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    I'd take the point of view that it matters how you came across the money. Did you have to work from 6am to 7pm almost everyday of your life, including weekends, to get rich? As in no free time. Did you acquire wealth by illegal or unethical ways? Did it cost you your family cause you were always gone or preoccupied so that your spouse left you and you kids don't like you? Did the pursuit of money damage your health, leading to a heart attack, stroke or obesity from an unhealthy lifestyle and excessive stress for decades? If you can't sleep at night thinking about the money or if you harbor regret about focusing on that and neglecting other areas of your life, then it wasn't worth it, in my opinion.

    I would much rather live a middle class or an upper middle class lifestyle and have my Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs met, than be super rich and substandard in other areas. Studies have shown that once you have enough money to cover basic needs and a bit of breathing room to buy some lavishness that any further accumulation of wealth doesn't equate to more happiness. It's only that initial jump in going from poverty or barely scraping by paycheck to paycheck, to comfortable middle class lifestyle that significant increases in happiness were shown.

    Honestly, as some others have already mentioned, health, time and friends/family(if you're into that sort of thing) are more important than money to me. I think there's a happy medium between time and money for every person, you just have to find it. Personally I'd rather have more free time and less money than the opposite, but everyone is entitled to their own preference when it comes to that. Once you die the money isn't worth anything. Time is a valuable thing, watch it fly by as the pendulum swings. Also it doesn't matter how much money you have if your health is screwed up cause you won't be able to do anything. All these rich, sick or older people laying around in the hospital all day long and it's a beautiful day outside. Life is full of trade-offs.

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    How much money we talking? I look at it as a bell curve. Too little or too much causes issues.

    I'd love to have millions but anything obnoxiously high and I'm not sure I'd like it as much. Would make things I enjoy doing (poker, gambling) far less enjoyable.

    If I'm worth over half a billion then no bet is going to really make a difference to me. Same with poker, why bother trying when I'll only win a measly $500k.

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    Isn't there a saying that goes "money can't buy you hapiness"?

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    Money definitely buys comfort.

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    #1Good health #2 personal relationships, family and friends #3 ????? You fill in blank.

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    Hey guys, anyone who is overburdened by their money that wants more happiness and less money, PM me and I will release you from your misery.

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