you're finished. So pre-Musk, if you habitually said things like "I don't want my daughter sharing a bathroom with a transgender," and you were posting it constantly, I guarantee you you'd be banned. Why should you be?

    Look what Twitter tried to do to Jordan Peterson, one of the most influential philosopher's of this century.

    People talk about racism a lot -- and it's like everyone has to be this happy go lucky person and get along with everyone. It's easy for those celebrities to come out and say "peace for all" when they've never left their little bubbles in their lives.
    It shouldn't matter if Twitter is the most public or the 200 most public that should not change policy's
    If we take your view then free speech and the 1st amendment right to free speech are 2 different things, similar but not the same.
    I don't post on Twitter but I still have all my free speech.
    Would that not be like telling Fox News they had to let Democrats (or anyone with a different view than they usually push ) have an hour or 2 after or before Tucker and Hannity, if they wanted too.

    The courts have taken up this issue also and I've posted several cases in other threads that the SCOTUS said a private company can't violate your 1st amendment rights only local, state, and federal government could! That is a paraphrasse, another one said something to the effect
    The 1st amendment protects you from government, sensor not a private business
    I don't think we can ever agree on this issue but that's ok we are both allowed to have an opinion it's one of the things that's always made our country great! Civil debate only if Congress could figure it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goat Milk View Post
    I'm down to go to Mars with Musk. Get off this dump of a planet. Society crumbling before our eyes.
    Humanity at an all time low but at least we have gender-fluid bathrooms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eidolon View Post
    Since the Iphone 4 and Galaxy s4, nothing significant has changed. They just both get a little better, and that is it. People that get new phones every year or 2, are the same drones that watch the Karkashians.
    I totally agree. Samsung Galaxy after the 8 and 8+ model actually has lowered their resolution.... color dynamics... on the screen... and really no one has investigated it. They literally have downgraded.... but still charging around $1,000 a phone. Samsung claims for the new Galaxy release date around February or March 2023 everything will be corrected. Almost like they are apologizing to their customers. Truly is a disgrace.

    I have an LG Q7+ with 4GB of Ram. Best phone for $100.00 I have ever owned.

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