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    12 Levels Of Sports Betting


    Just like a Role-Playing game (D&D), there's levels/classes in sports betting as well. Lots of people are betting on sports and they all have different approaches, different styles, different goals. Some of them are squares while some of them are sharp dudes. I decided to categorize sports bettors according to bankroll they're using. Let's go!

    1. Newbie (200$)

    Usually, 100-200$ is the first deposit amount for many newbie gambler. You're new in the glorious world of sports betting. There's too much to learn and money doesn't come easy. You will lose hundreds of cash in order to gain experience.

    Since you're starting with a limited bankroll, you will probably use %10-20 of your bank on each game and you will play parlays often. Majority of betting public are playing parlays, it's a fact. That's why Vegas is making money. Stay away from 5-6 Game Parlays or you'll keep reloading your bankroll. Generally, it's advised to bet %5 of your bankroll but you can go for %10-20 since your bankroll is low.

    2. Square (500$)

    Well, after a lucky streak (or having good money management skills) you gained a level and you're Level 2 now. Congrats! Unfortunately, your bankroll is still not enough to make a living. Since your bankroll is not much, you can wipe out your bankroll easily on a cold streak. Just bet 100$ on a game, lost it and bet 200$ to chase your loss. Do it again and you're done!
    Since your bankroll is only 500$, you can risk %10 each game. You must quit parlays completely if you want to reach next level.

    3. Intermediate (1.000$)

    If you reached this level, you can call yourself a "Serious" Bettor because you have a 4-digits bankroll. Of course, it's not enough to make a living but you can make a nice extra income. After this level, you should not risk more than %5 of your bankroll if you want to become a professional.

    4. Advanced (2.000$)

    You're skilled in sports betting, masterized your money management and your new bankroll is 2.000! Well Done! You're getting serious about sports betting. Don't lose your patience and treat it like an investment. Remain emotionless all the time!

    5. Wiseguy (5.000$)

    Hi Wiseguy! You're about to step in a new world, you're not a Public Joe anymore. At this level, it's advised to reduce your stakes a little bit. You may feel more confident with %3-4.
    Don't get overconfident with yourself, you're not a Pro yet!

    In addition, you must start shopping for the best lines. It will increase your profits on the long run. You must use 3+ books in order to shop for the best lines.

    High Levels
    6. Sharp (10.000$)

    Congrats! You made the 5-figures! At this stage, you may have some "limit" problems. Just stick with A+ books, spread your action and you'll be fine. It's advised to use at least 4+ books if you got 10k.

    7. Semi-Pro (25.000$)

    I know you're making more money than your day job but don't quit your day job yet! There's still one more step to become a Professional Gambler. You still need a day job to pay for your living expenses. You don't want to spend your bankroll to pay for bills, ************, right?

    Be careful with your money management and never ever risk more than %2-3 on a single event. Oh by the way, it has been months since you played your last parlay, Congrats!

    PS: 2-Game parlays are exception. When used effectively, 2-Game Parlays can be a great defensive weapon.

    8. Professional Gambler (50.000$)

    Sports betting is no longer a hobby/interest for you. It's your job! You must treat it like a business because you got a 50k bankroll. You will be probably risking %1-2 per game, maybe %3 if you feel too confident but never go above %3!
    You have accounts in multiple offshore books, preferrably 5+ books and all of them are A+ ranked books. You used to use books like Sportsinteraction, Sportsbook, Bwin, Betsson when you were a square. Now, you don't have any business with thoses "C" rated books. You're a Pro now..

    Sometimes you pay a visit to Vegas as well. You're winning good lately but be careful, Sportsbook Managers are getting suspicious about you!

    Epic Levels 9. High Roller (100.000$)

    You won't feel stressful after a 0-10 streak if you reached this level. Damn, you got lots of money! Money comes and money goes. You're risking %1-2 per game. You're a high roller and you may have some limit problems at this level. Use multiple books and focus on exchanges. Books don't want you to win but Exchanges like winning players since they're making money (comission) when you make money.

    10. King Of Vegas (200.000$)

    Your life has changed. You're playing golf and going to Bellagio in weekends. You got a yacht, jeep and a ferrari. David Beckham and Paris Hilton are your friends. You chat with Beyonce in Yahoo Messenger and ask her about her new album. You're a famous person in Vegas and you're not welcome in many sportsbook. Sportsbook Managers know you well and don't be surprised if they don't take your bets.

    11. Gambling Guru (500.000$)

    I read your latest book, it was really great! Also, I will join your Sports Betting seminar as soon as I pay a visit to Vegas. You're getting famous and I can see you often in TV Shows.
    You're the Guru Of Gambling!
    12. Million Dollar Man (1.000.000$)

    After this level, probably you won't be betting anymore. Even %2 of your bankroll is 20k, which is above offshore sportsbooks limits. You have 8+ accounts in different books in order to spread the action. You're not welcome in Vegas anymore. If you ask my opinion, it's time to get retired. What's the point of gambling when you got 1.000.000$ cash reseved for only sports betting! Go to Hawai and enjoy the sunshine!

    Let me know if anyone reached to this level, LoL!

    Written by Sawyer
    (c) 2009

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    Great thread

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    Nice work Sawyer

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    Looks like I am stuck on level 2.

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    fantastic write up dude, and great pictures...

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    A very nice write up and fairly accurate, but not totally accurate. While off shore books will strictly stick to set limits, Vegas books are totally different. If you are a player (and not just in the Sports Book), you can get any size wager down in most high end Vegas Casinos and Books. You can also help the casino managers in various ways, by sucking Joe Pub into wagering the opposite team that you have, increasing the books vig take. There are many other tricks of the trade (and not just the tricks that Tiger purchased) that can not be done at on-line books. The more you wager, the more you will realize how your options are severely reduced at off shore books.

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    mexican stallion is professional level!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bump for the read.